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Blood Brothers: To what extent do you have sympathy for Mrs J and Linda

To what extent do you have sympathy for Mrs J and
 Husband walked out on her (pregnant/not) –
struggles financially and with discipline
 Her minimal education – naivety, superstition, how
she speaks – makes her vulnerable, open to
 A loving mother who perhaps makes the wrong
choices – and continues to have to help her children
even in older age – mixed sympathy and
appropriate consequence
 She does everything for the best – works hard,
accepts, forgives, moves to the country
 Disciplining her children – she is not strict and
indulges them with the catalogue from which she
cannot afford.
 Her compassion for Mrs Lyons’ is taken advantage
 Should she have fallen for the manipulation?
 Financial issues – has to go back to work so quickly
 Welfare are looking into her family situation
 Treatment by the police – they have judged her and
her family
 Born into working class