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Canadian Families 12 Exam Prep

Canadian Families 12
Mrs. Mattheis
Jan. 18, 2022
Final Exam Information
The exam will consist of:
➢ a multiple choice section,
➢ a short answer section,
➢ and an essay question section.
There will be a CHOICE of essay questions, you will choose one of two essays to write.
Examples of possible essay questions:
A) What is the family life-cycle framework? What are the stages of the framework, and what
are the normative events for each stage?
B) Identify and explain several factors that influence couples making the decision whether or
not to have children.
C) Identify and summarize the theories of mate selection. Explain which social science each
Topics covered on the exam will be those we covered in class, and all information needed to study
for the exam can be found in the slides that are posted in Google Classroom for each Unit (1-5).
There will be two days dedicated to review before the exam.
Please be familiar with the topics covered in each unit:
Unit 1: Images of Canadian Families (historical and cultural perspectives, families today, family
law, families of the future, impact of technology)
Unit 2: The Foundation of Family Well Being (relationships, communication skills, personal
wellness, financial management, family health, family and community, support systems, coping
with change)
Unit 3: Expanding Families (role of parenting in changing Canadian society, parenting decisions,
community/social support systems for families with children)
Unit 4: Transition to Independence (analyzing the needs of the young adult and the family as they
transition into a new life phase)
Unit 5: Families in Later Life (the evolving senior population and their families; needs,
relationships, expectations, and community supports)