Student Notes Forces

Unit 6
 A ______________ is a push or pull.
 Force is measured in ______________, which is represented with a ______________.
 One Newton is equal to ______________.
 __________ force, also known as _____________ force, is the sum of the forces acting on an object.
 When the forces that are acting on an object are of ______________ strength but in opposite
directions, this is called a ______________ force.
 When the forces are ______________ of equal strength in opposite directions, or if the force(s)
are only acting in ______________ direction, the forces are ______________.
 Unbalanced forces cause a ______________ in position, speed, or direction.
Types of Forces
Type of Force
Applied Force
Force of Gravity
Normal Force
Friction Force
Air Resistance
Force that acts with objects
that are traveling through air.
Force that is transmitted
through a ___________,
rope, cable or___________
when it is pulled tight.
Tension Force
Force that is
______________ to an
object by a person or another
on objects.
exerted upon an object that is
in contact with another stable
This force is in the
_____________ direction
than a _______________
and ________________
an object.
Force Diagrams
 Force diagrams are used to show the ______________ and _____________ of the forces acting on an
object through vectors or arrows.
In each of the following situations draw and label which, if any, of the following forces are acting on the object.
Make sure forces are drawn to a proper scale. Use the small dot provided to represent the object.
Forces: Fapp, Fgrav, Fnorm, Ffrict, Fair, Ftens,
1. A small object lies motionless on a floor.
2. A small object hangs motionless from a rope.
3. An object is sliding across a smooth floor (no
friction) at a constant speed.
4. An object is sliding to the right across a rough floor
with friction and slowing down.
5. An object is being pulled by a rope to the right on a
smooth floor (no friction).
6. An object is being pulled to the right by a rope on
a rough floor with friction at a constant speed.
7. An object is being pushed to the right on a
rough surface with friction and accelerating to the
8. An object that has been tossed up into the air
just after it was released. (Ignore air resistance.)
9. An object that has been tossed up into the air
at the very top of its trajectory. (Ignore air
10. An object in the air falling to the floor with no
air resistance.
11. Your classmate does not want to leave Science
class. You apply a force to drag him to lunch to the
12. A monkey sitting in a tree.