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Career search

Choose three professions from this list (BIG PROJECT!!! Due January 21, 2022): Total Assignment points
150! This is your final grade for this semester.
Athletic Trainer
Physical Therapy Assistant
Physical Therapist
Orthopedic Dr.
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapy Aide
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Nurse Practitioner
Physician Assistant
Massage Therapist
Speech Therapist
After you have selected the profession from the list start by researching the questions on the backside of the
paper. I have provided some research tools for you to use but you can also use others including the APTA ect.
Each profession will be 3 pages long including a cover page with your name, the profession and a picture of
that profession. The second page will be your summary of the questions and the third will be your works cited.
Please take your time and do good work!
Research Tools:
Career Search:
Occupational Outlook Handbook
College Search
College 411
College Board
Research Paper –Make sure you summarize the various sections in your own words; remember not to
plagiarize. Include a title page and a works cited document. Sections in paper You will have 3 total:
a. Title – Your name, grade, class, and career researched and image.
b. Description of Career – This section should provide an example of what a typical day in
this job looks like (of the one you selected).
c. Working conditions – Days of work, hours, dress, indoor or outdoor
d. Skills needed – the type of skills a person in this career needs. Indicate which of these
skills you currently possess and if you don’t possess them, what can you do to develop
these skills.
e. Education – indicated whether higher education, trade school or other training is needed
for the job. Also, mention the path you should take in high school if you’re interested in
this career.
f. Education part 2- If college is required what does school look like? IE undergrad with
certain prerequisites and if so what are they? Graduate school? How long is each? What is
the application process for grad school? Do you have to perform an internship as part of
schooling? If so for how long? What is the cost associated with schooling for this profession?
g. Salary – Include information form career cruising and BLS.gov – compare wages in
Washington and national wages. Provide entry level, mid-level and upper level or
management scales.
h. Career outlook – Indicated what the job prospects are for the future. This should include
statistics and trends.
i. Career Settings: If you chose this profession what type would you choose (IE working in a
hospital, in a school, at a gym, in a retirement home, outpatient, ect) and Why.
j. Personal Career Plan – This section will include a summary of this career and how it fits
into your life goals or how it does not. What steps you will take to achieve this goal or
another goal you may have.
k. Summary How has this project helped you plan for the future?
l. Works cited – you will use an online citation tool to prepare your bibliography. Citation
Machine http://citationmachine or easy bib http://easybib.com are 2 good sources. Your citation
list should be alphabetized.