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John Carlo C. Delos Santos John
BS in Filipino
Instructor : Ma’am Bernadette D. Caasi
How to become a responsible citizens in the digital world.
In this generations we are empowered by the use of technology, because we are in modernity, and it is
natural to us to use gadgets In any aspects specially in communication. By the use of technology we are
freely to introduce our self or our identity in the online world. By entering in the online world we
encounter different Informations, news, trends, showbiz and many more, that have big impacts to us,
let’s say that online world is very powerful in informing different kinds of information, that can affect
our self, either it can be good for us or it is bad. In entering the online world there are things that we
need to consider, there is a possibility that we can hurt or we get hurt, depress, experience cyber
bullying, either ruined our life or ruined the life other, we can also get scam by the scammer and etc.
Therefore, we need to be a responsible netizens in the social media or in online world in order to avoid
those kinds of things and events that are not good for our self.But how we can be a good netizen or
responsible netizens in online world? How we can manage our self? I’ll give some tips to become
responsible in online world or to be a media literate. First, recognize your resposibilities,know that the
rights and freedom you have online come with responsibilities. Recognize what impact you may have on
others, especially if you’re representing authority. Be conscious about the content you’re sharing with
friends and followers and in what way it can influence them. Second, is safety, make sure to not publish
delicate content that may cause problems for either yourself or others. Besides protecting yourself from
spams and viruses, be aware that certain information such as your contact information should be
published with caution.Third, is ethics, cyberbullying have big impacts when it comes in ethics, which
can have major effect not only in individuals but on the society in general. Showing respect towards
others is the foundation of leveraging technology to move social causes forward, even if you don’t share
the same opinion. Seeking to understand where other people are coming from is one of the fastest ways
to develop empathy towards them and overcome social and political issues. Fourth, is legality. Just as in
“real life”, there are laws online that have to be followed. Don’t engage in unlawful activities such as
stealing intellectual property, damaging others’ work or identity, or creating destructive programs or
websites. Even though it’s way harder to be accused of illegal behavior online, it’s your responsibility as
a “digital citizen” to follow the law. And last but not the least, educate your self. Seek to understand all
perspectives of a topic and learn to apply critical thinking to all online content. Avoid sharing nonreliable sources and fake news with your followers. Before sharing anything online, which may affect
people’s opinions, make sure the content is contributing positively to society and helps others
understand issues from an objective point of view.
Being a digital citizens has may advantages to if we use it properly, it will help our life become easy, and
it light up heavy thing to do, it also help us in fast communication, especially if we are going to connect
with our family and friends in the different side of the world. This is only a few good advantages of using
online media, if we use it properly. Online world change a lot for every body, that’s why we need to
think for we click in short we need to be responsible or be a media literate.
Source: https://nobias.com/blog/2019/3/25/are-you-a-responsibilities-digital-citizen