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Chapter 1 graph analysis

My thoughts on figure 1-9 in chapter 1:
I find it very interesting on how much this job has increased in 10 years. To my understanding it
is a good place to start when going into the medical field. I have an aunt that started as an MA and is
now a charge nurse. As I was deciding what I wanted to do I did a lot of research on what positions in
the medical field are a good starting point and this was the one I was most intrigued about. Seeing this
graph makes me think I made the right decision because of how much it has increased in the past 10
years over any other health care support jobs. I am very excited about being in a program for one of the
most demanding professions in the country right now. This graph to me is very supporting of my
decision to start as an MA and possibly grow from it or even stick with it however I may decide.