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Discussion #2

William Lovelace
MRKT 6310.793
October 28th, 2021
Project Plan Proposal
Tribes are a group or movement that wants to talk about something, an interest, a cause for a
movement, and really a meaning. It is a movement that identifies a selected people that are
already disconnected but already has a yearning. It havens an environment that creates an
illusion of a community based on ideas or the production of ideas that gives off a sense of
purpose and interact a group that will benefit to a cause of the production of something.
My story would be starting to Amigos De Las Americas. It was a great opportunity in high
school that let you select what country you wanted to volunteer in. In my high school career, I
chose Brazil because of the love of the culture and the ability to help troubled youth by
immersing yourself into the community. The experience of Brazil was very daunting and
challenging for a 16-year-old. I was able to connect into a group of interns that had a shared
value to contribute to a community of troubled youth.
If given a tribe to lead, I would want to give a vision of positivity that ultimately led to leaving
our mission better off than we left it. Regardless of what it was, we accomplished certain metrics
of what we were anticipating. I would avoid the idea of succumbing my feelings to benefit the
satisfaction of others in the group if it jeopardizes the mission originally professed.
My project on Cody Pools macroeconomic conditions could benefit from the tribe mentality
that could be defined through market segmentation. The entire market of the regions can be
categorized by regions because of city economics, suppliers and more. I would be able to
differentiate the variables of economic concerns based on location, financial data, and customer
appeasement analysis. Understanding the behavior consumer will rely heavily on market
segmentation that will open up the opportunity for analysis.