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Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity

A cloud of questions will certainly form in your head if you're not getting the
erection hardness you seek. Even if the physical ailment is just transient, men
may begin to feel impotent. Impotence can be both temporary and
permanent, and few men are aware of this. And you have to decide if yours is a
one-time thing or something that will last a long time.
Many of the other possible causes of erectile dysfunction, such as a decline in
sexual desire, side effects of medications, etc., get more attention than weight
(ED). Here, we'll examine whether or not ED is linked to obesity, or if it is just a
Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity
Let's be clear: Obesity is frequently associated to a variety of health problems,
not simply ED. Males who are obese are more likely to suffer from the
following health issues:
Coronary artery disease
A rise in LDL (bad) cholesterol
Male impotence can be caused by any of the aforementioned factors, which is
surprising. Those who are fat, have any of these health problems, or have
impotence are at a high risk of developing a serious condition. To put it
another way, the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction (ED) increases.
Impotence medications like Fildena professional 100 or Fildena extra Power
150, both of moderate potency, can significantly alleviate symptoms. Oral
drugs of this type should only be taken under the guidance of a physician if you
already have other health issues.
Do you think losing weight can help your erectile dysfunction symptoms?
You may wonder if lowering weight might assist with impotence if you know
that obesity is a key contributing factor. Certainly, getting back to your ideal
weight and keeping physically active improves your sex life. You'll be more
effective in a sexual situation. If ED is also linked to a serious medical condition,
weight loss may not be the best option.
To keep yourself active, you should work out at least three times a week.
When erectile dysfunction is in its first stages, your doctor may prescribe
Aurogra 100 to you. Sildamax may be necessary if your ED is at an advanced
According to a study
 After losing weight, 30% of obese men experienced normalised
 The guys who lost 33 pounds or more had lower levels of oxidative and
inflammatory markers in their bodies.
 Only 5% of the males in this controlled group were able to regain their
sexual desire.
To put it another way, shedding pounds can help you feel more energised.
However, it doesn't promise that you'll no longer feel powerless in the face of
your challenges.
If you're suffering from impotence, you'll certainly want to dive deep.
Impotence, obesity, or any other health issue can be better addressed by
talking to your doctor. Male impotence can be treated with a wide range of
over-the-counter and prescription drugs. While on your weight loss journey,
you can still have sex with your spouse.
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