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Pelvic prelying

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Pelvic prelying: sa delivery of a baby which is so positioned in the uterus that the buttocks or feet are delivered first.
Buttock prelying: when the baby's buttocks or feet or both are in place to come out first during birth. Breech presentation is often determined by
fetal ultrasound at the end of pregnancy.
Pure buttock: the legs of the fetus are bent at the hip joints, the knees are straightened and pressed to the stomach
The mixed buttock prelying : the buttocks and feet are adjacent, the hips are bent, the knees are also bent.
Foot prelying : both or one leg extended to the entrance to the birth canal
Full foot prelying : both legs (feet) of the fetus are presented, while both legs are unbent at the hip joints
Incomplete foot prelying : the buttocks and one of the legs (feet) of the fetus are presented. In this case, one leg is unbent at the hip and knee
Umbilical cord loss at pelvic prelying : when the umbilical cord comes out of the uterus with or before the presenting part of the baby.
Reduction of the sizes and lowering of the pelvic end: its when Reduction in size and lowering of the pelvic end in woman.
Internal turn of buttocks : consists in the fact that when moving from a wide part of the pelvis to a narrow one, the buttocks turn into a straight
size of the pelvis.
insertion and the eruption of the buttocks : After the eruption of the anterior buttock, the ilium of the fetus rests against the symphysis
(fixation point) .
Lateral flexion of the trunk : There is a strong lateral flexion of the fetal body, then the posterior buttock is born.
Manual guide(help) method by Tsovyanova when buttock prelying : its breech presentation according to the method of Tsovyanov.
Manual guide(help) method by Tsovyanova when foot prelying: its Manual aid for foot presentation according to the method of Tsovyanov.
Extraction of pelvic end: Extraction of the fetus by the pelvic end is a delivery operation in which the fetus is removed from the birth canal
using manual techniques.
Extensor presentation of the fetal head : the head is inserted into the entrance to the pelvis unbent.
eruption of the head during breech presentation: its when eruption of the head happen during breech presentation.
Extension of the head in breech: the first degree of extension of the head, in which the large fontanelle becomes the leading point, and the
plane of the large segment passes through the average oblique size of the fetal head, equal to 10 cm (circumference 33 cm).
Frontal prelying of the fetus: Characterized by the fact that the wire point is the forehead. The head passes all the planes of the pelvis with a
large oblique size. This is the largest size (from the chin to the outer occipital protrusion), it is 13-13.5 cm.
heads at frontal prelying: its when Embedding of the head in frontal presentation.
Facial (Obverse) prelying: Third degree of extension. Wired point chin. The head passes the birth canal in a vertical size (from the hyoid bone
to the middle of the large fontanel, which is 9.5-10 cm).
Head configuration for facial previa: the fetal head and neck are hyperextended, causing the occiput to come in contact with the upper back
of the fetus while lying in a longitudinal axis. The presenting portion of the fetus is the fetal face between the orbital ridges and the chin.
Rear asynclitism : the posterior parietal bone descends first into the pelvis, the sagittal suture is deflected anteriorly to the womb.
Front asynclitism :the sagittal suture is close to the sacrum, and the anterior parietal bone descends first into the plane of the entrance of the
small pelvis, the leading point is located on it.
Истинная коньюгата
Нағыз коньюгата
True conjugate
Остеомалятический таз
Остеомалятикалық жамбас
Beaked pelvis
Спондилолистетический таз
Спондилолистетикалық жамбас
Spondilolistetic pelvis
Кифотический таз
Кифоздық жамбас
Kyphotic pelvis
Наружная пельвиометрия
Сыртқы пельвиометрия
Outdoor pelviometrya
the distance from the inner
surface of the symphysis to
the cape of the sacrum
(usually, to determine the true
conjugate, 9 cm is subtracted
from the dimensions of the
outer conjugate)
anatomically narrow T. whose
pubic symphysis protrudes
forward in a beak-like
manner, and the exit from the
small pelvis is sharply reduced
due to the inward
displacement of both ischial
tuberosities and the lower part
of the sacrum with the coccyx.
observed in osteomalacia.
the direct size of the entrance
of which is reduced due to
slippage of the body of the V
lumbar vertebra from the base
of the sacrum.
Belongs to the type of funnelshaped. Spinal kyphosis most
often occurs due to
tuberculous spondylitis
suffered in childhood.
A way to magure a length of
pelvis region in woman
Кососуженный таз
Қиғаш тарылған жамбас
Asymmetric pelvis
(длинный) таз
Ассимиляциялық жамбас (ұзын)
Assimilation (long) pelvis
Воронкообразный таз
Шұңғыма тәрізді жамбас
A funned shaped pelvis
Анатомический узкий таз
Анатомиялық тар жамбас
Anatomic narrow pelvis
10. Поперечносуженный таз
Көлденең тарылған жамбас
Cross-section narrowed pelvis
11. Плоский таз
Жалпақ жамбас
Flat pelvis
12. Простой плоский таз
Жай жалпақ жамбас
Simple flat pelvis
asymmetrical alignment of the
pelvic bone in the frontal
It is characterized by an
increase in the height of the
sacrum due to its fusion with
the fifth lumbar vertebra
"assimilation"). In this case,
there is a decrease in the direct
dimensions of the pelvic
cavity, which can serve as an
obstacle to the passage of the
head through the birth canal.
The funnel-shaped pelvis is
characterized by a narrowing
of the outlet of the pelvis.
is such a pelvis in which all or
at least one of the dimensions
is shortened by 2 cm.
The transversely narrowed
pelvis is characterized by a
decrease in the transverse
dimensions of the small pelvis
It has shortened straight
diameters with the usual
transverse and oblique
a decrease in all direct
diameters, the curvature of the
sacrum is average, the pubic
arch is wide, and the
13. Плоскорахитический таз
Жалпақ рахитты жамбас
Plainly a rachitic pelvis
Кіші жамбастың кең бөлігінің тік
өлшемінің тарылуы
Pelvis with a decrease in the sizeof the
direct widest part of the
pelvic cavity
14. Кососмещенный таз
Қиғаш ығысқан жамбас
Mixed oblique pelvis
15. экзостозы
16. общеравномерносуженныйтаз
Жалпы бірқалыпты тарылған
The general in regular in tervals
narrowed pelvis or common uniform
narrowed pelvis
17. гинекоидный тип таза
Жамбастың гинекоидты түрі
Ginekoid type pelvis
18. андроидный тип таза
Жамбастың андроидты түрі
Android type of pelvis
Таз c уменьшением прямого
размера широкой части полости
малого таза
transverse diameter of the
entrance is usually increased.
a decrease in the direct
diameter of the inlet and an
increase in all other direct
diameters of the pelvis, the
sacrum is usually flat, and the
pubic arch is wide.
Pelvis with a decrease in the
sizeof the direct widest part o
pelvic cavity
unequal narrowing of its
halves; observed, for example
with curvature of the spine,
is the formation of new bone
on the surface of a bone
narrowed pelvis is
characterized by a decrease by
the same amount of all sizes
by 1.5-2.0 cm or more.
The shape of the entrance is
round or transversely oval.
The anterior and posterior
segments of the pelvis are
well rounded.
the shape of the entrance
approaches triangular, the
retropubic angle is narrow,
19. антропоидный тип таза
платипиллоидный таз
Жамбастың антропоидты түрі
Anthropoid type of pelvis
Платипиллоидты жамбас
Platipiloidny pelvis ( flat)
since the anterior segment is
The shape of the entrance is
longitudinal-oval, the straight
diameters of the pelvis are
elongated, the transverse
diameters are shortened, the
walls of the pelvis are straight
the inclination and curvature
of the sacrum is medium, the
large sciatic notch is of
medium size, the pubic arch is
somewhat narrowed
entrance is transverse-oval,
the retropubic angle is wide,
well rounded, the posterior
segment is wide and flat, the
large ischial notch is narrow,
the pelvic walls are straight,
the long transverse and
straight diameters of the pelvi
are shortened, the slope and
curvature of the sacrum are