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Data Bite

Data Bite 6
Findings: My findings for this data is that for the below basic and basic levels, girls and boys scores are
almost equal. Proficient learners on the other hand, girls are much higher than boys while the advanced
learners, boys are much higher than girls.
Implications: I would imply that boys seem to be more advanced than girls in mathematics which is
quite interesting. I would wonder why this is and want to research more into this.
Other Data needed: There would be much more data that I would need to know before coming up with
a plan for success. I would like to look at each student’s past test scores and work related to math.
Next steps: After researching past test scores and work related to mathematics, I would then separate
girls and boys and look at where each gender is struggling and where they are most successful. My next
steps would be to identify what specific area each gender needs to work on. This would help me to
move forward with the curriculum and maybe focus on more specific areas. I could put them in groups
that would allow each student to work with other student’s to achieve success.