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Viruses One Pager

Class Period:
Virus One-Pager
Using the checklist below, create a
one-pager over your assigned virus.
Virus: _________________
o Use the back of this instruction page to create your onepager.
o Title the one-pager with your viruses name
o Fill the entire page
o Three visuals/pictures (one picture must be of your virus)
o Place 5 essential vocabulary words /phrases around the
image. These terms/words/phrases should express the
main ideas.
o Put a symbolic colored border around the edges of the
o Content required:
o Symptoms
o How is your virus contracted?
o Is there a vaccine, if so when was it created?
o How many have died from the virus? (what is the
yearly death rate)
o Where is it found in the world?
o Define “novel virus”. Is your virus novel?
o Did it originate in an animal? If so, which species?
o How is it transmitted?
o What form of viral replication does your virus use?