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Curriculum Vitae
Name: Jayati Ghosh
Date of birth: 16 September 1955
Work Address:
Centre for Economic Studies & Planning
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi 110 067
Tel.: (91 11) 26704421/26704494
Fax: (91 11) 26611764
Residential Address:
52 Dakshinapuram, Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi 110 067 India
Tel.: (91 11) 26741230 or 26741949.
Mobile: +91-9810371353.
Email: jayatijnu@gmail.com; jayati@mail.jnu.ac.in
Educational Qualifications:
Ph. D. (Economics), University of Cambridge, England, 1983.
M. Phil. (Economics), University of Cambridge, England, 1979.
M.A. (Economics), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 1977.
B.A. (Honours in Sociology), University of Delhi, Delhi, 1975.
Employment Experience: (In reverse order)
1998 to present: Professor, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning,
School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
December 1990 – 1998:
Associate Professor, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning,
School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
January - June 1995: Visiting Professor, Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA.
March 1987 - December 1990:
Assistant Professor, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning,
School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
November 1985 - February 1986:
Consultant, Perspective Planning Division,
Planning Commission, Government of India.
March 1984 - October 1985:
Adrian Research Fellow, Darwin College,
University of Cambridge, England.
October 1983 - March 1984, July - December 1982:
Consultant, International Labour Office, Geneva.
1. UNDP Award for Excellence in Analysis 2005, for West Bengal Human Development
Report 2004
2. Ava Maiti Memorial Prize, Asiatic Society, Kolkata, India 2006
3. NordSud Research Prize in Social Sciences 2010, Fondazione Pescarabruzzo, Italy.
4. ILO Decent Work Research Prize 2010, International Labour Office, Geneva.
5. The Lancet Lecture, University College London, 2011.
6. Ragnar Nurkse Visiting Professor in Development Economics, Tallinn University of
Technology, Estonia, 2011
7. Ralph Miliband Lecture, London School of Economics, 2012.
8. Lectio Magistralis, Lelio Basso Foundation, Rome Italy, 2012.
9. Satyendranath Sen Award, Asiatic Society Kolkata, 2012
10. Conference President, Indian Society for Labour Economics, 2013
11. United Nations Public Lecture, New Delhi 2014.
12. Malcolm Adisheshaiah Award for Contributions to Social Sciences, Chennai, 2015
13. Co-Chair of Scientific Committee, World Social Science Forum, Durban, South
Africa, September 2015
Academic Publications:
1. Crisis as Conquest: Learning from East Asia, Tracts for the Times, Orient Longman, New
Delhi, 2001 (with C. P. Chandrasekhar).
2. The Market that Failed: Neoliberal economic reforms in India, Leftword Books, New Delhi,
2002 (with C. P. Chandrasekhar) 2nd edition 2004.
3. Work and Well-being in the Age of Finance, (volume co-edited with C. P. Chandrasekhar)
Tulika Publishers, New Delhi, 2003.
4. West Bengal Human Development Report 2004 (principal author)
5. Report of the Commission on Farmers’ Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh, December
6. Tracking the Macroeconomy: Selections from Macroscan, 1998 to 2005, ICFAI Press,
Hyderabad, 2006, Volume I: India, and Volume II: The world economy (with C.P.
7. Never Done and Poorly Paid: Women’s work in globalising India, Women Unlimited,
New Delhi 2008
8. After Crisis: Crisis, recovery and adjustment in East Asia, (volume co-edited with C. P.
Chandrasekhar) Tulika Publishers, New Delhi, 2009.
9. Asia rebounds but sustained recovery needs a new growth trajectory: A synthesis study of
the effects of the global financial crisis on the Asia-Pacific Region, UNDP Regional Centre in
Asia and the Pacific, Colombo, November 2009 (with Ajay Chhibber and T. Palanivel)
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Labour Office.
14. Interpreting the World to Change It: Essays for Prabhat Patnaik (volume co-edited with
C. P. Chandrasekhar), New Delhi: Tulika books, 2017.
15. Demonetisation Decoded (with Prabhat Patnaik and C. P. Chandrasekhar) New Delhi:
Routledge Taylor and Francis India, 2017.
16. Indian Banking: Current challenges and alternatives for the future, AIBOC, Chennai,
17. Informal Women Workers in the Global South: Policies and Practices for the
Formalisation of Women's Employment in Developing Economies, (edited volume)
Routledge, forthcoming 2020
18. Control, contraction, collapse: The Indian government’s response to the Covid-19
pandemic, New Delhi: Aleph Book Publishing, Forthcoming 2020.
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Sponsored projects since 2000:
1. IDPAD/ICSSR Project on “The intertwining of sustainable development and employment:
A comparative study of India and the European Union” - Local Project Director. Partner
institution: Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Duration: January 1999 to
March 2002. Project completed and submitted April 2002.
2. Planning Commission/Institute for Human Development Project on “Droughtproofing
Chhattisgarh: Water policy and implementation strategy” – Project Director. Duration:
June 2001-December 2002. Project completed and submitted January 2003.
3. IDPAD/ICSSR Project on “ICT and development: Comparative experience of India and
the EU” – Chief Researcher. Partner institution: Delft University of Technology, The
Netherlands. Duration: 2004-06.
4. CBGA Project sponsored by Ministry of Rural Development and UNDP on
“Implementation of NREGA in selected districts in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,
Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh”, May-October 2006.
5. Economic Research Foundation Project on “The implications of the rise on China and India
on other economies of developing Asia”, 2008-09.
6. Economic Research Foundation Project on “Re-regulating finance” 2009-10
7. ICSSR Project on “Research and Explorations in Economics”, edited volume on “India and
the International Economy”, submitted December 2012.
8. ICSSR Project on “Regional financial and regulatory cooperation: A study of prospects and
potential based on the experience of the Asian region”, April 2013-March 2015.
9. AIBOC Project on “Indian banking: Present day challenges and alternatives for the future”,
July 2017 to January 2018.
10. Cross-country research project on “Gender implications of formalising the informal sector”
supported by Open Society Foundations, January 2018 to October 2019.
11. “Women in public employment in India”, supported by IWWAGE, October 2019September 2020.
Other writings:
1. Column Policy Watch in Economic and Political Weekly between 1991 and 1996.
2. Regular fortnightly column Preoccupations, on current affairs, in Frontline magazine from
12. Regular fortnightly column Macroscan in Businessline newspaper on macro-economic
issues from 1997 to present (with C. P. Chandrasekhar)
13. Regular column on current economic matters in Bengali newspaper Ganashakti, February
14. Regular column on economic issues and current affairs in Deccan Chronicle, 2001-2011.
15. Regular column on economic issues and current affairs in Asian Age, 2005-10.
16. Columns in The Guardian Newspaper and Guardian Development Blog, London, UK
17. Co-editor and blogger, Triple Crisis Blog. www.triplecrisis.com
18. Western music critic, Times of India 1988-1998.
19. Monthly column for Project Syndicate, 2018 to present.
20. Blog: http://www.networkideas.org/jayati-blog/
Research Supervision:
I have supervised research for 43 M. Phil. Dissertations and 32 Ph.D. dissertations. I am
currently supervising the research work of 2 M. Phil. students and 3 Ph. D. students.
Other professional activities:
Research and dissemination bodies:
1. Executive Secretary, International Development Economics Associates (This is an
international network devoted to promoting research and dissemination of heterodox
perspectives in economics, website www.networkideas.org) 2002 to present.
2. Founding Trustee, Economic Research Foundation, New Delhi. (This is a non-profit
trust engaged in research and dissemination of progressive economics. It currently
manages the economics and policy-related websites: www.networkideas.org,
www.macroscan.org, and www.atisweb.org, in addition to undertaking other research
and dissemination work.) 2000 to present.
Policy advice and related activities:
1. Member, National Knowledge Commission, (reporting to the Prime Minister)
Government of India, 2005–2009.
2. Member of State Planning Board, Government of Tripura, 2013-16.
3. Chairperson, Commission on Farmers’ Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh,
Hyderabad, 2004
4. Member of High Level Advisory Board for Economic and Social Affairs, United
Nations, New York, 2018 to present
5. Member, International Commission for Reform for International Corporate Taxation,
www.icrict.org, 2018 to present.
6. Member, Commission for Global Economic Transformation, Institute for New
Economic Thinking, New York, Octo 2019 to present.
7. Member of Board, International Association for Feminist Economics, 2020-2022.
8. Member, Working Group on Social Justice and Inclusion, World Leadership Alliance
and Club de Madrid Policy Dialogue 2020
9. Distinguished Fellow, National Foundation for India, New Delhi, 2020-22.
10. Chairperson, Review team for Country Strategy Programme of Action Aid India, report
submitted December 2010
11. Member of Global Advisory Board, Ministry of Labour, Government of Saudi Arabia,
May 2014 – December 2015.
12. Member of International Advisory Board, UNDP Independent Evaluation Office,
13. Member of Steering Committee for Labour and Employment for the XIth Plan,
Planning Commission, Government of India
14. Member of Steering Committee for Education for the XIth Plan, Planning
Commission, Government of India.
15. Member of Group of Feminist Economists for the XIth Plan, Planning Commission,
Government of India.
16. Member of Task Force on Agricultural Technology, Planning Commission,
Government of India. November 2004-February 2005
17. Member of Board, Focus on the Global South, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok,
Thailand, 2006-10.
18. Member, Advisory Board on Human Development Report, Government of Madhya
19. Member, Expert Group on Human Development, Government of Karnataka
20. Member of Human Development Report Advisory Panel 2011-13, UNDP New York.
21. Member of Group of Feminist Economists for the XIIth Plan, Planning Commission,
Government of India
22. Member of Governing Body, Action Aid India, 2014 – present.
23. Member of International Advisory Committee of Global Alliance for Green and
Gender Action. August 2016-17.
24. Team Leader, Assessment of Development Results of UNDP Indian Country
Programme, 2011.
25. Member of Policy Centre Advisory Group, The British Academy, London, UK.
26. Member of Global Development Advisory Panel, The Guardian Newspaper, London.
Research evaluation, academic extension and related activities:
1. Member, Committee for Evaluation of Research of the International Labour
Organisation, Geneva 2007
2. Member of Research Review Group, International Labour Office, Geneva
Switzerland, November 2014 to present.
3. Team Leader, Assessment of Development Results of UNDP Indian Country
Programme, 2011.
4. Member of Advisory Board of the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre,
University of York, England, 2018 to present.
5. Member of Advisory Board of Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University
College London, 2018 to present.
6. Member of Academic Evaluation Team for Economics at New School University,
New York, November 2018.
7. Member of Editorial Board, PSL Quarterly Review, Rome, 2014 onwards.
8. Member of Research Assessment Board, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague,
Netherlands, October 2014.
9. Chairperson of Research Evaluation Team, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague,
Netherlands, October 2017.
10. Member of Economics Academic Programme Review Committee, New School of
Social research, New School University New York, Nov 2018-Feb 2019.
11. Member of Jury, International Trade Research Award, Eximbank, Bombay, 2014-16.
12. Member, Governing Board, Action Aid India, 2016 to present.
13. Member of Research Advisory Board, Council for Social Development, New Delhi
14. Member of Board, Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, New Delhi,
15. Member of Governing Council, National University of Educational Planning and
Administration, New Delhi.
16. Member of Governing Body, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, 201216.
17. Member of Governing Body, Satyawati College, University of Delhi, 2001-03 and
18. Member of Governing Body, Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi, 2003-06
19. Member of Editorial Board, International Labour Review, Geneva, 2010-present
20. Member of International Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Agrarian Change,
21. Member of International Advisory Board, Centre for Poverty and Development
Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
22. Member of International Advisory Board, The Economic and Labour Relations
Review, 2012 – present.
23. Member of Executive Council, Central University of Tamil Nadu, 2010-13.
24. Member of Executive Council, University of Kashmir, 2011-13.
25. Member of Advisory Group on Post-2015 Global Thematic Consultation on
Inequalities, UN Women and UNICEF.
26. Member of Editorial Board, World Economic Review, 2011 – present
27. Member of Editorial Board, Review of Social Economy, 2013 onwards.
28. Member of Editorial Board, Journal of International Development, 2013 onwards.
29. Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 2014 – present.
30. Member of Editorial Board, Review of Keynesian Economics, 2015 – present.
31. Member of Scientific Committee, Comparative Research Programme on Poverty
(CROP) Bergen, Norway, 2015 –present.
32. Member of Governing Body and Committee of Direction, Centre for Development
Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, 2014 – 2018.
Academic Extension Activities:
1. Have lectured in Refresher Courses organised by the Academic Staff College of JNU since
its inception, and been Academic Co-ordinator of the Economics Refresher Course for
several years.
2. Have served as referee for articles appearing in the following journals: Cambridge Journal
of Economics, Development and Change, Journal of Development Studies, International
labour Review, World Development, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Indian
Journal of Labour Economics, Feminist Economics, World Economic Review.
3. Am currently serving on the Editorial Boards of the following journals: International
Labour Review, Journal of Agrarian Change, World Economic Review, Journal of
International Development, Review of Social Economy, Journal of Post Keynesian
Economics, Review of Keynesian Economics.
4. Have lectured in various academic institutions in India, including colleges and institutes of
Delhi University, Calcutta University, Central University of Hyderabad, Osmania
University, Centre for Development Studies Thiruvananthapuram, University of Mumbai,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Lucknow University, etc.
5. Director, Women’s Studies Programme, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2002-04.
Non-Academic Activities
Honorary Secretary, Delhi Music Society, New Delhi, 1990-2000.
Vice-President and Chairperson, School Committee, Delhi Music Society, 2000-02 and 2010
– present.
Music critic (western classical music) Times of India 1986 to 1996.
Regular monthly illustrated lectures on western classical music, Impromptu/Interlude, Max
Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, since 1996.
Consultancy work:
Part-time Consultant for the following organisations: ILO, UNDP, UNCTAD, UN-ESCAP,
UNRISD, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UN-DESA, ADB, Commonwealth Secretariat, Mahbub ul Haq
Human Development Centre, UN Women, FAO.
Some projects undertaken in recent years:
1. For UN-ESCAP, Bangkok, 1998: Paper on “Economic liberalisation and women in the
Asis-Pacific region”, presented as Background Paper for Regional Meeting on
Globalisation and Women, Bangkok, May 1998.
2. For ILO, Geneva, 1998: Paper on “Assessment of Reform Process in South Asia on
Employment and other Social Variables”, presented at Meeting in New Delhi in December
3. For UNDP, New York, 1999: Background Paper on “Rules of economic integration and
human rights” for Human Development Report, 2000.
4. For Asian Development Bank, Manila, 1999: Paper on “Trends in economic participation
and poverty of women in the Asia-Pacific region”, presented at Beijing Plus Five Review,
conference, Bangkok, August 1999.
5. For UNRISD, Geneva , 2000-01: Paper on “Globalisation, export-oriented employment
and social policy: A case study of India”
6. For Mahbub Ul Haq Human Development Centre, Pakistan 2000: Chapter on India for
South Asia Human Development Report Issue on Globalisation.
7. For UNICEF, New York, 2000-01: Paper on “Harnessing technological progress fro
children” for project on “Harnessing Globalisation for Children” co-ordinated by Andrea
Cornia and Eva Jespersen.
8. For WHO, Geneva, 2001-02: Paper on “Medical knowledge as a global public good for
9. For Mahbub ul Haq Human Development Centre, 2002: Chapter on India for South Asia
Human Development Report Issue on Agriculture.
10. For DFID, India, 2002: Public sector restructuring in West Bengal: Contribution on labour
and social implications
11. For ADB, Manila, 2002: India Gender Country Study
12. For ILO, Geneva, 2002: Study on Macroeconomic policies and labour market outcomes in
13. For Mahbub Ul Haq Human Development Centre, 2003: Chapter on India for South Asia
Human Development Report Issue on Employment
14. For UNDP, Planning Commission, GoI and Government of West Bengal, 2002-04: West
Bengal Human Development Report (Report writer)
15. For UNDP, New York: Thematic study on trade liberalisation and the macroeconomics of
poverty reduction, 2004.
16. For UNDP, New Delhi: Background chapter on the Movement of Natural Persons and
Human Development, for Regional HDR on Trade and Human Development, 2004.
17. For UNDP, New York: Micro-macro linkages in poverty reduction strategies and
programmes in South Asia, 2004.
18. For UNDP, New York: Background Paper for HDR 2005 on trade liberalisation and
agriculture in India.
19. For ILO New Delhi: Paper on productivity and incomes in Indian agriculture, 2005.
20. For UN-DESA New York: Guidance Notes on Macroeconomic policies in developing
countries, September 2006.
21. For ILO Geneva: Member of Committee to review ILO Research, 2007.
22. For UNRISD Geneva: Paper on Growth, structural change and macroeconomic policies,
completed October 2008.
23. For UN-DESA, New York: Paper on Growth and poverty reduction in China and India.
24. For UNDP, Colombo: Synthesis Study of Impact of financial crisis in Asia, SeptemberNovember 2009.
25. For UN Division for Advancement of Women, New York: Report for Expert Group
Meeting on Gender and the MDGs, December 2009.
26. For UN DESA, New York: Background Paper for 2010 ECOSOC Thematic Discussion,
on “Current global and national trends and challenges and their impact on gender equality
and empowerment of women”, Jan-Feb 2010.
27. For UNCTAD, Geneva, Background papers for Trade and Development Report 2010:
“Economic liberalisation and organised sector employment in India” and “Employment
trends in post-crisis economies in Asia” (with C. P. Chandrasekhar).
28. For UN-DESA, New York, Background Paper for World Social Situation 2010, on “Fiscal
responses to crisis” (with C. P. Chandrasekhar).
29. For UNDP Evaluation Office, New York, Assessment of Development Results for UNDP
India Country Programme, 2011.
30. For UNCTAD, Background Paper for Trade and Development Report 2012, on
“Inequalities in South Asia”.
31. For UN Women, Paper on “Economic crises and women’s work: Exploring progressive
strategies in a rapidly changing global environment”, September 2012
32. For UNDP Evaluation Office, New York, Evaluation of UNDP Strategic Plan 2008-12.
33. For UN Women, Paper on “Women and domestic work: Creating conditions for decent
work”, November 2012.
34. For UNCTAD, Chapter on “Conceptual framework for policies for employment generation
in LDCs” for LDC Report 2013.
35. For UN-DESA, Preparation of Report on World Social Situation 2013: Inequality Matters,
June-November 2013.
36. For UN Women, Paper on “Meeting the MDGs: A gender perspective”, SeptemberOctober 2013.
37. For ILO Geneva, Paper on “Impact of the MNREGA in India”, January 2014.
38. For FAO Rome, Paper on “Social protection programmes in India”, February 2014.
39. For UNCTAD, Inter-regional Advisor assisting in advising governments on
macroeconomic and financial policies 2014, 2015, 2016.
40. For ILO New Delhi, Paper on “The role of labour market and sectoral policies in promoting
more and better jobs in low and middle income countries: Issues, evidence and policy
options in India”, December 2014.
41. For ILO Geneva, Paper on “Decent work and the care economy: Recognising, rewarding,
reducing and redistributing care work”, September 2016.
42. For UNCTAD, Geneva, Part of team for preparation of Trade and Development Report
43. For UNDP, New York, “Asian approaches to tackling inequality”, Background note for
Human Development Report 2019.
Special/Memorial lectures since 2009
1. V. P. Chinthan Memorial lecture, Chennai 23 October 2009
2. Naren Sen Memorial Lecture, Kolkata 8 November 2009
3. Brajamohan Sarma Memorial Lecture, Guwahati 2 October 2010 “The political economy
of hunger in 21st century India”
4. Acceptance Speech for ILO Decent Work Research Prize, International Labour
Organisation Geneva, 11 November 2011 “Towards an employment-led strategy for
economic development”
5. Lancet Lecture 2011, University College London “Economic growth and women’s health
outcomes: A deepening divide?” 28 November 2011
6. Ralph Miliband Lecture, London School of Economics, London, on “The emerging Left
in the ‘emerging’ world”, 28 May 2012
7. Financialisation and Development Series Closing Lecture on “Development in a time of
financial crisis: How good is the bad news?” , International Institute of Social Studies,
Erasmus University, The Hague, Netherlands, 12 June 2012
8. Lectio Magistralis, on “Social protection and development for a better world”, Lelio
Basso Foundation, Rome, 15 June 2012.
9. Special Lecture on “The global economic crisis and alternative economic trajectories”,
Festival Internazionale, Ferrara, Italy, 5 October 2012.
10. K. Ramachandran Nair Memorial Lecture on “Prospects for global capitalism”,
University of Kerala, Trivandrum, 8 February 2013.
11. Special lecture on "The economic context of violence against women in India",
Savitribhai Phule Centre for Women's Studies, University of Pune, 18 March 2013.
12. Plenary Address on "Food crisis and financial speculation in commodities: The
implications for Africa", Nyerere Intellectual Festival, University of Dar es Salaam,
Tanzania, 10-12 April 2013.
13. Special Public Lecture at the Annual Congress of the Indian Academy of Sciences,
“Demographic dividend or ticking time bomb?”, Chandigarh, 8 November 2013.
14. Presidential Address, 55th Annual Conference of the Indian Society for Labour
Economics, JNU, New Delhi Dec 16-18 2013, on “The curious case of the jobs that did
not appear: Structural change, employment and social patterns in India”, 16 December
15. United Nations Public Lecture, “The invisible workers: Rights, justice and dignity for
domestic workers”, UN India, Scope Convention Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 1
March 2014.
16. Jyoti Basu Centenary Lecture, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, 12 March 2014
17. KR Narayanan Memorial Lecture, "The uses of otherness: Making sense of inclusion and
exclusion in India's development", 27 March 2014, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
18. Michael Sprinker Memorial Lecture, “In search of the Indian Bourgeoisie: On the trail of
Michael Sprinker following Proust”, Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata, 1 August
19. TG Narayanan Memorial Lecture, “Time poverty and the poverty of economics”, Asian
College of Journalism, Chennai, 11 December 2014.
20. Acceptance speech for Malcolm Adisheshaiah Award, “Emerging markets and
development – is there a contradiction?”, 21 November 2015, Madras Institute of
Development Studies, Chennai.
21. “The future of work”, Special Forum at International Labour Office, Geneva, 19 January
22. IDS Lecture, “Growth and inequality in India and China”, University of Sussex, 1 July
23. “The uses and abuses of inequality”, Amartya Sen Lecture, Human Development and
Capability Association Annual Conference, Cape Town South Africa, 6 September 2017
24. “The enigma of employment generation” Foundation Day Lecture, Jadavpur University
Kolkata, 9 January 2018.
25. Sam Moyo Memorial Lecture, “Rethinking social sciences in the developing world”, New
Delhi 21 February 2018.
26. “Public education in a neoliberal economy”, Annual Lecture for Bharat Gyan Vigyan
Samiti, Ranchi Jharkhand, 7 April 2018.
27. “The role of government in employment generation”, Annual Public Lecture for Vichar
Vivedh Manch, Pune, 12 January 2019.
28. “The roots of the agrarian crisis in India and the way forward”, Foundation Day Lecture,
AN Sinha Institute Patna, 31 January 2019.
29. “The economic implications of universal child grants”, ILO-UNCEF Social Protection
Convention, Geneva 6 February 2019.
30. Opening and closing plenary addresses at International Social Forum, UK Labour Party
and SOAS, University of London, 13-14 June 2019.
31. Special address on “Care, the macroeconomy and women’s work”, Khazanah Research
Institute, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 3 October 2019.
Participation in International Conferences since 2009:
1. Panel discussion on “Global economic crisis”, The Guardian Newspaper, London, U.K., 2
March 2009.
2. Presentation on “The crisis and developing Asia” at Attac Conference on “The end of
capitalism?”, Berlin, Germany 6-8 March 2009.
3. Organized IDEAs conference on “The decline of neoliberalism” at Tata Institute of
Social Sciences, Mumbai, India on 13-15 March and presented paper on “The global
financial crisis and the developing world”.
4. Organised IDEAs conference on “Re-regulating finance in the light of global crisis”,
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 9-11 April 2009, and presented paper on “The
unnatural coupling: Food and global finance”.
5. Papers on at International Seminar on “Managing Cross-Border Finance Under Increasing
Uncertainty”, Centre for Banking Studies, central Bank of Sri Lanka, Colombo 27-29
May 2009.
6. Paper on “Food and global finance” for Festival of the Economy, Council of Trento, 31
May-2 June 2009
7. Paper on “The food crisis and global finance”, Conference on “Triple Crisis”, Res
Publica and Norwegian parliament, Oslo, 25-26 June 2009
8. Presentations and Papers to “International Working Group on Gender, International
Economics and Macroeconomics”, Levy Institute of Bard College, New York 2-10 July
9. Paper on “National development strategy for Vietnam”, Roundtable on “Formulation of
Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2011-2020”, Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, 1516 August 2009
10. Paper on “Food fragility in the current international context”, The Other Canon
Conference, Tallinn Estonia, 15-16 October 2009
11. Keynote Speaker at Bristol Schumacher Conference, Bristol, U.K., 17 October 2009
12. Keynote speaker at Conference on “Crisis of capitalism, crisis of development?”,
International Institute of Social Studies Foundation Day, The Hague, Netherlands, 4
November 2009.
13. Keynote presentation on “Developing Asia’s responses to the global financial crisis”, at
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impact on the development project.”
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