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A Changing Canada

Rethinking the Empire
A Changing Canada
Before the start of WW1 Canada was considered a part of the British empire still. It was
able to control things happening inside the country but was still loyal and would come to
the defense of the “mother country” (Britain).
Canada was starting to gain more and more independence as it wanted to walk its own path
from England. 4 main groups formed, each wanting to see Canada take a different path.
Read page 264. and explain what each group wanted
Imperialist Canadians
French-Canadian Nationalist
English-Canadian Nationalist
Annexationist Canadians
‚óŹ Do you think these groups represent all of the people's views? What other voices do
you think are missing?
Before the start of ww1 Canada had three events that helped slowly show it wanted more
Pick one of the three events below and learn more about it and explain it affected Canada.
Which group did it favour most
-Canada and the South African war: Page 265
-The Alaska boundary dispute: Page 267
Naval service bill (need to use the page 269 attached for this part)