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i'm 37 i ain't young
like you i i watch everything you say
he's 37 looking
good hey baby [ __ ] you don't know about
hey everybody welcome to another episode
of hot boxing i'm evan britton and i'm
mike tyson
mike we got bootsy in the house dog
this is interesting
welcome to the hot box fellas so what
are we doing bootsy
what's going on in your life didn't you
just come home or something yeah
i came home in like 15 14 i've been just
taking off ever since i've just been
making music doing i got i got my liquor
i got my clothing i got
my potato chips i'm just grinding mike
i'm just double boosted check this out
who are you it's this who are you
what happened what happened to you to
make you the way you are
uh you know i come from the slums you
know badly no i know we all come from
the slums
yeah but there's something about this
one's like it's something nobody about
let's talk about me
okay um
uh let's see i'm from the slums too i
know what blew my mind when somebody
i had a hat my mother bought me a hat in
the 70s that robin hood had was a
release that i had to have
i must have been nine or something but
for some reason i had to innate
i like style i like clothes it's out of
the blue
i like clothes and somebody punched me
in my face he became my good friend too
but he punched me in my face and took my
hat and that blew my mind
that blew my mind and ever since then um
i didn't understand word and people
would pick on me take my money
i became um not a nice person i hurt
people and
oh it's just really bad stuff but yeah
what happened how did you that's who i
am now i'm an insecure kid i'm really
scared all the time but everybody thinks
i'm [ __ ] fearless what changed me
what happened yeah why didn't
the way you are now that has nothing to
do with this
the way you are now cause you lost just
the way you think the way
the way you think about yourself in the
uh i just think about always going
further in the world
you know what's that what's going
further father is just expanding it's
it's just it's just making a better way
for my kids you know
i got a lot of hustle in me i got a lot
of hustle in me from
from always one when i was a kid
i always wanted when i was a kid what
did you want
because nobody in my family really had
so i always wanted to look like calvin
the drug dealers and [ __ ] um
and and now i just i just got a
a hunger for one more that's just that's
just a part of me
i always want more like i'll never
settle for [ __ ]
i feel you know and then i came home
from prison with nothing
you know i came home with nothing so
i've been home five years and
i'm just i'm just refreshed
you know i feel like prison made me a
better man it made me smarter it made me
it made me a businessman
yeah good good pack
so what do you want listen oh that's
what i want to say how do you feel about
other people's feelings
you know you offend a lot of people talk
about [ __ ] um
gay [ __ ] homosexuals no i know
a lot of times i need to shut the [ __ ]
it's just it's just why don't you i
don't know man it'd be hard
like you know it'd be it'd be hard my
mama got on my ass yesterday
tell me i need to shut the [ __ ] up but
when it be on my heart
i just i won't you know i i i'll be i
gotta say something sometime
you know sometimes um if it's not i'm
sure your mother said this is what
everybody says i don't need black people
don't say it
at all yeah you know sometimes you know
you know sometimes it's hard to say to
yourself you know i don't like myself
but i don't know how to change you know
what i mean like i didn't like myself
for a long time
because i did a lot of [ __ ] to people
but just who i am
i'm an abused kid that abuse people
until this day i have i haven't abused
anybody probably
myself but i'm still a predator and you
can't stop if you're that person i think
we're all that way all of a sudden
oh yes um my survival mechanism makes us
all predators
yeah we stay out of everybody's way the
right people's way i always be friendly
with the right person so we could have
getting some rap you know that's just
human nature that happens without us
even thinking we do that without even
so that's what i want that's um i always
wanted to die i always wanted to kill
myself but i couldn't kill myself so now
i got to deal with who i am
so i got to change myself i got to find
out who i am i got to look into myself
and find out who i am and why why do i
say these things about
certain people you know
why do you say things about um
personally that might be a homosexual
why do you say that about them do you
feel the possibility that
you're homosexual and you but disrespect
them you further
yourself from being a homosexual or
thinking you may like homosexuals
nah nah i'm you know i'm straight as an
arrow i'm just saying you know
i'm not thinking why do you
because i got offended because because
it's a child
you know that's why i really got
offended you know
and uh that's why i really say if it was
if it was a [ __ ]
19 year old 18 year old grown person
i probably wouldn't i know i wouldn't
have said that why did you but i feel
like he
i feel like you know i'm just saying hey
you know i'm not judging you
yeah don't ever think i'm here judging
you i'm just trying to understand you
yeah you know and i got some demons you
ain't in my world when it comes to
yeah okay but yes tell me why it was
just like you know i just felt like you
know that's a child
i feel like a child ain't
at 12 can't make that decision i i feel
like i feel like
that's just how i feel you know and uh
and certain things i talk about i don't
like that i just feel like
i just feel like that that was going too
far you know you
you like you i agree with you you know
you calling
you calling him or her you know like
that that's just going too far you know
at 12 years always like check this out
this i agree with you 100
right i agree with you right
me i agree with you but check this out
who the [ __ ] am i to say anything
we can't you know what i think don't
mean a [ __ ] thing
you know what i mean but i got a big you
i think i'm somebody i could help the
world because
i'm mike tyson you know what i mean
but i created this [ __ ] image of i
ain't like take no one
whoever whatever people think i am but i
know i put something i put um
i put some scary [ __ ] out there i know
it's out there you know because i'm
afraid that's what kind of
you know we have to know who we really
we think we know who we are you know
what the [ __ ] is who the [ __ ] are we to
make a comment about somebody's life who
are you
what happened to you that you think that
you're somebody making comments
somebody's life
i used to think that i could make a
comment on somebody's life my mama said
the same thing
yeah she said who am i i think i could
make a comment about somebody else's
but you know i said it and i and i stand
on what i say
really yeah i said it i said it and i
stand on what i say i just feel like
you know what that's a 12 year old child
i realized about myself
sometimes i could say [ __ ] i'm wrong you
huh you mad yeah i'm married and being
is a war too yeah i've never been
but it's a war of love you know
look love and love is so inconceivable
it's free and with is all around us but
we think
we think we have to pay for it we think
it's very difficult to have we think if
we don't do something great like kill
somebody before we can't receive it and
gonna buy it do you feel ever feel like
this might like
since you're a king even though you're
like if if that's your soul mate
why can't when you feel that way went
my wife i had to go get me another woman
tell me about this let me
hear this my wife i have to go get me
another woman when i feel like that
you know that you gotta you gotta listen
you gotta be like the [ __ ]
the wives that oh whatever my man won't
you you you you provided
i love this guy because i'm the same
mentor you got to cook clean
whatever he won't you probably say
mentality [ __ ] i'm excited
that's just for the three of them i
agree you know i come home to you that's
just for the thrill
we gonna [ __ ] this [ __ ] together we
just it's just like no no listen right
just look no no listen right
like i couldn't control myself if i
couldn't get my lust off in a marriage
[ __ ] i'm about to tell you listen
suppose um
suppose your wife really she did it
because of you but now she's getting to
the stage but she doesn't like it
anymore right right right that's cool
with a lot of threesomes i do what do
you do with my
uh i bag off a little bit
then then speed it back up you know how
do you feel about self-respect do you
feel you have self-respect and if you do
how do you feel self-respect is being
a branch done yourself how do you feel
about self-respect
do you know what self-respect is explain
it to me huh explain it to me
um i might have self-respect is the
illusion of yourself how do you feel
about yourself
how do you feel you should be treated
how do you treat i feel i i feel like
i treat i treat i treat people with
i treat people with loyalty those who
are loyal to me who
who deserve respect how does somebody do
this this is interesting i like him and
listen i'm you [ __ ] at one time
how did somebody deserve respect
uh respect go on respect on
how you how you what you do for me
that's what i go on my respect for
like what the [ __ ] do you do for me to
get respect
you know what i'm saying what do you do
to him to get respect
uh i'm their phone oh his kids go to
jail i got him
i feed him i born him out um
she anybody you know i'm there for him
do you expect something back from doing
no i just i just i just want my i just
want my [ __ ] not to turn
just don't flip on me i'm gonna put us
in positions to get the money
i don't want them to flip listen and
that's a lot of times that [ __ ] that god
came back in here
listen let me explain this to you i'm
older than you right
before you can't pay nobody not to flip
it's in the solar flip it's in the dna
they'll flip it
they're not tough enough for this yeah
yeah this is like me i
i can't buy friends [ __ ] i don't like
myself so i gotta buy some money i don't
think somebody's gonna like who i am so
i hide who i am
and i pay people money i see they like
money they look how look
you know they like the cars i drive the
houses i have
you know i pay for that [ __ ] because i'm
insecure i'm afraid they won't like me
if they know who i really
am and the [ __ ] i really do or the [ __ ]
i really like that might be weird to
and uh how would you like somebody to
know who you really are you want to tell
them you really want to tell people who
you are but
something's holding you back that's why
you do it in such a crazy way like i
don't give a [ __ ]
it's something you want people to know
but you don't like it about yourself and
you hope they don't judge you
you know i miss who i am
i'm everything it means who the [ __ ] i
am and i'm not ashamed of who i
am but it pauses me that i'm that way
does that make sense
i'm not ashamed of who i am but it
bothers me that i'm that way
why am i that way i got an image of
something that's just totally not
what that is not about i'm such a
[ __ ] um
contradiction and lie to myself both a
contradiction and a lie
to what i represent that is to what do i
look like to heavyweight
former champion this is what former
champs represent
whatever manlihood is from my fist
that's just who we are we would we um
america's that way that's why i'm that
we take what we want america takes what
they want and that's the
that's the same um
toxic energy that guys that are in
mature and
insecure we feed on the toxic
to hide who i really am but keep it real
[ __ ] we respect them [ __ ] that are
so when we see them we don't think of
nothing negative to them because we want
to be that image you want people
we want people to feel the way we feel
the feeling about us the way we feel
about him fear yeah we want people to
fear us
i come from a place where i want fear
look at my career i just drive off of
fear because i was afraid
i wanted people to fear me yeah you say
you knew you was gonna beat him when you
looked in his eye
when you you say you knew it was over
when he looked in his eyes as soon as he
got in the ring
i say damn he said when i looked at the
eye as soon as i got in the ring i knew
now brother it's um it's like prison
you know the [ __ ] yeah you know the
[ __ ] yeah
how much muscles he have how big he is
you know the [ __ ] yeah
just like the yard
you think that you ever have some kind
of kindness to people
and their feelings uh
can you ever apologize to somebody is
there anybody oh yeah
yeah i apologize to dwyane wade you know
ain't you know i mean what i said but i
you know i shouldn't have said this [ __ ]
about your child but
you know i mean what i said i just have
children yeah how many
eight me two have like
children [ __ ] i'm so um when i was young
i was so
um i was so in love with my dick you
or you're so in love with my dick when i
was a kid that's why i have eight kills
all right this is a beautiful place you
know what
it's just the blunt brings me back to
the [ __ ] um the beginning
i mean there are people who don't smoke
blood you know much yeah we should
all your [ __ ] blushes bring me back
to like [ __ ] thank you very much
do you sell these shits are you like are
you in the are you in this business
nah i'm trying to get in i got a couple
dudes trying to make me a couple strands
and [ __ ] but
you know my [ __ ] got a hit mike you know
but i heard you got all them damn makers
i'm a marketing genius we can make some
i do a lot of good stuff know it'll be
awesome marketing for you if you were um
kind and considered people's feelings to
be worthy of listening all right
you you gonna be my uh you're gonna be
my helper with that
no because i see you're worthy of that
you have to believe that you're worthy
of that
yeah you know i got feelings you know i
you know
i don't want people to think i ain't got
no [ __ ] feelings for nobody you
know like
especially for the gay community my tour
manager gay i got cousins
no no no no listen you love everybody
yeah you just don't love yourself
you're a good man no i don't know i know
you're something you like me i'm a good
you're a good man you just have to
believe you're a good man
you know you don't have to make nobody
happy you don't have to kiss nobody's
so but you have to let people know that
you just you're a good man
and every time somebody makes you mad
that means they're your master they
control your emotion you can tell
yourself how does this [ __ ]
make you feel a certain way because they
say you might say you're a [ __ ] so how
do you
might control your life and your
emotions your move you're not gonna live
like we're not living long
human beings don't live long as it is
why do we want confrontation
when you look at a guy like me if i
didn't have confrontation i was nobody
and if i if i beat everybody and i
scared everybody to be confront me
i'll find it and i find somebody to
fight i'll fight myself
because that's all i knew was fighting
confrontation and chaos i was addicted
to chaos that's what that's what you
addicted to
chaos is fun too it gets my debt card
care whoo it's [ __ ] i'm in the paper
hit that [ __ ] i beat the reporter i did
this this and that
i [ __ ] paid 10 million to this
[ __ ] [ __ ] and never saw 40 bucks
in his life and i did this and i just
became an [ __ ] because i was addicted
to care that people said this is a crazy
[ __ ]
but i wasn't it was like drugs i'm
addicted to just being an [ __ ] and
getting in trouble and seeing my name
being a
loser and stuff and just tearing
yourself apart
is just as much powerful as building
yourself up
you know i was the biggest thing in the
world [ __ ] you [ __ ] you ain't [ __ ]
like i know who you
are you got these white people fool you
ain't [ __ ] [ __ ]
your parents are pimps and pores you're
nothing [ __ ] you better sit on your
knees you better pray [ __ ]
you know this same [ __ ] as well the
sky's high get away from
life but life keeps hitting you and you
have to obey it you just keep saying
when you try to avoid it
you want to wait let me take your
daughter away let me take your son away
when you're gonna say his life and then
man let me take your wife away
when you face this [ __ ] [ __ ] you [ __ ]
[ __ ] he looks at me say oh this
is my [ __ ] mikey that bad
[ __ ] i'm i'm not nobody to be proud of
and i know you said yeah we're street
[ __ ] no no [ __ ]
listen you know i respect that too right
but listen to be that you know you
nobody will want to go through what i
want to become that whatever this stuff
that [ __ ] whatever it is that make
people want to say hey we love you
you're our guard whatever that stuff is
that is suffering
yeah well that is suffering [ __ ]
making you bitter and trying to find a
way to forget your pain and just enjoy
the moment because death is very close
and [ __ ]
we have to become and not only that we
have to become friendly with death
we can't just wait for it because we
have to be ready to accept it because
then we're going to suffer god it's not
going to take us if we're not willing to
accept it
you ever think about that you think
about dying no dying with respect i know
you want to try it look you all that
[ __ ] you did trying to kill yourself
when you're still alive
that means that you have to change your
life and become to reach your highest
potential it's in you [ __ ]
you're just afraid don't be afraid then
you to be a beautiful man in the world
to respect you for yours being the
and being kind to yourself we don't know
how to be kind to us i thought being
kind of myself was [ __ ] a lot of
girls and buying a bunch of cars and
planes and stuff in the house that's
without being nice to myself
being nice to myself was just being
grateful for what i had
and not one anymore what did i do i lost
all that [ __ ] and people stole and stuff
like i didn't know what the [ __ ] i
wanted that stuff for
i was just taught that if you had that
your life would be changed you would be
happy if you had all that stuff
i didn't know happiness was in between
my brain
i didn't know that so happiness was
you know you got a lot of things you
don't seem pretty happy sometimes
you're really continuous you know when i
used to have that [ __ ] i
think me has to look at them like i wish
the [ __ ] would take my [ __ ] that would
just put me in that mode
because i used to i know what it's like
to be beat up and taken
[ __ ] from i took [ __ ] from people i used
to know that world and if
somebody takes something from you you're
a [ __ ]
if you see him around and you don't kill
that's my world and somebody takes
something from you and they don't kill
and you see him around and you don't do
nothing you're a [ __ ]
everybody somebody might just kill you
for you get the [ __ ] out of here like
you'll deserve to live
that's the world i come from somebody
else they don't even have nothing to do
with this guy you don't even know this
guy he doesn't know your situation
you're like me but we should kill
to live such because somebody took
something from you and you don't do
nothing back
you're nothing in the world i'm from
can you believe that [ __ ] was gonna kill
you because you don't want to take your
[ __ ] back or you don't want to confront
him about your stuff
that he took from you that's just the
that's the way i guess everybody that
did that has been taken advantage been
hurt been
manipulated been sexually involved and
these guys are savages now
you know this guy's gonna never been
taken event nobody could have never done
that until this guy
every time people come and see him in
the neighborhood they're afraid when
they see him
and this guy's now why he's that way
cause he's been abused he's been hurt
so now he has to be the king of the
[ __ ] jungle for that won't happen
right that's how it goes in our
neighborhood right
that's how it is with me like i don't
vote for my best friend why are you
still here though
you never looked there from memphis but
you never looked at why am i still
that's why i said why am i still here
because i haven't reached my highest
potential to be the best i possibly
could be
and by being that that sometimes
alienate you away from people who love
you know because really in life
everybody wants confrontation they think
they think they don't they think they're
rational they think they got their
brains they think they know everything
but what they want is confrontation they
want to fight because fighting is more
important than making love
you know that's their fight because i
want to be right that's what people's
is just i want to be right being right
is more important than being happy
you know i want to be right but me being
right means i'm somebody special i'm
because i'm right on everything and i
want people to think i'm smart because i
want to be
in that crowd of smart people i want to
be accepted by them
uh the dogs i act like an animal so i
want to be accepted by the animal crowd
the thug life crowds whatever it may be
that's who i want to be accepted by the
way i conduct myself
i'm conscious of my preeminence because
this is what i want to be accepted
i'm really conscious you know and
most people are too they think they
think what they have to say
means something i have a voice
but not knowing that their voice can
cost them their life
they don't know where worldly and they
come from a scholastic world now they're
talking to people they're going to
confront somebody from a savage world
does that make any sense that should i
say that again
somebody from scholastic world is going
to confront somebody with
is going to confront them with some
stimulating feelings their opinion about
the way this person is
and i'm from scholastica and i'm going
to confront this savage and he's going
to listen to what i have to say
and it's not going to turn out the way
they want it the way they believe in
their mind is going to turn
it's not going to turn out that way i'm
the savage
i got i'm not going to listen to a
scholastic [ __ ] in my mind
they're inferior matter of fact in my
mind my my dark
my dark maybe remind us my slave
i could do what i want to them they're
and i'm and i'm a rational guy but dog
in my deep mind i believe that i'm
superior to people and for them to
confront me from their
world that i that's always been that my
enemy that word of scholastica has
always been the enemy of the black
we build that those scholastic schools
off our backs
and now they're gonna use that weapon
against us with our people
our consciousness supersedes the
education that our kids receive
and i can't believe that they're smarter
than us
you know
people don't even study their enemies
instead of just
um having feelings not controlling they
have no emotional intelligence and just
run into a situation
you know like many times in my life
people believe that hey
i'm going to confront mike tyson and i'm
gonna let the world know that
i'm not scared of him with that
mentality i'm from this world and i'm
gonna confront that big strong guy
who thinks he's a bully and they got
[ __ ] up they went to the hospital they
got because i'm ignorant again
that bad things happen right
things happen bad things happen but um
it happens because um we were both um
misinformed about life
you know what happens in the aftermath
of that
i suffer right like i would say when
they can control my emotions i'm they're
my master
it's like when he controls people's
emotions that's why he does that
he gets response from he's that master
it feels good to control people
you know that's the power
there's power and words but people say
that sticks and stones can break my
you know the words will never hit me the
words are everything
yeah they are the sticks we are who we
are because of our words in our head
thank you brother what's running through
your head boosie
oh i'm just my just putting me on all
kind of game right now
no it's always just he making me eat
i don't know you feel like you're
getting in my i don't know just keep
i love you you know why because um
when we when we talk about our pain and
our pain hurts people right
they want to beat us more but we tell
them we're in pain
you know but our pain offends people
because we don't know how to direct it
explain it to where they can comprehend
it because it's
nasty that's offensive but it's our pain
you know i mean and some to some people
how can he say that how could he
you know i could be so open like that
it's just something you don't tell
you don't say that to people but this is
the world we're living in
you know people that don't want to hear
about [ __ ] [ __ ] like that don't happen
hurt people hurt people because they
yeah because that pain has to go
the pain and the fear it's like you mike
with your boxing career
you were the you emanated fear because i
projecting how i felt right i project
how i thought some people
yeah we're all fair base everybody
you react the way everybody does it
because of fear
you know what i mean but life is the
willingness to die but die
respectfully now you're saying that
because you don't understand life and
life is driving you crazy i want to die
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] homosexuals [ __ ]
everybody because i don't understand me
and why am i feeling this way about them
i don't know them you know and that's
you don't know these people don't know
but why am i feeling that way about them
this year something i can't control you
know what i can't control
i can't control myself [ __ ]
i can't control myself
everything else can control me but me
[ __ ] control me dope control me
close control me my wife control me
and we like to give our powers up and
then but we never control ourselves
especially [ __ ] because we we're so
accustomed to being slaves
so we give our power up so who you give
your power to your wife your woman your
home but who you give your manager who
you give your power up to
who thinks for you
explain it again you have a manager
you haven't got a road manager do you
know check this i don't have a map
check this out do you have a guy you go
to say hey how my bills hey how's that
doing hey what about this can we go over
here to europe and take care of that
hey that's not saw opening here for this
um oil ranch can we do this
my personal assistant my assistant
yeah no i don't yeah that's who i go to
for really
yeah listen dick this right
he's your assistant she she's your
but she's your assistant but she's your
boss because she knows more about your
life than you
so she can be your assistant she has to
be more than your assistant
you just use that word to make yourself
feel superior to not but she's more
superior to you because she controls
your world
essentially you know same with me too
i'm not making you like you don't listen
to i'm the same way all right so i want
you to think you're a dumb [ __ ] and i'm
smarter than you and i'm teaching you so
i'm doing the same thing too
we don't know the guys like us check
this out right street [ __ ] like us
you know why we um have people around us
all these people
and we have a lot of girls around us and
stuff constantly like
the other guy's pretty much around him a
lot right tell the truth
a lot right out of 24 hours of the day
how many of those hours are your crew
around you and [ __ ] and
getting high uh [ __ ] a lot right now i
don't know why
because we can't live but we can't live
with ourselves
we can't live with our secrets alone
just by ourselves in the room along with
our seekers we rather kill ourselves
so this takes the time we know what kind
of [ __ ] we are [ __ ]
you know we don't we know we know who we
are we know where we came when we know
who we are
so that's this is this comforts us until
you find out who you are and you accept
who you are
accept everything that happened to you
and things you did to everybody else and
accept who you are
you know you brighten up you might not
be the kind of [ __ ] but
it would be awesome if everybody you
offended you can go to them and say hey
will you please forgive me
you know that might be too much work for
you but um that's what we do we have to
push ourselves
without struggle there's no progress we
can't be sitting on our laurels
have all this chain and this [ __ ] and i
used to have all that stuff too and
didn't know what i
had my [ __ ] caught 10 minutes i had the
baddest [ __ ] and there was grafted you
had the bad
[ __ ] and then i looked at everybody else
and i wasn't happy and then i look at
these poor ass [ __ ] in
africa or somewhere there's nothing they
don't got nothing they gotta drink the
[ __ ] water
and they drink this water they could
give them some kind of diary you know
the water got malaria
but they know they're gonna die and they
still drink the water but they're
[ __ ]
they're happy they're always smiling
they have nothing and they can't
they have nothing to take care of their
teeth they should have didn't invite us
but they're poor and they got big
brothers but their teeth were so [ __ ]
right they're so starving they have no
food they can't even cry it's like
crystals there's no water
and their tears are just crystal
you know and um but they're happy
because they um
they don't expect anything well the [ __ ]
you talked about a loud [ __ ] is not
gonna mean nothing no more so before
this happens
how do you make um what is that how do
you make some kind of commence
redemption with yourself [ __ ] the world
[ __ ] people what they think with you
how do you get happiness and acceptance
of yourself
being who you are what you hate about
yourself how do you accept that
how do you accept what you don't like
about yourself and embrace it and say
i'm gonna make this make me who i am
because it made you who you are but you
don't like that part
and if you got rid of that part you
wouldn't be boosted no more you'd be
average you mean nothing
that's who i am that's the part about me
that i hate but if i got rid of that
partner i mean nothing
so i learned to embrace it and [ __ ]
can you get rid of that boy no no the
the name of the game is to love it to
learn to love it
but i'm asking like can you get can can
you ever get rid of that point no that's
god that's why god gave it to you
because you have to be people going you
have to be in
that way people still going to feel that
way about you regardless right
no it's not about that no no no no no
check this out it's the way that you can
still feel you iron my
people's people remember like you said
you only you're on a different path
but people still look at you probably
like that's tyson
not if they see me they know this is a
different guy that's not that guy no
if we believe whatever we believe if
we're [ __ ] or we're great
it's true it's just what we believe
i love this blunts man
so you think you ever no i don't know
maybe you will you think you ever
get the power
i had to do a lot of amends and stuff i
had to go around
so you don't have a woman now i have a
state of one
you know why we have women and white men
have women
to make us realize that we're men
you know and you know we just need to
think about
this i'm 54 and this is what i realized
and i mean
if a man is not intimidated or his wife
a little bit afraid that means he's not
living his life right
or his partner or her partner whatever
it is yes if they end up like
if they're not a little bit intimidated
or afraid it's because they're not
living there
and um that's what i existed so we think
like my i'm an idiot
how many times you've been married three
times three times yeah
but that's that it's my mother's love
that's what you want let's hope
any woman that we associate with because
they remind us of our mother even
subconsciously yeah right right
she could be educated [ __ ]
don't sleep but she has a personality
and mother something about her
that's the only reason i like you anyway
because i'm attracted to my mother and
you had that characteristic
right my first love i fell in love with
her because when if i got sick she used
console me like my mother she was the
only [ __ ]
listen they healed me like my mother and
then when i ain't just ain't no no sex
this was just on something
listen i know you said no sex but know
why i didn't work
because of sex you know i mean
we look for our mother and our lover
but our mother could never be our lover
because our lover would never love us
like our mother
she's not in her it's not in no woman to
love us like our mother love us
it's not in her i don't care how much
the slaves you don't care how many
people she [ __ ] for you bringing the
money it's not enough i love you like
your mother loves you
eventually she'll turn her back on yes
eventually she'll turn on you [ __ ]
you treat her like a dog lover like your
mother love you
that's a song yeah listen
listen hey it ain't nothing
i look at my wife they don't take [ __ ]
my listen
both my ex-wife oh my god hey mike i
gotta run back i gotta tell somebody
no you ain't listening that's why bruh
no i'ma tell you this you wouldn't need
her to love her like my mama loved me
yeah it wouldn't end up
it wasn't end up man you know why i
know why because her survival even
though she do behave she does everything
she does for you
listen everything she does for you is
for her survival
everything your mother do for you is for
your survival
now listen that's great listen can i
tell you something
it's not over [ __ ] right i don't you
know it's not over
you know bootsy is not over
you got a lot of life worth living you
know you gotta you gotta go to situation
you gotta um
you gotta accept yourself you gotta
forgive yourself
you know forgiveness are
what power does she got that she's
scaring you like you're a bad street
[ __ ]
no woman [ __ ] that's life we living
no one woman all my loving you know and
she [ __ ] it up dog like
nah listen you know that's that ain't no
good feeling i got
that happened with me when i was 14. you
know and i've been i've been
i've been the name of the game is to
stop the tree where
i'm gonna stop these [ __ ]
dysfunctional relationships like my
mother father
it stops here i'm the first of my family
is gonna stop here we're gonna marry
until we die together
boozy moe don't change your life
come on
come on let's talk about you [ __ ] where
you come from
dallas pull that mic up brother
what year you boy 1992.
he said yeah that's why i did prison
time i was 24.
yeah so listen right what [ __ ] and
dollars do
what do you do who's the first guy to
come out there rapping with good [ __ ]
who inspired you
oh ceiling daily gonna have to be uh
on me who i would listen to lucha and
mr luchan tong tong like
that's who said the look as far as the
street street rap what does that mean
what does your jury and your teeth mean
to you
it's trophy i accomplished something
yeah nothing i love you for saying that
a lot of people don't like to say that
this is true
i ain't never got no no no no
and nothing no school and nothing so
[ __ ] after jail time and after all it
i got my ap some vbs
you know i used to always um this even
to this day where
we were really cool clothes expensive
clothes and stuff and um
i always do it subconsciously behind me
you know subconscious the way i feel
about it i use my
my interesting clothes to hide the way i
feel about myself you know
the way i dress in an illusion of who i
am none of us
friends that's what i learned from my
mentor when you meet somebody
like right now none of us are who we
appear to be right now none of us are
who we are really right now right now
we've been talking we love each other
we're crying
but none of us who we are right now who
we letting each other see right now this
is not who we are
i'm not this person when the lights
order the cameras out and i'm by myself
or whatever i'm doing i'm not this
i'm not oh [ __ ]
who are you then huh who are you then
somebody y'all might not even like or
want to be associated with
oh [ __ ] you feel scared huh you feel
you feel contemplative
i shouldn't be um
listen right are you happy i'm extreme
i've learned to i've learned to
understand the concept of happiness
and happiness is just this moment right
here this is happiness right here
and it's gone is that some [ __ ]
so when you won in the ring you wouldn't
have it after you won
no now now my concept my conception of
happily and happiness now
from no no wasn't it yeah i'm about
listen know what i've been my whole life
i've been a computer my whole i've been
somebody you say mike you do this i
can't live on my own without cuss i'll
be dead i couldn't live i need somebody
to give me instruction what you need me
to do
who do you need me to hurt i need that i
don't i can't live my own life i'm a
[ __ ] pimp and prostitute mentality
how am i gonna live my [ __ ] life
how am i gonna do that don't know you
tell me how am i gonna live my life
somebody's telling me i just had the
right guy to tell me what to do
yeah the guy that wants my best interest
he want everything he told me to do
he would do it more
did you feel relieved after fights no i
felt relieved when i retired because i
knew after fighting i'm gonna have to do
it again oh
like after football games i was relieved
for that moment because it was the
farthest away from another game i would
ever be
until i was done understand that i
couldn't i didn't like the concept what
did i think about my opponent
i didn't like what i thought about my
opponent like now from the way i think
and live my life now i didn't like to
what i felt about my opponent to build
up to really
hate him and just like him he created
him into a [ __ ]
villain and your enemy listen i would
a lot of things you didn't see that i
wouldn't shake their hands
i would hit on their girlfriends or
their wives
i was just um i was out of control
brother i
had no self-love and i showed it you're
a computer
yeah you're programmed for destruction
and listen this is what i understand
about my life
oh listen like everybody loved that guy
that guy i hate and don't want to tell
god no more i'm this guy now because of
that i'm this guy right now because of
the guy he came in
that's my [ __ ] i am scared of that guy
and that's my [ __ ] my nail no
you know me you don't want it you didn't
watch every fight
yeah [ __ ] i see it not behind the
lights a closed
door it was like mike when you were
before one fight my daddy won
gambling and got us a new tv yeah i
they wouldn't i know nobody was like
this guy they wouldn't excite
muhammad ali went from the hood it was
like mike tyson was our people
yeah it's like he was all the people's
children he was the
the checkpoint
oh hey guys we gotta wrap this up we got
another interview too huh yeah
but uh i love talking that's why i love
you hey i appreciate you coming in man
i think the information is important we
got to be kind to each other
we got no chance without that we got to
be kind to ourselves
ourselves absolutely it starts with
booty gonna be kind of people if you
have a good feeling about them that's
the first step
uh boosie thank you
thank you uh mike
thank you no thank you brother i'm very
grateful that we're all here together we
woke up this morning
we're able to give our opinions to life
that really really don't [ __ ] matter
in our own self ego based life we think
we're somebody
that's right um until next time
this has been another episode of hotbox
and i'm evan burton
and i'm mike tyson
again thank you two