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Task 3: This task is similar to the one we do in the exams, in the WRITING part. You
are asked to do an ESSAY, fill in the fact file, and then write the essay as we have
practised in class.
Pay attention to:
Division of the essay in paragraphs.
Connectors: (Firstly, Secondly, Finally, So, Then, At the end, Because,
However, For example, And, Or, Also, I think, In my opinion…)
Word order: (subject + verb + complements).
Prepositions (in ≠ on ≠ at)
Don’t forget to write the SUBJECT in every sentence.
Correct use of quantifiers (a/an, the, some, any, many, much).
Singular/plural distinction:
o Irregular plural formation in nouns: man/men, woman/women,
child/children, person/people, tooth/teeth, …
o Nouns with no plural: fish, sheep, bread, fruit, cheese, …
o There is/ there are
3rd person singular in present simple: +-s or +-es
verb tenses:
o present simple + adverbs of frequency;
o present continuous + time expressions (now, right now, at the
o past simple
o past continuous
o modal verbs:
o ESO 1: can – can’t, must – mustn’t;
o ESO 2: can – can’t, could – couldn’t, should – shouldn’t, must –
o ESO 3: can – can’t, could – couldn’t, should – shouldn’t, must –
mustn’t, have to – don’t have to;