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you've been wrestling bears freestyle
wrestling 12 years
professional mma 12 years you know it's
almost like you want to expand and
obviously you're with the royal family i
mean obviously entrepreneurship it's
time for entrepreneurship that's where
he's at now mike businessman business is
much better than fuzz you agree
i don't know you just don't have to go
to the hospital afterwards
so what's up everybody welcome to this
episode of hot boxing with mike tyson i
am your co-host triple c aka henry
cejudo and i'm mike tyson this special
guest we have today
is the most specialist guest we had
since we've been here and this is the
great khabib what's up ferguson come on
29 and oh
retired as a pound for pound king
hey man what are you doing with your
life now man how you doing
i'm good you know i'm here in l.a uh
with my team
i have three guys fighting tomorrow
just come here to support them you know
that's all you want to do you want to
train now you don't want to fight
no i train every day i train every day
like i used to like all my life you know
i cannot stop training this is give me
good energy every day you know if i'm
not training and i think like i have to
do something you know
uh about competition yeah i'm done
you know we all miss you right
everybody misses you thank you so much
yeah is it was it hard for you khabib to
say goodbye to the sport of mixed
martial arts or you've been doing he's
been doing this since he was a kid mike
wrestling bears too he retired in his
i think i think this is it was like my
hardest hardest decision in my life
you know
to stop doing this
and uh you know like
when i remember i like i find myself on
the mats you know and all my life
i was training
i was preparation for something like
since when i was kid
now when i finish like half year ago
every every day i go to the training and
i do something because i know i have
competition when i was kid i beginning
like in freestyle wrestling then i moved
to judo combat [ __ ] mma i doing like
almost 13 years last 13 years
professional and all my
life i was doing something like
preparing for somebody
for some immature fights amateur
wrestling or professional mma you know i
was like but right now is like
it's a little bit hard for me you know
without competition but you know it's
like when you finish you finish you know
yeah but i don't think you think i think
you chose to be finished
i don't think you're not finished
because someone can beat you you finish
because um
you lost interest in the sport right now
i think between
between my retirement and your my
retirement i think this is too big
difference i think tell me why when you
when you retire i think like almost four
almost four years mike's still fighting
i'm still fighting
no no no
i'm talking about high level
17 17 years ago i talked about high
level 17
i'm getting more money than the
champions though it is high level
mike's a businessman could be he's a
businessman okay
tell us a little bit about your your
your childhood could be you know
obviously growing up in the mountains of
dagestan i mean obviously i've been
there before you've been there too mike
you know
everywhere like in the southern caucus
of of russia you know in mahashikala uh
dagestan chechnya that whole area man
they're just
you guys are
bred into being champions man you guys
have a a great system man what was it
like growing up as a kid as as as a
dagestania kid in uh in that time during
that time i think this is because of
very hard life
like first of all it's very hard life
and second i think
people in that
area like they just love competition
they this is like inside their blood you
know like all like like thousands we got
to do falcons too huh
not too much not too much i want the
candlesticks no
falcons no they they do they do like
with falcons but we hunt with our like
hands you know yeah
no falcons you know
and i think like because of this area
like like thousands years you know they
competition with someone because of
like because of this place like where
this place right now like because of
geography like everything
i think this is our in inside our blood
and uh
like uh and very hard life if you wanna
if you wanna become on some levels you
have to you have to become success
somewhere you know if you talk about
like business this is very hard and that
area because become like a success
businessman this is very hard
like about sport why not
so so growing up khabib was your was
your dad was your dad always because
obviously your dad was your dad your dad
was your coach your dad was your friend
did your dad play all those roles with
like you know it was like my dad he was
like completely different person
but then everybody i know like like you
know it's like he tried to put me like
on fire all the time
like always you know like like yesterday
when you come when you come when it went
check this out check this out like
yesterday he come to check our training
we just finished with zubaira and uh
and uh you know i was like and i say
before zubair are talking about i can't
beat henderson who don't wrestling much
and i i was like okay henry you're here
and i say survivor you have to check
this guy
you know i i make them wrestling you
know like all the time when
me and my father like we go somewhere
like doesn't matter like
somewhere house like friend's house or
somebody come to our house if i see
someone like almost my my my size and
i look at him like to my enemy you know
because i know my father gonna make me
wrestling with him you know
it was like all my life so then part of
check this out uh mike so i went over
there because i brought some barbers and
friends that they're a big fans of uh
khabib and i brought them all there's
like no these dudes flew down because
then you were having a podcast you know
what i mean to me khabib so then i i saw
zubara in the bottom i said hey man
where you guys at like you know i want i
got some friends and i get up there and
could be like oh yeah you want a picture
for your friends
he's like then you have to wrestle
so i'm in like dress clothes and i just
gotten smoking two blunts you know a
beard you know what i'm saying mike
really good and i'm feeling good i'm
just like you know next you know i'm in
the underwears like freaking wrestling
this dude in front of everybody but i i
saw a little bit of what you're talking
about with your dad i can only picture
your dad being that so you didn't
mention it we're older because he got on
me he's like no you want a picture
you're gonna wrestle
i'm like these dudes flew out i'm like i
have to you know what i'm saying like
there's no other there's no other way
it's a great experience though
look looking back at your childhood now
could be do you feel like that's what's
made you to the person that you are
like i think everything about discipline
everything about discipline and every
and every day every day like you know
train sleep eat repeat
it's like i think like you guys
understand me like you especially you
mike you guys like one of the greatest
athletes of all time you gotta breathe
it live it
yeah be the champ before you become the
champ we have the lifestyle yes it's
have to become your lifestyle and
everything here in mental you know
everything about mentally you know it's
like like people ask me like uh
when you become champion what you feel
like and i said no in my mind i was
always champion in my mind all the time
when i see someone compete like in my
weight classes and i think okay like
since when i like
you when ufc signed me it was like 2012
2013 14 like that time i will think
i'm gonna beat these guys i'm gonna i
can beat all of them you know like
everything about mental
so like what you said mike you have to
be it before you come before you become
it did you knew at one time in your life
could be
that you'd be like literally you'd be
the top of the world not only ensemble
but in the ufc
you know it's like this is not i'm not
about i knew or no this is like uh do
you have a vision that's what i have
i have vision like uh all the time i
think about like if not injures of if
nothing happen
like if i'm gonna fight like for example
with this champion i can beat him like
always like my mind think about
like i just oh man i just need to
compete with this guy i really want to
compete with him you know like i
remember when
uh anthony petty's fight with
gilbert melendez it was like in vegas i
was there like i do my rehab and for my
and i and i was very close to cage you
and they fight for the lightweight title
and i think like when fight finish i
would think like
these guys these guys people call them
like best in the world and i think i can
beat these guys yeah and my focus was
like crazy you know and after that
rafael dos sonias after like three
months beat anthony pettis
and i was thinking like hey one year ago
i'm rafael dusanas
and i'm here without build and all these
chickens they fight for the my title you
know i was like and but that time i was
injured you know and i was like okay i'm
gonna do everything what i have to do
and i'm gonna come back and i'm gonna
maul all of them and when i come back
like 2016 14 i have injured 16 i come
and uh it was like two different khabib
you know it's like when i watch when i
fight dosanos and all these fights
before you before i get injured and
after that i change completely because
of focus
what do you what do you think was
causing all those injuries because
you've been in the ufc since what year
were you in the usc
how long have you been in usc for uh
since 2012. it's 2012. i know you were
injured for the two years yeah you're
really just for a minute what do you
think it was could be it was very hard
time for me you know i was like because
i cannot compete and all guys who i beat
they they beat someone and rafael dosan
has become light to a champion you know
it's like and i think
okay i just have to stay focused
you know improve my game and come back
and smash all of them yeah
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beyond your spaceballs well thank you
like i said tell them mike sent you
so tell us a little about here uh could
you like america
i like america they give me they give me
platforms my potential i love you too
so so how old are you here khabib nice
you're nine how big was that
you know what father told me here
what did he tell you i tell him he tried
to bite me he said bite him back
then you can understand you know
yeah man he's what do you think about
this mic
this is pretty interesting
that's a legit he's literally biting you
did you ever you ever have to get
stitches because of the bear no no
like because of this video everybody
think in russia everybody resting with
the bears
you know the man loves you he doesn't
love you he'll kill you in three seconds
this guy's small guy
you know just what he do you see those
yeah you're dead
1997 he's your friend huh no he no he's
he's like uh you know like uh
he's a
yeah yeah yeah
but what you do 1997.
you fight with who like 1999 i think you
fight with luis
oh no you don't remember
yeah that's louis what do you think what
mike mike mike dude like 1997. 1997. i
think he fights with uh i think he did
fight with lennox no no i think you
fight with the holy spirit
yeah holyfield i think yeah
it was second fight that that's what
that was in 97. yeah you just had your
birthday right you're
how do you knock abuse
32 32 september 33.
32 is just a baby when i was 32 i
thought i was old
32 is just a baby right it's a baby who
was your uh khabib who who's the one
that inspired you the man to start
fighting you or do you think it was
something that your dad
kind of set forth and this is this is
what it is
hey like biggest inspiration for me it
was my dad you know
it was my father yeah
all my life
you know it's like uh
i'm doing all these things only because
of him
only because of him you know he's like i
remember when i fight was like some
fights in ufc i just i call him after
fight right away i call him like
and i try to get from him like some good
words you know
and he says like
and he beginning talk
about my mistakes what i make inside the
and i'm listening to him listen like two
minutes and uh and i said okay you don't
want to say nothing to me he said it was
good job just come back we have to keep
training you know it's like he was like
for me is like biggest motivation you
he gave me good energy he gave me good
advice you know and with him we knew
like what we need what we want you know
like exactly and like since when i was
maybe like since 2005 2004
when i beginning training combat symbol
with father like
we have their goal you know like become
unc fighter
we have the goal but that time nobody
compete from russia and ufc and it was
very hard to sign
like when i signed end of the 2011
it was almost impossible sign with the
ufc like someone from russia yeah it was
like first athlete
and you know it was like
not many people believe us
but uh
when i see how father believe me how
really want this this is giving me like
crazy energy yeah did you have did you
have an inspiration like that mike i
know you always bring out roberto duran
you know imam ali muhammad ali yeah
muhammad number one oh yeah
how cool was that for you mike to have
muhammad ali as your
you know obviously he was there when you
won your first world title yeah it was
just um
i met him in the olympics when i was 18
years old i met him then
but um
my manager was close friends and i
signed up to meet him and talk to him on
the phone
and he just inspired me i wanted to be
like him
yeah the charisma yeah
yeah what do you what do you think made
ali so special with the with the public
what was it about muhammad ali that made
him so special he loved them more than
they loved him
that's the only difference isn't that
something he loved them more than they
loved him
yeah that's a trip man
just uh uh his spirit was just like a
glow right yeah there's some people have
that man you know what i mean i can i
don't i've
i regret mike not getting a chance to
like meet ali i was oh he loves you he
loves you yeah he uh did you i know you
find a lot of inspiration
muhammad ali
i think this guy this guy inspired not
only like fighters like athletes i think
millions people around the world yeah
businessmen everything yeah he was like
i think
bigger than just sport you know it's my
it's like
you know one of the famous
like human being of all time like i
think it's like yeah like someone said
like 1980 he was uh
number one famous human in the world
yeah yeah
he's like
and i remember like when you fight
it was uh
i remember 23rd february 2003
2003 like 18 years ago
you supposed to fight with clifford
and i was like
like week before the fight like all
russia media show this fight or mike
uh gonna fight with clifford attend and
remember it it's supposed to fight like
five morning in uh moscow
time and i told my father please can you
make me wake up i really want to watch
this fight and me and my father you
watch your fight but you make me a
little bit upset because you knock him
out in first round i was waiting for
this i was waiting for it
to go
you know it's like
all this walk out to the
ring like he come you come like you know
it's like you got a party that yes i see
my family gotta go it's like just fight
begin again you put them on slaves like
i prayed with a lot thank you and i was
and uh
i remember that time i don't know with
my father i watch live you know
how was your how was your first
interaction when you first met mike i
met him in my house oh yeah yeah
yeah you're showing the you showed that
i even said i don't think you remember
me you remember mommy you're right yeah
i get i give him my
oh yeah
you remember this yeah
it's like honestly it was like before my
fight i think like barboza or someone i
that's before you were a champion yes
before i became champion actually and
mike i gave him like uh
i was honestly i was nervous little bit
because because one of the
biggest my childhood dream it was like
meet muhammad ali mike tyson ronaldo
like old ronaldo from from brazil you
know it's like all this athlete
when i watch i watch all the time you
guys like in tv
and when internet come in internet like
you know it's like for me it was like
big inspiration you know i was like
i remember like uh when i go the alley
who was on the way and they say i can't
believe i'm going to meet with mike
tyson you know i was like uh
big dream
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like i said tell him mike sent you
we fast forward your life could be then
you know we saw you talk about the
barbosa fight and i remember seeing you
uh or was it kevin lee or barbosa when
you had called conor mcgregor at chicken
it was in new york it was a new york
johnson michael johnson i'm sorry
and i remember that's when like you know
the crowd was like dude like you know
there's it was the majority of the crowd
was all irish he had called out conor
mcgregor which conor mcgregor was
fighting for a second
that was
the initiation of the rivalry and
obviously you go out and uh you know
prior to the fight with uh with you're
supposed to fight holloway
for your fight he ends up backing out
and you said no bring out the next and
then they ended up bringing out uh they
brought somebody else i think who was it
uh ella quinta after quinta petis
holloway felder and tony ferguson nobody
show up you know yeah but i remember
like after
when i make wait and they don't have
opponent they every like five minutes
they ask for me oh can you fight with
him can you fight with him and i was
like i don't sleep all night because of
i was making weight and i said please i
off my phone i tell ali please don't ask
me about opponent just find me someone
i'm gonna go sleep when i wake up i need
upon it you know
and i remember like i woke up i said hey
do you have to buy for him form
who's my opponent
you know mike how gangsters as like
bring something let me wake up in the
morning i want to have an opponent
that's a winner man you know what i'm
saying you ain't you ain't trying to
shortcut nothing i respect you for that
you know it's like like i don't
understand people when they talk about
oh this is like one day before the fight
i was preparing preparation preparing
for different type of style you know
i cannot i need time to prepare like i
don't understand this you know
if you want to be best you can you have
to be best you can you know you know
it's like you can beat like anybody in
the world
this is fight for the title it's like
the olympics tonight you want to become
world champion doesn't
i think that's what makes it so unique
is the fact that you're the best of you
has to come out at that time in order
for you to say you're the best you got
to be the best at any time
you know
fighting running and fighting if
everyone else is thinking the same thing
and you know it's like was you
mentioning about michael johnson fight
that night it that night i was very
emotional because this fight have big
history you know yeah
they send me they send me contract fight
versus alvarez fight for the title
first of all they sent me fight in
canada i signed
a contract
then they said they sent me fight
with him in
i think madison square garden i signed
contract and i was
what's going on i don't understand why
these guys send me like two different
countries okay this contract was
to fight who fight eddie alvarez fight
for the title okay
and and then the then i signed contrary
and i see in media like conor gonna
fight with uh alvarez and i i was like
hey i supposed to fight with him my son
already contract so you think they're
using they're using you as a pilot i
think they play game yeah i think they
play game you know it's like they play
game and i and i send then then a
message hey i understand everything okay
if you guys if you guys give him like
this fight i understand you know like
this guy is like big name that time i
don't have big name yeah
you just use my name to force them sign
contract i understand everything okay
just give me someone i want to fight
same night
just give me someone you get be big
organization just find him someone they
say okay it was like one month before
the fight they say you just
be ready we're gonna find you this is
this is this is how confident he is mike
is khabib literally be in the corner
talking to dana white as he's punishing
his opponents we fast forward man
obviously right before getting ready to
fight for the title that whole incident
with uh with conor mcgregor happens you
remember that mike right which uh that
made headlines man were refunded at that
time when that whole thing happened
because the whole story was i know it
was it happened with arts because artem
was saying something in russian to you
guys i don't know what he had said but
you ended up i don't know who's i don't
know if you slapped him or whatever but
that led conor mcgregor to come in
obviously you know
throw a dog through the bus i would
think like a lot of friends come today
when when i see a lot of people outside
i think wow like fans come here like
they want to take pictures with someone
you know it's like uh
you know when you go to the
when you go to the like likes
real party i talk about party like
fighting party you know yeah why you
bring camera with you
yeah you're going to worry you don't
need camera you know this is show like
it was lara
what's your name security
security there like lara but they they
try to just show you know
when i go to do something i slept or i
slept all his team
okay you know like when you go to the
war you have goal
you have to do something you have to
take your goal when you take your goal
you become winner
they just come here to show up like you
know like promote the fight like
everything drama it was it was like we
were going to weigh in
and a lot of media there i don't
understand a house like uh
20 camera there no it's like a lot of
like like of course nobody gonna let you
fight there this is 100 you know yeah
damn i know what's like that what what
what's your take on that mikey what did
you take on mcgregor doing that i'm
pretty drastic yeah it's too much
yeah phone can get hurt real bad
yeah well two i think two people were
hospitalized uh yesterday because the
glass kind of went in their eyes there's
just like something
how many years is that kissing one woman
rose rose
actually three and then the other dude
yeah ray boris yeah
obviously you go wild you beat ella
quinta for the title man now now now
you're the champion at the light
heavyweight division and then that's
pretty much actually that was the start
of of the mcgregor fuel lightweight and
i'm like heavyweight
uh light yeah lightweight lightweight
and that's what i have
now i look like heavyweight
but i competition
you know it's like next day after this
fight i jumped to the training camp
really because i knew we're gonna fight
we're gonna fight and i i just was
waiting for contract date
just next day i beginning training
i don't stop yeah because i know it's
like when fight
fight time come
you know it's like uh
someone someone have to show like spirit
heart you know but when time come you
know like i was preparing so hard when
time come and inside the cage when he
said this to me is like i was talk with
him like crazy and he give back to me
like hey it's only business you know
it's like
it sounds like you know like when when
my father go crazy with me i try to make
him stop you know yeah and i like try to
found some excuse hey you know like
it sounds like same same same thing you
know like and i was what i was preparing
for these things yeah you know i was
i was preparing for war and when i come
here i don't fight opponent you know
like this is make me empty
and why i did this after the fight why i
jump everything like i don't think like
people gonna understand this because
like it was so emotional so you time for
me i can probably i can probably
elaborate there for you because the
first time i fought demetrius johnson he
knocked me out and and two minutes and
36 seconds to the body which is the
worst my knees
and i didn't feel as a man that i shook
his hand that i gave him a fair fight i
think that ate me
for you you putting a beat down at
mcgregor did you feel the exact same
thing like he didn't give you the hand
like he should have ah you know
you know you know what i'm saying it was
a little bit different it was a little
bit different you know like it wasn't
like i was expecting more yeah i was
expecting more and you know it's like
when i go like i talk with him he give
me this executes oh this is like just
only business everything like okay when
i catch his neck and i choke him like
he hit up you know like and i think hey
you bring like thousands people from
ireland here on different part of world
and you tap in front and like and you
talk about like about warrior or
something like this how you can tap go
go sleep
like and he tap and i was like okay it's
not enough i need something and i was
like and i see like some his corners
like talk with me like and i think oh
i have to bite his heart you know
and i jump to like you know like catch
something of course i know like a lot of
people but nobody wanna talk with me i
don't understand everybody everybody
wanna talk with me in press conference
in twitter you know inside the cage like
damn here it goes the ego
so you went after you went after dylan
dennis right is that how you were trying
to hit or were you just trying to hit
somebody you're just still playing i
just tried to bite his heart you know
that time i thought i really want to
bite his heart you know i don't under i
don't know
maybe not like uncle mike dude
everybody you guys are all everybody
wanted to get a piece of them why
because he disrespected your family he
disrespected your faith he disrespects
your father your mother i mean he
disrespected everybody okay i have a
if there is no police
what's going to happen
you tell me
there is no no no no no referee no
police no referee kill him
he even sacrificed live
remember you remember this fight mike
this is this is real things the real
thing is not with bus you know when 200
security around like camera everything
this is real thing you know i was like i
was like i would think i was preparing
for real world you know when i come
there i don't find nobody you know this
is make me like put me like in emotional
you know make me emotional because i
don't find nothing
yeah i was expecting more you know did
you take a lot of uh for for mike man
you could obviously you've seen mike's
face man mike you've had a couple rides
back in the day in the ring remember
that last uh the last holyfield fight
can you talk about this a little bit
because first fight like he he he hit
you with the head i think like couple
what do you think about this
do you ever bite someone
no no but i could i could feel the
frustration man like you know what i'm
saying like you you understand his
emotional life yes
yeah but i've been head-butted man so i
know what that thing feels like it
pisses you off because there's some
people that are really sneaky with it
would you say mike people that really
have a hard head really slide that thing
what happened after now you guys cool
good yeah
what happened was here
yeah crazy would you would you would you
think mike obviously
mike has made he has reconciled with
holyfield man
and obviously i saw the comments too
that uh that conor mcgregor uh
that conor mcgregor just recently said
about and i don't want to bring it up we
don't got to talk about it either it
could be
because there's i think he's really
going overboard he's going to hit me
with that one too
so i'm dabbing straight
but do you talk about you talking about
last tweet yeah the last tweet man
you know it's like to come inside my
mind you know like
like this is very hard for me people can
say whatever they think you know did you
hear about that mike what did you hear
about the last tweet mcgregor did with
uh khabib no yeah because khabib had
mentioned and i've if you don't mind me
talking about it yeah it's okay yeah
khabib had mentioned it's like it's it's
it's good over evil
when he was fighting porya when when
mcgregor fought pourier and he says uh
good will always prevail and then uh you
know conor connor's crazy ass he he rose
like yeah man it's good versus evil and
then he says something about along the
lines that kind of covet kind of took
your dad in that sense like going below
the belt you know what i'm saying like
completely but something that i will say
about that your dad has always said that
at one time at one point
he would invite conor mcgregor to a
barbecue man no it's like my my dad was
like different level about like this
situation he always like his heart was
like so like clean you know
and uh you know it's like
like when he talked about this uh
you know only evil can talk about your
father like wife kids religion
like if you're normal like humanly
you're never gonna talk about this stuff
you know
like for me it's like show i think he
posts this tweet like
drunk too much or do something
yeah and the next day i think and he
always delayed his tweet and i think
when he become a normal life and he said
oh what i did like and he delete this is
my opinion what he do like all the time
how would you take that mic how would
you take that if uh
you know obviously we got to sell the
fight but there's a limit man there's a
hey man you know
hey listen um you can't be talking about
people's dads and
listen to perishing i just know um
in this business everything goes
you know everything goes come on the
fight everything goes
no i agree when you if you want to
promote the fight yeah but
you know it's like
when when someone is not with us you
he's not even alive
i don't think this is like
this is show you what you have inside
this is show your like how dirty you are
like this is show like when you come
when you when one of the best in the
world and you and you come and you punch
someone like 77 years like old girl like
old man this is show your heart this is
show who you are inside how dirty you
are you know and you know it's like uh
when you have parents and when you have
kids how you can show yourself like this
i don't understand why his clothes
people don't tell him hey
what's going on yeah can i give you and
that's what i know from your perspective
obviously there's something about mike
that i will say that he's you've
reconciled with everybody mike
yeah they're from lennox lewis no
because i'm not gonna let that stuff
kill me yeah having a girl you're not
liking somebody that takes a lot of
i don't have the energy everybody my
kids grandparents and wife
cousins that's so much people that love
to waste their energy on it look away
from the [ __ ] scumbag
that's just not what i want to do a
couple years they would have got me on
that i'd be in jail and [ __ ]
not today yeah so you heard what he said
could be mike doesn't hold grudges it's
too much
painful for him to hold grudges
are you are you at that grudge a stage
with mcgregor it's okay man we're all
human dude it's okay to feel a little
animosity towards somebody but you think
you'll ever let it go uh
you know i think i think uh
i think
like one of the biggest reason why i
become champion
i think
this is about my mental part
how i can control my emotional you know
i i think i can control anything
anything happen with me in the world i
can control this i can handle this you
and i know it's like a lot of people
like i remember when i when i was
supposed to fight with him like
like coach tell me hey you you have to
focus you know it's like and i was like
coach hey i'm focused you say oh you
call home you call friends i said no i'm
this is normal for me you suppose i
after like 30 minutes your
biggest fight in your life biggest fight
in ufc history become
you call your friends on phone like i
said coach please don't worry
everything is good i'm good i'm relaxed
and when time comes i'm gonna show you
what do you what do you think what do
you think conor mcgregor is missing in
his life what do you what do you think
it is man
if you haven't said there's if you had
to pinpoint one thing when you become
rich when you become famous
some people they lose real real people
around him they lose them because uh
because real people who love you
they're gonna tell you true
but fake people they always say oh
you're good you're good you're good you
know it's like they never say not say to
you nothing because they don't want to
upset you because they know they're
gonna lose this comfortable
but but you know it's like but real
people they don't care about this they
was they was with you before you become
famous and rich and they don't care
about your money they don't care about
your fame they just love you and they
when they say to you true you don't like
this because of your ego
you know and i think he lose a lot of
people around him yeah it's just my
opinion i don't think he have like
people who was with him be before when
he become champion and uh
everybody needs someone who remind you
hey you're doing this this is a bad this
is good this is bad this is life
like you don't need yes man you don't
need people to just to just buy
obviously you've been there mike
yeah what's your take on what he just
said mike i hate to know how people are
man they're like monkeys the height we
get the more we show our ass
say that again i say we like monkey yeah
the higher we get the more we show our
it is true man it's really true most of
the people like this i agree with them
or most of the people like this yes no
not everybody but most most most of the
people i have like i'm i'm very lucky on
this life honestly i think
i think uh like all people who around me
they was like when i beginning when i
was like nobody they was with me like
right now they stay with me you know i'm
very happy about this yeah your
brotherhood max i know these guys like
you talk about our brotherhood i learned
a lot of that from ali man like you know
like the dude they're just like brothers
man like you know talk about a little
bit about your your your support system
and all your yes like like if you talk
about ali like i i met him like 2014
before i become injured
like after that we had like very very
hard two years like injure injury injure
surgery like uh you know it's like
but we're still together you know when
we have hard time work together when we
have good time with together like same
thing with all my brothers like islam
like everybody like islam i know more
than 20 years you know all these guys
and uh you know it's like sometime
sometimes i'm gonna be honest sometime
like like
when when you best in the world you
don't like when people say to you hey
you have to do this you know but
you have to be clear with your heart
yeah if you clear with your heart and
you know these guys say true you have to
say yes okay i agree with you so we have
a lot of debates me and you uh kirby
every time we see each other
it's just we like to compare stats you
know he's 29 and no he retired powerful
pounder defeated i'm a two division
champion defending both my belt
olympic champion every time we see
chicks i respect him i respect the crap
out of just so you know that man uh you
know i have good numbers too but
honestly i'm i'm gonna say this i feel
you a little bit higher than me like in
sport like levels you know why yeah
because of uh
olympic gold medal yeah this is like
different level yeah like this is like
dream for
anybody everyone who become like
training like this is them like boxers
wrestlers doesn't matter for everybody
olympic gold medal i don't know about my
opinion this is just well what like
about olympic gold medal
this is highest level in sports yeah
yeah mike knows the amateurs i wish i
had one yeah
me too
we talked about time like even in
professionals even mike says that that a
three three minute fight in amateurs
against the best in the world you don't
know who you're going to fight
it's the purest confidence
15 minute amateur fight a professional
fight yeah
but you as olympic champion junior an
olympic champion right doing anything i
think yeah
but you know it's like i'm gonna put you
like a little bit higher than me but
i still believe we like like same level
same chair no sure and that's and now
we'll say this about
khabib he is the most dominant fighter
in ufc history he's also the most humble
fighter i wish i was as humble as am i
what is he i hate his guys
yeah yeah
beautiful person
now you go off obviously you you beat
conor mcgregor you know you become an
instant star man like you because you're
the best fighter in the world
i still believe i'm the best i do too i
still believe i can cap it with anyone
like even right now i i i finished
almost one year ago but i still believe
every day i train i'm in the gym you
know i love this
you know it's like nobody's debating you
you're the best yes i i still believe
yeah so so you go off you win your title
obviously you you knock out conor
mcgregor you tap them out uh connor
mctapper as we call them
you go off and obviously you defeat
dustin poirier where people thought
he had a potential i never thought it i
didn't think any of these could honestly
beat you but you ended up defeating him
you ended up going through justin gaichi
with the broken foot and then you go you
win the fight you win the world title
man and obviously your dad had just
passed away man and i resonated so much
with you crying i knew there was
something like deeper than you just
winning a world title man you decide to
hang up the gloves man is that the most
emotional feeling you've ever felt in
your in your fighting career
yeah i think so like 24 october that
night it was like
most emotional moment for me in my life
you know it's like because uh
because you know it's like
that time my dream become true but
without my father you know
my dream become true it's like uh not
about defend my title you know i truly
believe at that time i was on top of mma
community like all like i was the best
in the world like harmful pound yeah
i was the best that time next day i
don't talk about next day like 23rd
october or 25th i talk about 24 october
when i finish just engaging i was the
best in the world i don't talk about
right now right now i really believe
like other guys like i think like kamal
usman but my my my dream was like become
on top and that's it and finish you know
and uh it was very emotional because
it was not only my dream yeah it was my
father dream true you know we're doing
this all life together and that time it
was like without father
that's why it was very emotional a
little bit the fact that i know you
could be obviously you're crying and
you're weeping
i i
you really honestly i don't remember
i want to be honest like i don't
remember like
but but those are true feelings khabib i
remember when i retired from russia and
i lost at the olympic trials i remember
you know typically unwrestling what they
do they take off their shoes and they
put them on the man i don't do that in
boxing no but i remember just feeling
like the sport that gave me everything
right if i talk about it mine
and everybody tells you you're the best
everybody knows you're gonna win and
you've got the big head and you're
losing so where am i gonna go from here
that was your that was i don't know
about this feeling
no i do
i know adversity
yeah this is i think the difference
between like mike and us is bike went
through there is a lot of like this one
i want to ask you one question
about you really underestimate him or he
was out shape
douglas i really uh underestimated
you you almost finished him like they
they gave me a long count yes it's like
and what about your shape you was good
shape yeah okay okay
yeah 50 to 50 to one underdog you know
what the crazy thing about that story
ben there's a whole back story about
buster douglas
is his mother had recently died and
obviously nobody believed that he could
be mike you know this was back in 92. i
think he was on same situation like i i
was in exactly now so there's a there's
that energy man that you had there's
that presence that you don't believe
that i believe they set me up to lose
because they were betting against me
look at that look how big of those odds
what yeah
but you're i'll be honest with you mike
i feel like you're more of a
cruiserweight that's why i was so
impressed by you because in heavyweight
you're probably considered a short
heavyweight or a small heavyweight yeah
and your body and you're beating all
these dudes that were 50 pounds heavier
than you yeah you know but listen on us
what must you call that again
statistic scale yeah it doesn't show how
much heart you got
it doesn't show how much will desire you
have yeah
but he shows how big you are yeah yeah
knows like why i say he was in same
situation like i am because
i remember my emotional when i fight
justin gaicher last fight it was like
when i go to the cage
you know the this guy he he hit like
truck you know like nobody hit harder
meal harder than just engaging his kick
his punch his left hook right hook right
uppercut you know i was like
but i get i make him hit me you know you
have like when i go to the cage and i
was like
okay i'm gonna go i'm gonna bring him to
the deep ocean yeah deep ocean is like
i'm game i'm gonna make him tired on
stand up and i'm gonna bring him on
ground and finish him there you know
first of all what i have to do because
he have very good wrestling base he is
very good wrestlers and like beginning
of fight i knew like this guy don't let
me wrestling and i go through on his
punch kicks
he knows like everything what happened
with father like
i i was think like nothing to lose
nothing to lose i'm gonna go like and my
coach tell me hey listen to game plan
listen to a game plan
be careful
you talk about your father your father's
father's plan that they talk about yes
like take him down you know it's like
but i don't listen everything what coach
said but because i was very emotional
and i remember that fight too khabib and
i'm like and that's why i know it's like
i always think like the the best legends
in the sport are the ones that that are
better competitors and they are fighters
and i remember watching that fight with
you and justin gaichi and you pressed
him yeah and nobody has ever done that
because when you pressed him you took
away that that leg kick that he does
he's so famous for and then you ended up
you know bringing it down to the ground
and then you ended up finishing it but i
do remember this this is he's a killer
but he's got a kind soul to him i
remember when i remember you didn't want
to hurt justin gates so you decided to
get on top of him and uh do the triangle
choke because obviously you knew that
his mother and his father were in
attendance yeah you know like i met his
parents like before they fight like it
was three days before the fight and i
knew his parents gonna be there yeah you
and uh
i know this guy very tough and he never
give up and i go to the like amber
i understand maybe this guy is non-top
and i'm gonna broke his arm you know in
front his parents and i was like
and i transitioned to the triangle choke
you know like when you choke people see
what you want to break even if you don't
tap you sleep you know this is much
better than you if you broke your
after the fight man obviously you're
emotional we just talked about it you
know you're uh
you know you're in cloud9 obviously
you're a weepy man if you don't remember
go back and watch it i think i thought
it was special i thought it was really
cool but then dana white had offered you
and this is this is this is true mike
and check this out he had offered khabib
100 million dollars to fight floyd
and khabib said no i'm done
because i don't want to make boxing
community upset with me you know
yeah no no desire man
because from what i take it uh could be
because obviously for me bro like the
only way that i'll come back to the
is for money or legacy because i to me
in my eyes i know and maybe but that's
the only thing that's going to motivate
me and i'm satisfied and i'm full for
the money doesn't matter a hundred
dollars mike
i know what mike would do not dig right
there's people that had 20 million
dollar billion dollars and we're broke
you know the art and taking care of
money he hit me billions of dollars i
ain't listening to you on the way back
sleeping in um
motel 6. imagine having that billion
you know he's back in multiple six yeah
it was like about money if we talked
like of course money makes sense too you
but not not for
but i'm never i never fight for money
money knows like help people effort yeah
it's like money is good money is money
is good like uh but most of the time
they bet you know i think like they
they the money bring you to the
situation you never been you know and
you don't know how to act when you have
so much money you know it's like a
little bit dangerous so
but i think like in this business i i
don't come to make money you know i come
here to legacy you know yeah and then
when like end of the like coupled like a
month ago he sent dennis and message ali
say hey why happy don't even ask me how
much money i'm gonna give him
and i was like
i'm not interesting about how much money
you're gonna give him i already say i'm
retired and that's it you know this is
make sense
more than money of course i have a lot
of business
because of i want to make money you know
but this business like fighting business
for me is not for making money
maybe like most of the fighters they're
gonna say oh
this is like good words i don't believe
him but this is the decision but i truly
like believe like and i know like i'm
not here i was not here to make money
you know on this business yeah i just
want to become best in the world and
obviously not only were you offered a
hundred million dollars to fight floyd
but also it was one thing that your dad
always wanted for you to fight george st
pierre man to make it 30 and zero
honestly george empire fight was my
father's dream fight
yeah because like
not my like i'm okay with this fight
like when i borrow like when i grow up
like fighter
like 2007 six eight
nine that time it was like your simple
prime time and
me and father will always watch fights
and we always learn from george imperial
you know
that's why like he was my my father's
favorite fighter you know like but right
now i don't think this is like good
fights like even for me and for him
i'm 32 he's 40 you know it's like two
big difference
first of all and second i'm finished he
finished two you know like
so no desire for floyd no desire for
george shane pierre i i sense it from
you because i think we're on the same
i would come back if the money's right
but i think for you men i feel like
there's peace in you and i feel like
people need to really accept the fact
that when you say i'm finished i'm
finished you've been you've been
wrestling bears yeah freestyle wrestlers
[ __ ] i get you bro people don't get it
12 years
professional mma 12
you know it's almost like you want to
expand and obviously you're with the
royal family i mean obviously
entrepreneurship it's time for
entrepreneurship that's where he's at
now mike businessman that's where he's
at business is much better than faiz you
i don't know you just don't have to go
to the hospital afterward but i love
yeah how would that fight with you and
george st pierre if that legacy fight
was to happen how would that turn out
happy i think i'm like you know like
george was very good he was great
and i'm i i just think we was competing
in two different uh
eras eras
he was 10 years ago he was the best
right now it's my time and i think like
i'm i don't know
like same thing worry about like if mike
tyson fight with muhammad ali same thing
you know but right now you guys could
fight that would make a ton of money
yeah but i i want a prediction man i
want to know from habib himself man how
would that end up if i fight with him
i think i don't change nothing just same
thing pressure pressure
i don't think he's he's racing better
than my wrestling no there's a fight but
he's a little bit bigger than me yeah
more powerful i think i think i think
you would fill in i think if you decide
to make a comeback 170 pounds i think
that weight class would be perfect
sometimes you know why we lose love of
the sport khabib
because it's because we cut too much
weight too much yeah you know what i'm
saying that this is the reason why i
retired from wrestling it's not the
reason why i retired from fighting but
you know what i'm saying like this part
hardest part yes yes
i just was cutting weight all night with
my three guys
like this is like hardest but the
everybody talking about oh this is my
last hackathon this is my and i was like
and i see like when i was talking like
this like seven ten years ago like
everybody say when they're cutting
weight this is like my last
last time when i do these things you
know it's like
this is very hard
i don't think mike understand us
you're right you can you cut your you
find did you cut within the amateurs
not really i i just lost 110 pounds
right now yes but when you
professional athlete and you don't have
nothing to cut you know it's like when
you cut 30 pounds like i always come
with like either like in between fights
i get real fat
i think right now i can cut 30 pounds
like one week you know like yeah
yeah i got a lot of cups yeah
you saw you saw that twisted steel
i think a lot of people talk about you
know they talk about your fighting they
talk about your father talk about your
legs you talk about dagestan but rarely
do people ever talk about your mother
you know
obviously the desire for her she doesn't
want you to fight man and so neither
does my mom you know she's happy that
i'm retired i just want to get your
perspective on your mother and your
mother's love yeah it's like uh
my mother when she grew up
she had she's big brother he was
and then
she got married with my father
and she have a husband like wrestler
then we grew up
we both like me and my brother she have
like she was a wrestler no no no no no
she's brother oh her brother his
wrestlers you know and she understands
sport yeah but she don't like when
people punch like each other face yeah
she like like uh
when kids doing some sports but she
don't like like punch face you know like
hurt people
so now the fact that obviously your
dad's no longer that leader in your life
the person that takes it that you have
to respect the most out of anybody in
the world this is your mother his mother
so if your mother was his son even when
my father was alive i always tell him
hey i love mother more than you knows
and he say this is this is your choice
because i remember like
when my mother and father was alive i
was love my mother more more than father
i remember get off my wife get away from
my wife it's my mother this is my wife
you hear me get your own wife get away
nothing like mother in the world like
you knows like uh
but if she was to grant you he's like
hey your dad's last wish
you know if she you know for so for
whatever reason they know it's in her
heart to tell you hey could be uh khabib
come back man
grant your father's last wish would you
would you be willing would you no for my
mother my mother wouldn't say that right
no never said but but i'm gonna do
everything what my mother say you know
it's like anything for my mother like i
remember when i was kid like
like uh like five six like seven
whatever no when i fight in street and
come back she asked me like she never
asked me why you fight like my father
asked me all the time hey
stop fighting you know it's like because
he knows like i have i have skills i
have knowledge how hurt people because i
was training and my mother always asked
me you lose or win
i say i win this is good you know
because straight is different rules you
know she all the time saying never come
home if you lose you know yeah like my
mother have she have good but she don't
like her people but she knows like
street is street
you have to show your heart when you go
to the street because like they don't
have rules
they don't have rules they don't have
referee they don't have security like
you have to protect yourself all the
time you know i was like
did you have a lot of did you have a lot
of street fights yes yeah
like three a day
damn this is back in brownsville
no i know you know
one time
but i never tried three times every day
though every day not like three times i
had three fights that didn't have
another fight like a month up to where's
every day did you ever did you ever get
beat up mike yeah i got beat up yeah
did you know that you know mike you know
mike was bullied
somebody killed this pigeon when he was
uh in his early teens that forced him to
fight he discovered the dream of him
being a yeah a great boxer
and then he was like in the sport of
boxing about bully i think like
everywhere around the world they have
bullies like just you have to be ready
never give up it's okay if someone big
and strong
stronger than you if he can beat you
it's okay like couple couple guys of
course they can beat one guy this is not
news you know but what about your heart
if you give up
you know right whatever you're coming
back until i win yeah
i'm never giving up yeah did those
bullies get uh those those bull the guys
used to bully you mike once you started
beating them up did they treat you
different were they just every time they
see would they run
no um they want to be my friend yeah
they just befriend you
but if you can't
they wanted to be my friend and teach me
how to rob and steal and stuff
yeah and i was like like in my my
village like big guys yeah when they see
like small guys like like same age same
size they say you're gonna fight with
they ask you know like
and all the time when they ask me i say
hey i'm gonna fight if he accept but
first i don't wanna go because like
because i was training all my life and i
know like
even when i was like seven eight i was
like well rounded you know i was like i
can wrestle i can grapple you know
another one
they don't say yo shorty
i got 20 bucks you punched that kid in
the heck and they betting on us yeah
bang punch right in the face
you're my friend
split the money
the philanthropy now uh could be with
everything that you're doing now
obviously i know you've i think you've
gone to africa and have done a lot of
things like that
uh but you've also you're you're
starting your own promotion now which
yesterday you did a good job with me and
zubaira you made us yeah hey i wanna
wrestle dude
oh delusional mike but he instigated it
and i was like dude i took all my stuff
i was like no we're going then
but now he has like street fight
like 30 minutes but now talk about the
eagle promotions
yeah i have promotion like uh
like uh we beginning like three years
ago yeah i was uh
a couple guys were there their owner and
last year i buy everything like i'm
owner there and i'm doing my by myself
you know i control now everything i'm
and uh
i think we have great future you know
it's like from here like
august 3rd we have big show in
kyrgyzstan i'm gonna fly from here
direct to kyrgyzstan august 3rd i got
august 3rd august after like five five
six days you know wow and uh
and uh we have in moscow couple show
august we have two show
september we have three show october
like every month we have couple show and
i was like we're doing very good job
like what will motivate me to doing this
work with this uh promotion like
i think i can i give people good
platform yeah you know to show that give
give for young generation good
opportunity yeah you know when i
beginning it was like 2010
in eastern europe because you guys are
so good man people don't know that side
of the world they they they they we have
like a lot of young like lions you know
they just need opportunity you know so
you want to give back and uh and from me
they they can get opportune like they if
they fight any eagle fc
donna white or big promoters they can
see them you know because of me
because i get attention and
guys have big opportunity you know this
has given me good motivation big
motivation to doing this like maybe not
everyone gonna become
great champions but but you're happy
that because you struggled back in the
day to get fights no i get it man i
think that's uh the people who don't
become great champions in the ring
become great champions in life yeah they
don't or they do
the ones that necessarily do become
successful in the ring they become
successful in life because the same
tools you need in the ring you need a
life to survive yeah like
for example muhammad ali
he was a great champion but more than
champion he was like great human being
you know absolutely yeah and i was like
the great like we have like a lot of
great boxers mixed martial artists a lot
of them are great people yeah
yeah can we uh can we bring our lia de
laziz you want to come over here come
here ellie come here man i wanna i wanna
i wanna get i wanna get your two cents
man with everything and how have you
seen uh khabib could be mature it's okay
okay it's okay
it's okay say it's it just talk with us
you've seen this man since the beginning
and i think weren't you staying with
wasn't he staying with you for a minute
ali you know
uh to be honest um i i met habib um you
know through my brother rizwan who's
here today and uh and when i meet him i
think he have a acl you know acl surgery
and he come we meet we go to california
and his english was zero like back there
like he was talking to me you know like
he's like now my english teacher
and after that like he have ecl for two
years he's kept again injured
in knee surgeries rib surgeries back
and uh and very much at one point he
said you know i think you know
i'm gonna finish you know
but i think
his father was such a great influence in
his life you know he was he was a
motivation in his life he's the one
always pushing him inspiring right a
father right now is if alive
100 percent happy with fighting george
you agree
i think so yes yeah and um no choice and
and i think
you know and i and i i being around him
and make me a better person make me a
better person i was living my american
dream doing crazy things like doing
stuff i'm not supposed to do it i don't
start hanging out with habib everybody
it makes me become a better person but
back then when we met i didn't have much
money i didn't have nice car i didn't
have anything and he didn't have much
too you know
and i feel like we can arrive together
we we we kind of grew together you know
this guy he make a lot of millionaires
you know
and after that you know
man so do you ali i know you met a lot
of millionaires too man no it was just
uh it was just being an honor such a
church being a part of his life and i
want to i never told him this before i
want to say
thank you for having me part of your
life and uh and i love you
and uh and you inspire so many of us you
know and i really i really mean it like
everything is that man and every time i
see this guy i'm happy now he's not
fighting you know albus from chetnia
albert right here he's with random
sometimes chatting and red hair
yeah i know him that's so crazy
i think habib he don't inspire like he
inspired 1.7 billion muslim around the
world you know
a lot of our kids a lot of like who
muslim kids growing up even not muslim
you know
everybody did business different in mma
he did his own way you know he never
i know this guy when you have 10 dollar
i don't know how much money you have now
he's the same you know
and uh
and uh and i very much i believe
he's the greatest of all the time not
only inside the cage
only outside the cage and i know he's
going to smash me after this because he
said i don't want to talk about me
promote me
but this is the truth you know and uh he
changed a lot of us all of us
and uh and we're here today talking to
my opinion i think you're wrong i love
muhammad ali and i said this before
mike tyson is one of the greatest
athlete the most famous athlete we've
ever seen because muhammad ali have
maybe two generations right
mike tyson 19 years old no my tyson 30
years old four years old seven years old
and i think mike
tyson is different because seven
different generations
know mike tyson yeah and uh
and it's just mike has become like a
phenomenon it's not just that i'm just
happy to be here with henry you know
he's working this show
all right well bye you feel the same way
though but if you asks my he'll always
give gratitude to muhammad ali you know
what i'm saying because you are you are
very humble my people are you know a
great man you know i like mike tyson but
i think muhammad yes i agree with you
what do you think i'll leave the camera
any closing thoughts here mike what
advice would you give to uh to could be
the time that we did have with them well
no this is wonderful you're sitting down
talking to him
and you know he's not fighting no more
he's not thinking about fighting so just
be an entrepreneur help him out make him
help make a lot of money and give it
away if he doesn't really think much of
it and stuff that's what i do okay give
a lot of my stuff away yeah
a lot of people that need it
eating some animal so yeah so even so
this is this is business advice for him
because you feel like
typically when you do give advice mike
it's always like you know well this is
the business advice and for family he
should prepare for that yeah you know
um think he's my kids are cool and happy
and there's other kids that need to be
cool and happy too
what about you ali anything any uh
words for for for khabib leading to the
future now that he's retired
i think habib has he's finished his
sports legacy
but i think now continue
a different legacy a business venture
and one of the things he's here his
corner and guys making ten thousand
dollars a fight you know like stay away
from his family two months
uh take care of everybody he's just
doing it he's he's continuing the legacy
of his father you know yeah and his
father put this in him and now
this is all his father stood in zubaira
islam umar usman and now he's continuing
he keeping the legacy alive the
family legacy alive and uh and a lot of
people run now they just want to go
anayakt and spend millions of dollars
and stuff like that no they will help
you spend your millions of dollars they
don't go in the yard and spend their
money you're gonna help you spend your
money no yeah he's he's here
like cornering guys
in bellator this weekend and guys they
don't make much money he's just here for
the love of what he does and this is his
father you know this is his father and
he's continuing the legacy of his father
i think that's what it is and that's a
violent thing to do
yeah i wish i had a legacy for my father
to live
yeah i think for me khabib is like
obviously we're about the same age i'm a
couple years older than you you know
coming from freestyle wrestling and uh i
know i know a lot of what you've gone
through even even retired now your
upbringing you know which you know your
father was always on you you know from
from everything from being you know from
dagestan to the rivalry with chechnya
and all that i know how you guys uh you
know all that i just want to say man
that uh
leaving 29 and no man to leaving 29 and
no pound for power man it's uh
it's it's beautiful man to leave a top i
don't think people recognize or realize
that how beautiful it is to leave on
your terms man and uh i just want you to
close it out for the fans man there's
gonna get millions of followers here
whatever it is that you want to uh to
give to the people
i just wanna say you know it's like this
this game is like not
for people or you know like
for mental weak people you know this
game is like for very tough guys
you know it's like if you want to become
you know you have to understand like you
have to sacrifice
your time your family
your like
everything what you have you have to
sacrifice this is about
sacrifice if you're not ready to
sacrifice you have to sit home this is
just my advice for
young guys he wanna become great
champion you know
and uh patience
hard work
sacrifice like without these things
doesn't matter how talented you are this
is don't not work it's gonna work when
you're beginning
but when you go to the true like
like this is not work you know you have
to sacrifice everything what you what
you have you know
then you can become great champion
yeah awesome
well there we have it man thank you for
coming mike any closing thoughts were we
good i just believe like he was saying
um this game is not for weak men
but it can make weak men strong
that's right it's like you either yeah
exactly man exactly
that's awesome guys well man it's been a
awesome day of the day
ali i mean this is this is this is
legendary here
before we end here i just want to know
your thing because remember you said you
got nervous you know first time you had
how cool was his experience now she had
a relationship he came to my house and
chilled out at the hat too yeah
how cool is his manitoba
sit here and talk to mike about your
history living a legend you know
it was i i have like you said this
before when beginning like you have
dream meet with muhammad ali like same
before i have dreamed like it was like
free athlete for me is like who inspired
me like crazy it was like brazilian
ronaldo mike tyson and muhammad ali i
met two of them like i don't have a
chance to meet muhammad ali you know i
was like i hope like you know oh your
next life oh you will love this guy
oh you love them you love this guy so
so much
i really believe next life i'm going to
meet with him yeah inshallah
well there you guys have it man you guys
just watched an episode of hot boxing
with mike tyson i'm your co-host triple
c aka henry cejudo mike tyson in the
khabib and ali
and we out
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