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Stimulis Control Quiz

1. Which of the following is an illustration of reflexivity in relation to stimulus equivalence?
2. Which of the following is an example of a naturally occurring discriminative stimulus at work?
Seeing a stop sign and stopping
3. If discrimination training is being used to teach a learner to identify blue objects, which of the combination of materials should be used?
A blue card and a red card
4. The transitivity aspect of stimulus equivalence is the result of:
Training 2 other stimulus relations
5. Which of the following best describes the value of stimulus control?
The learner can focus on what is important
6. Which of the following is a learner characteristic that could impact the development of stimulus control?
Attending skills
7. Stimulus control occurs when:
An individual behaves one way in the presence of a stimulus and differently in the presence of another
8. What is the overall intent for delivering a discriminative stimulus?
To get an individual to engage in a particular behavior
9. Which of the following should be used for teaching the concept of blue?
Various shades of blue on identical objects
10. Stimulus control transfer is important for:
Moving artificial prompts to naturally occurring ones
11. Stimulus discrimination training helps:
The learner to discern what is correct in the presence of an incorrect stimulus