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William Dummy Hoy video notes

William “Dummy” Hoy
Name ________________________
Period ________________
1. Why was William called “dummy”? ______________________________________________________________
2. How did William become Deaf? ________________________________________________________________
3. How old was William when he became Deaf? ______________________________________________________
4. How old was William when he started school? _____________________________________________________
5. Where did William go to school? ________________________________________________________________
6. What trade was William taught in school? ________________________________________________________
7. Why did the other boys think William couldn’t play baseball? _________________________________________
8. What advice did Ed Dundon give William? ________________________________________________________
9. William’s father arranged for him to go to work for the _______________________________________________
10. What did William give to the young boy? _________________________________________________________
11. What was the name of the baseball team William and his brother played on?
12. How does William communicate with his father? __________________________________________________
13. Why didn’t the scout want William to tell anyone he was Deaf?
14. What did William write in his note to Seeley? _____________________________________________________
15. When did William start to play professional baseball? _________
___________ years old.
16. William told the Milwaukee team he wouldn’t play for them for _________________ dollars.
17. What was Williams’s greatest challenge in the game? _______________________________________________
18. How did the pitcher and catchers pitch to Dummy? ________________________________________________
19. Who was the other Deaf player Dummy played against? _____________________________________________
20. Hoy and Seeley decided to use _____________ so Hoy would know the balls and strike count.
21. What did Dummy jump on to in order to catch the ball and win the game? ______________________________
22. When he was being traded to Louisville, what did he ask Anna? _______________________________________
23. History was made when 2 ___________________ players met on the baseball field.
24. At the age of 99, what did Dummy Hoy do? _______________________________________________________
25. Why do you think Dummy Hoy should be in the Hall of Fame? _________________________________________