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Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation or DMSF, as it is fondly known is located in Davao City, Philippines.
Davao Medical School Foundation could be a good choice for those students who are seeking admission in
MCI approved medical colleges in Philippines at an affordable Fee. DMSF is dedicated to providing quality
medical education and training of the highest order. Candidates who study from the Davao Medical School
Foundation surely touch heights because of the conducive environment. Contact Lakshya MBBS
consultancy for the Admission in Davao Medical School Foundation.
Why choose Davao Medical School Foundation?
International Accredited Universities: If you are a student of Davao Medical School Foundation can help
you to get familiar with advanced technologies and upcoming tech. knowing about the advanced
technologies will help the medical students to gain more confidence because these colleges will teach the
students to better understand and operate the new technologies.
Recognized Medical College: The Davao Medical School Foundation is also approved by a government
organization in the Philippines
No initial Donation Fees: The top and main reason to choose Davao Medical School Foundation is that
international medical students do not need to pay any donation fees to take admission to the MBBS course.
You only need to pay the tuition fees for the MBBS course.
Affordable Fee structure: The fee structure of the MBBS Course in Davao Medical College Philippines is
very affordable and reasonable.
Best quality Medical Courses: The Davao Medical college Philippines provides education through the
practical method which is the best way of learning. This will help the medical students to learn and
understand the basic concepts and adapt them easily. The students can learn more about the topics and
subjects through the practical learning technique.
World Class Infrastructure: Davao Medical School Foundation has the best infrastructure for its students.
There is an ultra-modern digital library in Davao Medical School Foundation for advanced help in studies.
The medical college also provides 24×7 Wi-Fi facilities to the students. The DMSF also has world-class
laboratories such as Anatomy labs, team learning laboratories, 3-D stations, and simulation labs which are
opened for students every time.
Effective hands-on practice: Davao Medical College Philippines allows their international students to
practice medicine because they focus more on practical classes.
The teaching language is English: The official language of Davao Medical School Foundation is English.
The professors of DMSF teach the students in English which makes the study very easy for the international
Hostel Facility at DMSF
The Davao Medical School Foundation provides a separate hostel facility for the boys and girls students.
The students can get all the facilities within the hostel. The DMSF management provides the transportation
facility to the international students through cabs and buses. The international students can get comfortable
accommodation in the college hostel. The warden of the hostel takes care of the students who live on the
hostel campus. The students can get a hostel facility with fully furnished rooms at a very reasonable price.
Anyone can afford the hostel facility. DMSF offers various facilities like internet, telephone, TV and 24×7
water and electricity supply.
Davao Medical School Foundation Fees for MBBS
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MBBS Admission in DMSF?
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