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1. The quantity of sewage flow from a single-family dwelling per person is _____ gpd.
o 150
o 100
o 75
o 50
2. The minimum distance between a cesspool and a water supply line, as noted in Table
7, is?
o 20 ft
o Not recommended as a
o 100 ft
substitute for a septic tank
o 15 ft
3. Who originally proposed using drainage fixture units to represent a fixture’s loadproducing effect on the plumbing system?
o F. M. Dawson
o H.Manning
o Roy B. Hunter
o F. Muños
4. What approximate percentage of new home construction employs a septic tank/soil
absorption sewage disposal system?
o 25%
o 20%
o 30%
o 15%
5. The recommended septic tank capacity for a five-bedroom home is ___?
o 1,250
o 750
o 1000
o 900
6. The first step in the design of a subsurface soil absorption sewage disposal system is?
o Determine whether the soil
o Determine the area required
is suitable for the
for the disposal field
absorption of the septic
o As certain the code
o Calculate the fixture unit load
to be served
7. If a small amount of pipe exists between the threads of a pipe it is called a short
nipple. Its other name is?
o Shoulder
o Pipette
o Coupling
o Close nipple
8. Sewage pit connecting piping _____.
o Should be laid at a
o Must be a least 5 ft deep
minimum grade of 2 percent
o None of these
o Must be 6 inches in diameter
9. A covered pit with an open-jointed or perforated lining into which raw sewage is
discharge is called a_____.
o Seepage pit
o Cesspool
o Septic tank
o None of these
Distribution boxes ______.
o Should be used only when
specifically required by code
o Offer practically no advantages
o Are required by many codes
o All of these
A wye fitting has a catalog designation of 4 x 3 x 1 tee. What does the second
number 3, indicate?
o Size of the branch
o Upstream size of main
o Number of threads
o Downstream size of main
Which common formula for calculating flow in pipes is meant for open-channel
o Chezy
o Manning
o Hazen and William
o Warcy-Weisbach
What is the maximum length of a pipe having threads on both ends such that
it can be called a nipple?
o 12 inches
o 15 inches
o 8 inches
o 10 inches
The generally accepted pressure in a sanitary drainage system is ______.
o + / - 1 inch of water column
o + / - 100 inches of water
o + / - 0.1 inch of water column
o + / - 10 inch of water column
The drain lines for distributing the effluent from the septic tank should be
spaced no greater than ____ apart.
o 12 ft
o 9 ft
o 6 ft
o 3 ft
The retention period of sewage in a septic tank should be _____.
o 12 hrs
o 24 hrs
o 6 hrs
o 36 hrs
The primary purpose of a septic tank is to ______.
o Distribute raw sewage to the
o Chemically treat raw sewage
leaching field
o Act as settling tank
o Vent doors to atmosphere
The absorption area to be provided for an individual residence containing
three bedrooms with a percolation rate of three minutes is recommended to be ____.
o 400 sq.ft
o 200 sq.ft
o 300 sq.ft
o 100 sq.ft
A vertical pipe that carries away clear water waste from equipment and nonsanitary fixtures is called a ____.
o Water stack
o Waste stack
o Sanitary stack
o Soil stack
Centerlines are always used to indicate the center of the object. At most, you
will find these as lines sued to show the center of a circular object. What is this line
made of?
o Successive short dashes
o Alternating long and short
o Successive long dashes
o Alternating long and two short
What drafting symbol can be used when a riser diagram becomes too long to
fit on a single page?
o A double bar
o A direction arrow
o A match line
o A footnote
What pipe is represented on drawings with alternating long and short dashes?
o Drain pipe
o Hot water pipe
o Vent pipe
o Cold water pipe
These lines are thin and dark and are constructed with units of one long dash,
followed by two short dashes. These lines indicate the scope of movement of a part
has like showing the path a door will follow when opened.
o Phantom lines
o Leader lines
o Object lines
o Extension lines
On what point of the pipe cross-section is the pipe’s elevation always referred
o Bottom of the pipe
o Invert
o Center of the pipe
o Top of the pipe
It is a letter/number designation assigned to each type of fixture.
o Fixture label
o Fixture ID
o Fixture schedule
o Item number/letter
What pipe is represented by a line consisting of a series of short dashes?
o Vent pipe
o Vacuum pipe
o Drain pipe
o Gas pipe
What pipe is indicated in the plumbing plan with a solid line?
o Vacuum pipe
o Fire protection pipe
o Drain pipe
o Hot water recirculating pipe
According to the IPC, above what temperature can you consider as hot water?
o 212 ⁰F
o 60 ⁰C
o Above room temperature
o 120 ⁰F
These are dark and thick lines that indicates an object such as wall. These are
the lines you will see when used to indicate the foundation and walls in the building
as drawn in the plane.
o Outline
o Building line
o Object line
o Boundary line
Where is the best place to begin drawing a sanitary waste and vent riser
o At the farthest point
o From the fixture down to the
downstream on the main
main sanitary waste pipe
o At the end of every outlet
o From the top of the vent stack
down to the septic vault
What pipe is indicated in the plumbing plan having a series of dashes with
letter V separating the dashes?
o Vacant pipe
o Vacuum pipe
o Vent pipe
o Vinyl pipe
These are thin, solid lines that provide a stopping point for the pointed ends of
dimension lines.
o Extension line
o Phantom line
o Leader line
o Object line
These pipes are represented in plumbing plans with a moderate dash, three
short dashes and a moderate dash.
o Vacuum pipe
o Hot water
o Compressed air pipe
o Fire protection pipe
Thin solid lines with arrowheads on each ends that will indicate the
measurement of the object.
o Dimension line
o Directional line
o Instructional line
o Meridian line
These pipes are shown as a series of units consisting of a long dash and two
short dashes.
o Vent pipe
o Cold water pipe
o Hot water pipe
o Drain pipe
Usually this is the thickest line in the drawing that is made up of uniform
dashes and ends with arrowheads.
o Object lines
o Leader lines
o Cutting lane lines
o Extension lines
What symbol that commonly appear on a domestic water riser diagram are not
necessary to show on a sanitary riser?
o Direction arrow
o Centerline
o Elevation marking
o Numbering of fixtures
A type of line used to show the location of a recessed object in the plan and is
made of short and thick dashes.
o Cutting plane lines
o Hidden lines
o Recessed lines
o Invisible lines
What is the name of the washer that seals the bottom of a lavatory bowl?
o Mack washer
o Delta washer
o Cushion washer
o Compression washer
What type of water closet that has a small hole in the bottom that delivers
water into the trap?
o Reverse trap water closet
o Siphon jet water closet
o Washdown closet
o Siphon action water closet
In the change of direction of waste piping from vertical to horizontal a long
sweep or combination is utilized. From that point on the change of direction, it is
recommended no to install any branch within the distance of 10 times the diameter
of the horizontal pipe. What is the reason behind why a branch should not be
o Due to the presence of hydraulic pump
o To prevent the spilling out of waste into the branch
o It is the portion where most of the blockage occurs
o To discharge the occurrence of blow-off
What is the name of the tool used to remove pits or rough surfaces from valve
or faucet seats?
o Seat planning tool
o Seat reamer tool
o Seat dressing tool
o Seat driver
In its operation, the gate valve uses a gate to stop the flow within the pipe
whereas the ball valve uses a ball. What is being used by a butterfly valve to stop the
o Impeller
o Compression seat
o Butterfly
o Disc
Why are the tank type water closets seldom used in public toilet rooms?
o The use flush valve is preferred as it will not occupy a larger space
compared to closets with tanks
o Because of the longer time needed to refill the tank after each
o Maintenance is a factor in dealing with tank type of water closets
o Tank breakage is a common problem encountered in tank type closets
used in public
Which of the two pipes when used on the same line would react chemically
and eventually cause corrosion?
o Galvanized iron and Brass pipes
o Galvanized iron and PVC
o Copper and Galvanized Iron pipes
o Copper and Brass Pipes
What type of faucet is now most often used on plumbing fixtures?
o Swivel type
o Swing type
o Compression type
o Wheel type
Which of the following supply pipe materials which could resist water hammer
and is good for alkaline water?
o PE pipe
o cPVC pipe
o Copper
o Galvanized pipe
Aside from lavatory, what is the other common fixture that is provided with
o Slop sink
o Bathtub
o Urinal
o Kitchen sink
When fixtures are constructed of pervious materials, what specific condition is
not permitted?
o They must not crumble easily as pervious materials absorb water and
may enhance brittleness.
o These fixtures must not be left uncleaned.
o They must not be dare. Instead linings must be laid on the surfaces.
o They must not have waste outlets that can retain water.
Aside from letting excess water escape below the flood level rim of the fixture,
what is the other purpose of the overflow?
o Serves as a vent to the fixture
o Facilitate in the removal of foreign matter
o To maintain the depth of trap seal
o Protect against self-siphonage
What fitting will be used in a water supply line if it is used to join two pipes of
different materials that would eventually generate corrosion?
o Dielectric union
o Sovent union
o Ionizer
o Adapter
What is the only tool used to assemble no-hub pipe and fittings?
o Torque wrench
o Adjustable wrench
o Offset wrench
o Monkey wrench
What joint of pipe is being made if the pipe ends is being beveled?
o Welded joint
o Solder joint
o Sweat joint
o Compression joint
What type of joint is used if one end of the pipe is flared?
o Solder joint
o Welded joint
o Sweat joint
o Compression joint
Which of the following plumbing materials is most susceptible to damage from
water that contains calcium carbonate?
o Copper
o Cast iron
o PB
o B.I
Which of the water closets is the most efficient, the quietest and the most
expensive of the water closets?
o Siphon jet
o Siphon action
o Reverse trap
o Washdown
What type of water closet whose trap is found at the front of the bowl and the
bowl flushed by small streams of water running down from the rim?
o Reverse trap
o Washdown
o Siphon jet
o Siphon action
What has been accomplished when a bead of solvent cement shows around
the plastic fitting in the plastic pipe fittings?
o That the proper amount of solvent cement was used in making the
o That the pipe and fitting need to be twisted or turned around to have
complete coverage
o An improper jointing was made
o That there is an excessive use of solvent cement
Approximately how much amount of lead will be poured on a 4 inch cast iron
o 2 lbs
o 4 kgs
o 4 lbs
o 2 kgs
A reinforced concrete pipe and vitrified clay pipe are examples of a stone based
piping. Which of the following is also referred as stone based pipe?
o Fiberglass pipe
o Cast iron pipe
o Black Iron pipe
o ABS pipe
What must bathtubs be provided when recessed into the finished walls?
o They must have waterproof joints
o A drum trap must be provided
o Sufficient space for other fixtures
o A sufficient leg and elbow room
To prevent the cast iron from breaking unevenly, what support must be
considered before the pipe is cut?
o Support the pipe on its entire length
o Use a miter box
o Place supports at the end of pipe length
o Lay the pipe on a board of wood or mount of earth
What is the main problem in using copper pipes especially when it will be used
together with other pipe materials?
o Kinking
o Catalysis
o Electrolysis
o Cavitations
What may happen if a cold or damp ladle is plunged into a pot of lead?
o The lead will explode
o The ladle will stick to the lead
o The lead will solidify
o The lead will not be homogeneous thus it will not stick to the joint
Which of the following is the best method of cutting cast iron soil pipe that is
rigidly in place?
o Hacksaw
o Grinder
o Hammer and chisel
o Soil pipe cutter
Flux compound is applied at the joint when soldering copper pipes. What is
the main function of flux compound in the soldering process?
o To lessen the expansion of copper when heat is applied during the
soldering process
o To enable the solder to penetrate the joint completely
o To stop the formation of slag on the inside of the pipe
o To prevent the entry of the soldering lead into the interior of the pipe
What happens when moist air is trapped in a horizontal vent pipe?
o Lead to the creation of vacuum spaces
o Being dense, the plumbing system is disturbed
o Can block the passage of warm air into the system
o Can cause corrosion on the pipe
Which of the non-ferrous pipe material is the most popular material for use in
the plumbing system?
o Copper
o Aluminum
o Galvanized iron
o Brass
Which of the following is a type of joint that is not used in joining copper
o Threaded
o Brazed
o Flared
o Soldered
The overflow passageway from a fixture must be connected to what portion of
the plumbing system?
o Into the vent stack
o On the inlet side of the fixture trap
o On the outlet side of the fixture trap
o Into the drain
Why is that annealed copper should be used for underground installation?
o Being a hard copper, it is an ideal material for underground installation
o Annealed copper are highly resistant to corrosion and other chemical
reactions that is common to occur for underground installations
o Ease in making repairs for such piping made underground
o It could handle the stresses and forces encountered in underground
Where must a vent pipe be connected to a horizontal soil or waste pipe?
o At the underside of the pipe
o At the invert of the soil or waste pipe
o At the side of the soil pipe
o Above the centerline of the soil or waste pipe
Which of the following gives the correct classification of bends?
o By the diameter of the bend and by the radius of the curve
o By the degree of turn and by radius of the curve
o By the degree of turn and by diameter of the bend
o By the radius of the curve and by the amount of sweep
In what way is a compression joint similar to a slip joint in copper piping?
o Both use a washer and lock nut to achieve a tight joint
o Both are applicable to annealed copper tubing
o Both have flared ends which will be compressed using slip nuts
o Both use a threaded nut in compression to form a joint
Which of the following gives the correct classification of bends?
o By the diameter of the bend and by the radius of the curve
o By the degree of turn and by radius of the curve
o By the degree of turn and by the diameter of the bend
o By the radius of the curve and by the amount of sweep
In what condition does the PVC pipe become brittle?
o Exposed to too much heat
o When exposed to sudden change in temperature
o When it is not used for a longer duration
o In cold weather
What is the symbol or designation given to a standard weight cast iron pipe?
o B.I
o SW
o SV
o C.I
What fitting is used when it is necessary to replace a section of soil pipe or
install a fitting into an existing pipeline?
o Kafer fitting
o Sovent system fitting
o Reducer
o offsets
When are 1/8 offsets generally used?
o Used to carry the soil or waste lines past obstruction
o Used in change of direction from branch drains to building main drain
o Used when the side takeoff is smaller than the through section
o Used to carry horizontal soil or waste lines whenever there is a change in
Which of the following fitting should not be used within a sanitary
o 1/4 bend
o Double branch tapped tee
o Double branch straight tee
o Increaser
Combination wye and 1/8 bends are used to make changes of direction of how
many degrees?
o 45 degrees
o 22.5 degrees
o 67.5 degrees
o 90 degrees
What is the main reason why the use of brass as a piping material became less
o It is a very expensive piping material.
o It is not recommended in most plumbing codes.
o Because it contains lead.
o Unavailability of some of its alloy.
What is the term used for a tee that enters the straight through section of the
fitting on a downward curve?
o Sweep
o Drainage pattern
o Take off
o Bend
Straight tees are used in what section of the DWV system?
o Septic tank
o Sewer line
o Vent
o Drainage
What is the greatest advantage of using DWV plastic pipe and fittings for
residential sanitary system?
o Ease in installation
o Accessibility of materials
o Resistance to deposit formation
o Lightweight compared to other pipes
In sprinkler system, what is the common type of joint used wherein a special
coupling is used to connect the two ends?
o Welded joint
o Rolled joint
o Flanged coupling
o Bolted joint
This method of joining the pipe is sometimes referred to as a mechanical joint.
What type of joint is this?
o Butt joint
o Flanged joint
o Welded joint
o Soldered joint
What is the minimum size of cast iron soil pipe being manufactured for use in
a DWV system?
o 1 and 1/2 inches
o 2 inches
o 4 inches
o 3 inches
Both the sanitary cross and straight cross are used in the piping system,
however they are not permitted to be used in?
o Drainage line
o Ventilation system
o Horizontal line piping
o Sewer line
What is the system used in correlating the many metal alloys and is indicated
in pipes for the identification of the users?
o Unified Numbering System
o Universal Numbering System
o International Numbering System
o Systeme Internationale
Aside from being used in testing a system for leaks, what is the other use of a
test tee?
o Used as a permanent cleanout
o Used as a reserve fitting
o Used as an accessory to the ventilation system
o Used as floor drain
What precaution should be taken when pliers are needed to loosen a chrome
swing spout lock nut?
o Do not apply too much pressure on the plier.
o Wrap round nuts with adhesive tape to avoid destroying the chrome
o Use two pliers, one is for clamping while the other is used for turning.
o As not to destroy the chrome finish, use the pliers on the spout portion
What pipe is indicated in the plumbing plan with a solid line?
o Vacuum pipe
o Hot water recirculating pipe
o Fire protection pipe
o Drain pipe
What characteristics has an oakum in the lead and oakum joint that is lacking
in other joint?
o Oakum could serve as a cushion during the caulking of lead
o The wet oakum will expand thus making the joint gas and watertight
o Oakum act as absorbent on the foul odor coming out of the sewer line
o Though cast iron is a rigid material, the oakum could make the joint
Which of the following give the correct reason why the DFU value in vent pipe
sizing is the same as that of waste pipe sizing?
o Waste water will also pass through vent pipes like that of wet vents
o The amount of air required by plumbing system is proportional to
the amount of waste flowing in the drainage pipe.
o The vent pipes are integral parts of the entire plumbing system.
o All of the listed reasons.
When a cut is necessary in a hub and spigot system from what type of pipe
should the pipe is cut in order to avoid waste?
o Double hub
o Single hub
o Hubless
o None of the listed
is often referred to as the starting point of a storm water drainage
Ridge of roof
Roof drain
Valley of root
What is the opening in a plumbing fixture that allows waste to escape into the
sanitary waste system?
o Overflow
o Drain
o Trap
o Vent
A soft copper tubing is known as annealed copper. What is the name given to a
hard copper tubing?
o Drawn copper
o Brass
o Slurry copper
o Alloy
Most of the vents are sized to be at least1/2 the sized of the drain it serves.
One half of the size means it is 1/2 of which?
o Diameter of the pipe
o Perimeter of pipe
o Cross-sectional area of pipe
o Wetted perimeter
If the projecting walls are opposite from each other, what will be the percentage
that will be added to the roof area?
o 50%
o 35%
o 0%
o 75%
Why do single handle mixing faucets last longer than other types before repairs
are being made?
o In expensive of the user
o Because only one handle is being used
o Because of fewer contacts between the washer and the seat
o Water hardness is minimized because of the presence of hot water, so
friction is neglected.
The drainage fixture unit is based on the following factors except?
o The average time between successive operations of the fixtures.
o The number users.
o The volume of discharge contained in a single use.
o The duration of a single discharge.
One of the two weights associated with cast iron pipe is service weight. What is
the other weight?
o Centrifugally spun weight
o Heavy weight
o Light weight
o Extra heavy weight
In sizing rainwater piping, what percentage of the wall area will be added to the
roof area if there are 2 adjacent walls?
o 50%
o 75%
o 0%
o 35%
Which of the following gives the great advantage using a no-hub cast iron pipe
compared to pipes having hubs?
o The joints are easy to make.
o Problems in dealing with double hubs are eliminated.
o Elimination in the usage of too many fittings.
o Hubless pipe is lighter compared to pipe with hubs.
What is the common repair required on fixture faucets?
o Replacement of washer
o Replacement of seats
o Loose thread repair
o Repair of broken handle
When a globe valve does not control the water, what must be done to control it?
o The seat is worn out thus the seat should be replaced.
o The stem needs replacement as it could not reach the seat thereby
leaving a gap for the water to enter.
o The washer might be worn out so it must be replaced.
o Rethread the end of the stem as it is through the gap between threads
that water could escape
These pipes are represented in plumbing plans with a moderate dash, three
short dashes and moderate dash.
o Hot water recirculating pipe
o Vacuum pipe
o Compressed air pipe
o Fire protection pipe
For a roof area that exceeds 10,000 sq.ft, what is the minimum number of roof
drains required?
o 5
o 4
o 2
o 3
These pipes are shown as a series of units consisting of a long dash and two
short dashes.
o Vent pipe
o Hot water pipe
o Cold water pipe
o Drain pipe
What pipe is represented on drawings with alternating long and short dashes?
o Cold water pipe
o Dain pipe
o Hot water pipe
o Vent pipe
What pipe is represented by a line consisting of a series of short dashes?
o Vent pipe
o Vacuum pipe
o Dain pipe
o Gas pipe
What is the minimum gage number of a galvanized sheet metal that could be
used as a rainwater downspout or conductor it is to be located on the exterior side of
a low height building?
o Gage 33
o Gage 26
o Gage 24
o Gage 22
These pipes are shown as a series of units consisting of a long dash and short
o Vent pipe
o Hot water pipe
o Cold water pipe
o Drain pipe
Fixture connections that require the removal of an access panel for servicing
are considered _____.
o Not accessible
o Exposed
o Accessible
o Readily accessible