2022 -Research a Scientist

Year 7 Science
How have scientific discoveries helped our
understanding of the world?
Select a Scientist and write a short presentation that includes all of the following:
Background information on who they were and what did they discover or a known for?
Why is this discovery significant/ how has this discovery made our lives better/ helped
Why did you choose this person?
You may choose a scientist from the list below or a one of your own choice.
Charles Darwin
Jane Goodall
Marie Curie
Stephen Hawking
Isaac Newton
Bill Nye
Albert Einstein
David Attenborough
Nikola Tesla
Brian Cox
Galileo Galilei
Jean-Baptiste Lamark
Ada Lovelace
Gustav Nossal
Howard Florey
Carl Linnaeus
Fiona Wood
Rosalind Franklin
Elizabeth Blackburn
Peter Doherty
Suzanne Cory