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Elect Model Management Employment Contract

Model's Employment Contract
________________________ (hereafter known as "Model") and Elect Model
Management hereby enter into an agreement to the terms below:
Model hereby engages Elect Model Management to direct, develop, advance and to
promote Model's career as a model. Model warrants that Model is not now bound by
any other contract for similar services, and that Model will not enter into such a
contract with any other Agency during the term of this agreement unless it is agreed
to by Elect Model Management.
Model agrees to pay Elect Model Management 10% (percent) of all gross revenues
that Model may receive in return for modeling services provided by Elect Model
Management to any other party. Model agrees to refer all requests for Model's
modeling services to Elect Model Management for negotiation, engagement, and
collection of revenues.
The term of this agreement shall be one year from the date that Model signs it, and
shall renew automatically for one additional year unless the agreement is terminated.
Either party may terminate this agreement with ninety days' written notice to the other
Elect Model Management is hereby authorized to use Model's name, likeness,
description, biographical information, and any other information available to direct,
develop, and advance Model's career only as a model during the time that this
agreement is in force.
The laws of the Employment Rights Act 1996 shall govern this agreement and any
disputes arising from either party's performance.
In witness to their agreement to the terms of this contract, the parties affix their
signatures below:
Model, signature & date
Agency, signature & date
Model: __________________________
Agency: _________________________
Address _________________________
Address _________________________
City, Postcode ____________________
City, Postcode ____________________