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Copy of Exemplar journal

This example is from the myth “The Fall of Icarus.” You are writing as Prometheus OR
Orpheus based on the myths you already read. This is just an example to show you the
quality and contents that I will be looking for when grading according to the rubric.
From the postmortem journal of Icarus, son of Daedalus.
Dear Journal,
When my father and I were trapped in a tower by King Minos, we tried everything we
could to escape. My father is a great inventor. When he noticed birds flying by the tower, we
realized we could escape our prison by making wings. I wanted to get out so badly!
Over time, we collected feathers that fell off the birds flying by our window. My father
used wax to build the shape of the wing and pressed the feathers into the wax. Finally, we had
built wings sturdy enough to fly away.
On the day we left my father warned me “Icarus, don’t fly close to the sun! If you do, the
wings will melt, and you will surely fall to your death.”
“Ok, dad,” I responded quickly. I just couldn’t wait to get out. We leapt out the window
and flapped our wax wings. I couldn't believe I was flying up high with the birds. My father was
yelling at me to go lower, but I ignored his calls. Suddenly, I felt the wax begin to drip and soften
as the sun warmed my arms. The feathers began to fall. The last thing I heard were my father’s
screams as I fell to the water below and drowned.
Now, as I wait to be judged to get into Heaven, I’ve been asked the question, How can
we learn from the choices of others? I learned that my father’s choice to stay low while flying
could have saved my life. I also know that his choice to choose such a risky method of flying
cost me my life. If we never tried to fly, I would still be alive. However, I cannot blame my father
because I did not obey him, and now I am dead. I am sorry father.