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Sample diary writing - P4

Sample diary - P4 English writing
Dear diary,
When I woke up in the morning, I brushed my teeth happily, changed my
clothes, and got ready for breakfast. Tomorrow I can go to Disneyland with
Zhenxuan and Rongyin! We made an appointment a week before. Since my parents
agreed to my request, they would definitely agree to a small gathering of friends,
so I didn't ask them in advance.
After dinner with my parents, I cleared the table and beamed with joy
announcing my appointment with my friends to go to Disneyland tomorrow.
Unexpectedly, Dad said that this request could not be granted for the time being. I
asked them why, and Dad shook his head and told me I'm afraid I won't be able to
go to Disneyland with my friends until July. Looking at my confused expression,
my father sighed and told me about the novel coronavirus disease in Wuhan. I
know how serious this is, but isn't that what's going to happen? Even if it does, it's
still not happening in Hong Kong, so why not get together with friends one last
time before it ends? But no matter what I reasoned with them, my parents were
determined not to let me go out.
Now I finally know that the things that parents make up their minds can't be
changed no matter what. But I don't blame them either, it’s my good after all. Now,
I can only hope that the epidemic in Wuhan will end soon, bringing peace to the