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Book analysis guidelines

Nalini Persram
Winter 2022
SOSC3005 3.0 Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Social Science
Book Analysis
due 2 March
Students will submit a 2000-word analysis of Aravind Adiga’s White Tiger (2008 Atlantic
Books [UK], 2008 HarperCollins [India])
Read the following and write the analysis as a response to the instructions and questions
State the theme of the book.
Summarize the plot. Describe some of the main things that happen in the story that
relate to issues raised in the reading (26 Jan.) by Tayyab Mahmud, “Surplus Humanity
and the Margins of Legality”?
To what degree is the story effective in raising some of these issues? Explain.
What do you think was the point Adiga was trying to make in the story? Support your
Ensure there is an introduction and conclusion to your paper. Think less in terms of a
five-paragraph structure and more in terms of the guidelines above in deciding how to
organize your analysis.
Proofread your analysis. Get someone else to read it or read it out loud in front of the
Submit a completed and signed Academic Integrity Checklist to the portal on eClass.
o The idea behind this checklist is that YOU READ IT and ensure your paper
conforms to its standards before signing it. It is designed to help students avoid
accidental plagiarism.
o Essays that seem to contain plagiarism will be sent to the Academic Honesty
Committee. Essays found to be plagiarized may receive 0 for a mark, and the
student may have to appear before one or more committees to have his or her
future at York determined.
The stipulations above and below offer very clear and detailed information about how the book
analysis should be completed in order to obtain a good mark. Think of assignment as a ‘test run’
for the essay due later this term, although bear in mind that the book analysis is worth 20%. To
facilitate a good mark on that research essay, research essays will not be marked without
having written the book analysis.
The book analysis should be uploaded to eClass. It should be typed; line spacing should be 1.5
or double; add page numbers. Include a title page with your name, the course name and
number, the course director’s name, and the date. USE WORD NOT PDF FORMAT. The paper
Nalini Persram
Winter 2022
should be no less than 2000 words (and no more than 10% longer – ie, 2200 words) to avoid
losing marks and to allow for fairness to all students. The referencing MUST be in the AuthorDate System from The Chicago Manual of Style (Online, 16th or 17th ed.) which means it must
include a bibliography; explanatory footnotes or endnotes are optional.