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第二次段考複習 - answers.

第二次段考複習 - answers.
__tremendous__ 1. They were making a t
s amount of noise last night. Almost all of the
residents woke up to see what happened.
__juggling_____ 2. Weber has always wanted to perform in a circus, so he has gone to Europe to
learn j
__position_____ 3. I can see that you've moved the furniture around - the sofa is in a different
__Bachelor's____ 4. His parents want Jack to a get a B
r's degree in politics, but he prefers to
study art or literature.
__rescued_____ 5. She showed enormous courage when she r
ed the dogs from the fire.
__warmth_____ 6. The lost tourists burned some woods to seek for w h in such a cold
__certain______ 7. The song has a c
n power to affect people's feelings, but I'm not sure
what it is.
__physically_____ 8. The government should make more effort to take care of the most
__challenged____ p
ly c
ged people in our society.
__attempted____ 9. Sarah a
ted to make everyone in her family happy, but she didn't make it.
__ordered______ 10. Mr. Porter o
ded lots of refreshments because some of his relatives
would visit him this Sunday.
_measurements_ 11. The m
ts of both rooms were identical. Both of them have an area of
16 square meters.
__leather______ 12. My brother has bought a l
r jacket to cope with extremely cold weather
conditions in the mountains.
__holes_______ 13. There are several h
es in the roof. No wonder water always pour in when
it rains heavily.
____feet______ 14. Is Susan five f t two i es tall ?
___lunar______ 15. The l
r calendar is based on the movement of the moon and has been
widely used by Chinese people.
__huddled____ 16. The bus was too crowded. Almost all of the passengers h
led together.
__violent_____ 17. Some scenes of the movie are v
t and may have negative effects on
younger viewers.
__forward____ 18. The turtle moved f
d slowly to get to the edge of the lake in front of him.
_everyday____ 19. The e
y life of a sales person is full of phone calls and endless meetings
with clients.
__backgrounds__ 20. They come from different cultural b
ds, so sometimes they have
many cultural differences.
第二次段考複習 - answers.
Lesson 1.
1. 時間特徵 : since +
so far / these days / recently
over the years / over the past three months
2. gone to - 已經去...
been to - 曾經去過
been in - 已經待在那裡一陣子
1. It ___________ a lot over the past few months, hasn't it?
(A) hasn't rained
(B) rained
(C) was raining
(D) has rained
2. A : Have the Willis ___________ Britain ?
B : Yes, they ________London for at least 3 months.
(A) been to : have gone to
(B) been : in : visited
(C) gone to : have been in
(D) gone to : have been to
3. A : Have the Lins _____________ the United States ?
B: Yes. They ___________ to New York last month.
(A) gone to : have been
(B) been in : been in
(C) gone to : went
(D) been to : went
4. Mr. Mayor _________for more than 20 years, but it is ____________ people still remember what
he did to the city.
(A) was dead : surprised
(B) has been dead : surprising
(C) died : surprised
(D) has died : surprising
5. My little brother ________ to Japan to study. I ________ a phone call from him the day before
(A) gone : get
(B) has been : got
(C)has gone : got
(D) went : got
6. It's been a long time ________I moved to Taipei. I've only visited my hometown ________ once
or twice only.
(A) since : X
(B) when : X
(C) since : for
(D) when : for
7. So far, Ken has seldom ___________ English novels or magazines, ____________ ?
(A) reads : has it
(B) read : hasn't he
(C) to read : hasn't it
(D) read : has he
第二次段考複習 - answers.
8. Ruby's grandmother ______ her grandfather in 1960. Unfortunately, her grandfather ________
for more than 10 years.
(A) got married : had died
(B) married : has been dead
(C) got married to : died
(D) has married : was dead
9. A : Have Oliver __________ his medicine for cough ?
B: Not yet, but he _____ it in 30 minutes.
(A) taken : took
(B) took : is going to take
(C) taken : will take
(D) took : has taken
10. Oliver ____________ painting for many years when he was still a student.
(A) was interested in
(B) has been interested in
(C) has interested in
(D) was interested to
Lesson 2.
1. no, little, seldom...... 附加問句為肯定
2. Let's ... - shall we
Let's not... - ok / all right
3. 命令式 - will you
請人家吃東西 - won't you
1. Jacob read many ___________ novels when he was a child, ______________ ?
(A) boring : doesn't he
(B) boring : didn't he
(C) excited : was he
(D) bored : wasn't he
2. You are not very certain _________ we can't bring our own food into the cinema, _________ ?
(A)that : are you
(B) of : do you
(C) about : don't you
(D) X : aren't you
3. To get up early isn't very easy for Tom, _____________ ?
(A) does it
(B) isn't it
(C) does he
(D) is it
4. The young men hurt the dog badly, ____________ ?
(A) didn't he
(B) do they
(C) did they
(D) does he
5. There is no easy way to learn English well, ___________ ?
(A) is there
(B) isn't there
(C) is it
(D) isn't it
6. Mrs. Wooden seldom let her students leave without homework when a test was around the
corner, ____________ ?
(A) didn't they
(B) was it
(C) didn't she
(D) did she
7. That is the most best ghost story we've ever heard, __________ ?
(A) has it
(B) isn't it
(C) isn't that
(D) have we
第二次段考複習 - answers.
8. No one had a whale of a time ______ at the party, ________ ?
(A) chatting : had they
(B) to chat : did they
(C) chatting : did they (D) to chat : did it
9. Tom was surprised that there was no homework yesterday, _______ ?
(A) didn’t he
(B) did it
(C) wasn’t he
(D) was there
10. That girl has been very good at dancing and singing, _____________ ?
(A) did she
(B) hasn't she
(C) doesn't it
(D) hasn't it
11. Those shoes are from France, _______________ ?
(A) aren't they
(B) don't they
(C) aren't those
(D) doesn't that
12. He couldn't help _________ in love with the city when he moved, ___________ ?
(A) falling : couldn't he
(B) but fall : did he
(C) falling : could he
(D) to fall : did it
13. The dog _______ a long body and a short tail looks so cute, ______ ?
(A) has : isn't it
(B) with : doesn't it
(C) has : doesn't it
(D) to have : isn't it
Lesson 3.
1. 通常 :
ed - 形容人
ing - 形容物品
2. ing 如果拿來形容人,指給他人的感受
3. I am excited at the trip.
I am excited to take the trip.
I am excited about taking the trip.
I am excited about that I am going to take the trip.
→ 有了 that,就沒有介係詞
4. It is interesting to learn English together
It is interesting to that we can learn English together.
→ 有了 that,就沒有介係詞
5. English has interested me for many years. - 動詞
English has been interesting to me for many years. - 形容詞
1. _____ it possible _______ your father will drive us to the stadium ?
(A) Does : X
(B) Is : that
(C) Does :for
2. _______ each of the students ________ about the coming final exam ?
(D) Is : for
第二次段考複習 - answers.
(A) Has : worried
(B) Is : worried
(C) Does : worried
(D) Is : worrying
3. My brother got really ______because it was very __________ to know that we would visited
England soon.
(A) surprising : excited
(B) surprised : surprised
(C) surprised : exciting
(D) surprising : surprising
4. The movie was too ______ that the boy couldn't help ___________.
(A) scary to : crying
(B) scared : cry
(C) scared about : to cry
(D) scary : crying
5. Kathy has always _______________ going camping, even though she knows that she shouldn't
_________ about it.
(A) been scared of : been worried
(B) been scary to : be worrying
(C) scared of : worry
(D) been scared of : be worried
6. Mom always tells us that hiking with classmates won't be very _______, so we shouldn't
____________ it.
(A) tired : worried about
(B) tired :be worried
(C) tiring : worry about
(D) tiring : to worry
7. A : I am quite surprised _________ you like outdoor activities such as paddleboarding.
B : Yeah. Even my sons find that ____________, too.
(A) at : surprised
(B) X : surprising
(C) at : surprising
(D) that : surprised
8. You look upset. _______ you __________ write so many worksheets ?
(A) Are : tired to
(B) Do : tired that
(C) Are : tired of
(D) Do : tired to
9. _______ it __________for him to know that he actually didn't have to take the test ?
(A) Did : surprising
(B) Is : surprising
(C) Did : surprised
(D) Was : surprising
10. The young police officer, Mr. Green, is tired __________ is always tons of work every day.
(A) X
(B) that
(C) about
(D) there
11. The senor students found swimming quite _______. They believed that they _________ learn
many things from it.
(A) excited : were
(B) excited : can
(C) exciting : could
(D) exciting : will
12. John _______if his birthday gift ______tomorrow.
(A) will be surprised : arrives
(B) surprises : will arrive
(C) will surprise : will arrive
(D) is surprised : arrives
13. We were _____ our father ______ us to the Disneyland last summer.
(A) exciting : will take
(B) excited about : takes
(C) exciting : was taking
(D) excited : took
第二次段考複習 - answers.
14. The weather report says_____ will be a typhoon hitting Blue Town this weekend. I’m afraid we
______ able to go to the beach on Saturday.
(A) we : weren’t
(B) there : can’t be
(C) that : couldn’t be
(D) it : won’t be
15. Over the past few years, exploring new places __________ my little sister a lot.
(A) has interesting to
(B) is interesting to
(C) has interested
(D) has been interested
16. The textbook wasn't ____________ to the ___________ students sitting in the classroom. Their
teacher planned to tell a joke to make them more ____________.
(A) interested : bored : exciting
(B) interested : boring : excited
(C) interesting : boring :exciting
(D) interesting : bored : excited
17. Wendy is such an ___________ girl that each of her classmates ________ to be her friend.
(A) interesting : wants
(B) interested : would like
(C) interesting : want
(D) interested : plans
18. Making Halloween costumes ________ some of the adults, didn't it ?
(A) was boring to
(B) were bored with
(C) bored
(D) felt bored
19. Stop ______ me, Mom. Everything is fine with me.
(A) worrying
(B) being worried
(C) to be worried about
(D) worrying about
20. Amy : Are you ________ studying English ?
Ben : Yes, it __________ me.
(A) interested in : interests
(B) interesting to : interests
(C) interested : is interesting
(D) interesting : interested in
1. The word _________"dates" __________ like "having kids early" in Chinese.
(A) of : is sounding
(B) for : sounds
(C) X : sounded
(D) for : sound
2. A : I have a meeting with my boss today.
B: Good luck ___________ you !
(A) about
(B) for
(C) to
(D) with
3. Can you tell me the key _____ good grades in English ? (學校某個老師的補充)
(A) to get
(B) by getting
(C) getting
(D) to getting
4. It is not a good idea to separate babies ________ their mothers.
(A) from
(B) to
(C) in
(D) away
5. My brother _________ to New York a few years ago. I haven't heard ________ him every since.
(A) moved : of
(B) has moved : from
(C) moved : from
(D) was moving : of
6. I haven't decide _______ the place to hold my birthday party.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) about
(D) for
7. _____________ to meet us at the train station ?
第二次段考複習 - answers.
(A) Is it possible for Mike
(B) Does it possible for Mike
(C) Is that possible for Mike
(D) Is Mike possible
8. Many people can't make heads or tails _______ the painting by Picasso.
(A) about
(B) about
(C) with
(D) of
9. In fact, the new TV program will _____________ 8 p.m. tomorrow.
(A) on at
(B) being on
(C) be on at
(D) at on
10. My mother asked me to ______________ before the party began.
(A) fill the glasses by iced water
(B) fill iced water with glasses
(C) fill iced water in glasses
(D) fill the glasses with iced water
11. I know nothing about the song. It is very strange ________ me.
(A) to
(B) about
(C) with
(D) as
12. Lee has three dogs. One is white, and _____________ are black.
(A) another ones
(B) the other ones
(C) the other
(D) others
13. Some people like to rest in their free time. ___________ like to travel.
(A) The others
(B) Others
(C) Another
(D) Other ones
14. Some of the speakers went straight to the conference room. ______ speakers are still hanging
(A) The other
(B) The others
(C) Another
(D) Others
15. Students are usually interested in sports: some like running, some like swimming, and _____ like
ball games.
(A) the others
(B) others
(C) the other
(D) other
16. We have ten foreign students in our school. One is from America, ____ is from Australia and
all ______ students are from England.
(A) another : the others
(B) one : another
(C) another : the other
(D) one : other's
17. The cake is very delicious. Can I have ____________ piece, please ?
(A) the other
(B) other
(C) another
(D) another one
18. The supermarket is on _____ side of the street.
(A) the other
(B) another
19. A : What a hot day! Have you had a drink?
B : Yes. But I’d like to have _____ after work.
(A) it
(B) one
(C) other
(C) other
(D) others
(D) another