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Reference sheet for angles - perimeter - area

Straight Angle = 180° Angles , Perimeter and Area Reference Sheet Types of Angles Right Angle Acute Angle Obtuse Angle = 90° Greater than 𝟎° Greater than 90° Less than 90° Less than 180° Adjacent Angles b a c Two angles that share a common side and vertex a and b are adjacent a and c are NOT adjacent Angle Relationships Complementary Supplementary Angles Angles 53° 37° 102° 78° Two adjacent Two adjacent angles. The sum of angles. The sum of their their measurements measurements equal 90° equal 180° Vertical Angles 94° a 86° b When two lines cross, the angles opposite of each other are vertical angles, they share a common vertex and the same measurement. a and 86° are vertical angles b and 94° are vertical angles Perimeter and Area Perimeter is the distance around a 2-­β€dimensional closed geometric shape. Area is the amount of surface it covers. Square Rectangle Parallelogram s w h w s Equations: s = side Perimeter = 4s Area = π’”πŸ l b Equations: Perimeter = 2l + 2w Area = lw Equations Perimeter = 2w + 2b Area = bh Triangle h h b Equations: Perimeter = add all sides 𝟏
Area = 𝟐 bh Trapezoid 𝑏! 𝑏! Equations: Perimeter = add all sides 𝟏
Area = 𝟐 h(π’ƒπŸ + π’ƒπŸ )