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Babi Yar Memorialization Poster

In loving memory of
All the victims of the
Babi Yar Massacre
1941- 1943
Insight of the pictures
The statue- In the immediate decades after the war, Babyn Yar
became a symbol of struggles over the memory of World War II
and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. Despite many efforts,
there was no memorial at the site until the Soviets installed a
monument in 1976.
Deemphasizing the Jewish tragedy at Babyn Yar, the text on the
monument referred to thousands of civilian victims without
indicating that the vast majority of them were Jewish.
The pit- A rare picture of the pit where Jews where thrown
being the first major massacre in the Holocaust by bullets.
Researchers-People trying to identify remains at Babi Yar,
Ukraine, in 1966, a photo from the Emmanuel (Amik) Diamant
Collection at the National Library of Israel.
Map -large ravine on the northern edge of the city of Kyiv in