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Crime Watch Appeal

‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ by Roald Dahl
Crimewatch appeal
In an effort to solve the murder of Mr Patrick Maloney the
police are going to appeal for information from the public on
Crimewatch UK.
Working in pairs, with one person as the interviewer and the
other as Sergeant Jack Noonan, script the appeal.
Try to include the following information:
• as many details of the crime as the police know
• details of Mrs. Maloney’s whereabouts at the time
• details of the murder weapon and the hunt for it
• details of any suspects or difficulties the police are having in solving this
murder investigation.
You could introduce your script in the following way:
And now over to _________ and Sergeant Noonan who need your help in solving
the brutal, senseless killing of a respected police officer.
• set out your script correctly
• leave a line between each question and answer
• indicate in the margin who is speaking
• do not use speech marks – it’s a script!
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