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VocabularY Unit 3 ESO 2

Unit 3 Vocabulary: Reinforcement
Listen and match the speakers with the questions.
1 Speaker 1
a When did you become interested in music?
2 Speaker 2
b Who taught you your hobby?
3 Speaker 3
c Have you seen any good exhibitions recently?
4 Speaker 4
d What’s your favourite novel?
5 Speaker 5
e What’s your favourite hobby?
2 Complete the sentences with the words.
1 I don’t know the actor but she gave an excellent
last night.
2 We have very good seats; we’re in the fifth
3 This film is great but you need to watch it on a big
4 In the
at the cinema.
they sell drinks and snacks.
5 We’re reading Romeo and Juliet in English class and next week our teacher is taking us to the theatre to
see the
6 The music was wonderful because there was a live
7 When the show finished, the
stood up and applauded.
3 Match the parts of the words.
1 archi
a raphy
2 paint
b ure
3 photog
c ing
4 literat
d re
5 poet
e tecture
6 sculptu
f ry
4 Match the words from exercise 3 with the definitions.
1 A three-dimensional work of art made of wood, stone or metal:
2 Poems as an art form:
3 The art of taking photos:
4 Pieces of writing, for example, novels or plays:
5 A picture which has been painted:
6 The art of designing buildings:
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Unit 3 Vocabulary: Reinforcement
5 Circle the correct option.
1 Shakespeare was / has born in 1564.
2 She created / drew the sculpture in 1955.
3 I took / made that photo on holiday in August.
4 Did all of the brothers fell / fight in the war?
5 He died before his plays became / made famous.
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