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english report

A meeting regarding the proposal to construct a depot on the piece of common land next to
the river took place on the 8th of March. The proposal was created by the development
company “FoodFreight” which was represented by Mr. Rufus Carmichael. A large number of
the locals keenly arrived at the gathering, with some even having their opposing views. Mr.
Rufus made strong promises of development and employment which would benefit the
economy but residents like Anuja speculated that this development would only lead to the
deterioration of the town and its culture.
The meeting started as people swarmed into the hall anticipating to hear the plans which
were going to be shared, with hopes it would benefit the town. While some were excited,
others had grim expressions and were concerned about the outcome of the meeting. It was
scorching hot making it uncomfortable as people removed their outer clothes and the
temperature in the room rose. When the meeting paused the locals appreciated the cold
drinks and assortment of snacks generously given by the development company. Anxious
fingers followed the plans stuck all over the room as they contemplated the effect of the
proposal. As the meeting continued many applauded the advancements being planned but
this quickly changed as the flaws in the plan were highlighted by a local named Anuja. The
positive feedback quickly turned to a pessimistic reaction in the form of boos causing the
meeting to come to an end.
The first speaker was Mr. Rufus, who represented the company and was convincing the
locals to let FoodFreight help develop the land. He called the land unattractive and
unproductive claiming it was “an eyesore” with “weeds” and “thicket” undermining its value
as it was neither being farmed nor used in any other way. He believed that his company
would bring prosperity in the form of employment and trade by building warehouses, a
harbour, and even possibly a medical centre in the future.
Mr. Rufus’s propositions were opposed by the second speaker Anuja who is a member of
the town. She called the land “majestic” describing its cultural value. She respects the land
and its importance by linking it to when ancestors had first founded the town along with
passionately describing the importance of the land to rare native species of dragonflies and
mice. She acknowledges Mr. Rufus’s claim about weeds and thicket but proposes an ecofriendly solution benefiting the animals. She suggests that FoodFreight is trying to bribe the
town with jobs, a harbour, and a medical centre. She is not confident that the company will
fulfil its promises and believes in preserving the land.
Having both proposals been made there will likely be a dispute in the community as both
views have their advantages as well as disadvantages causing another meeting to be
scheduled. As it is unnegotiable that the company has greater power as well as money and
growth of the town is vital it is expected that both the threats along with promises of the
company will be fulfilled. The plans could be remade involving suggestions by Anuja and
other locals to preserve wildlife for example nature reserves and clearing of thicket and
weeds. The natural biodiversity will attract tourism offering jobs, therefore, boosting the
economy. Changing the offer of a medical centre to that of a hospital and giving locals highpaying jobs will improve the infrastructure and economy which will benefit the town for
example stopping the hunger problem. The pros might outweigh the cons.