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IWC392 Workbook Day 4

IWC 392 Sustainability Strategies
Workbook – Day 4
The city of Seoul has invested hundreds of millions of US$ in
projects that improve the quality of life of its citizens.
Examine the two City of Seoul documents on Blackboard that
illustrate the projects Cheonggyecheon and Seoullo 7017.
Consider other ways that the city of Seoul could invest in
improving the quality of its citizens' lives.
I think Chenggyecheon is a well-pursued project. I have been
there many times. It is now the beauty of Seoul. The river
flows in the center of the city, and it gives citizens the
pleasure to walk around. It is the river through the heart of
Seoul. I also like the fact that there is a museum nearby to
visit there and learn about the Chenggyecheon project and
its economic background.
I think Seoullo 7017 is a good prototype for imitating a park
in New York. Seoullo has a beautiful landscape which you can
look around Seoul city from the top. Also, there are many
restaurants and cafes nearby. Seoul citizens like this place.
Seoul can invest in foreign tourism places like Palace and
attract more tourists so that Seoul can prosper economically
and ultimately benefit the Seoul citizens.
IWC392 Sustainability Strategies
IWC 392 Sustainability Strategies
Workbook – Day 4
For example, the Palace holds the event for foreign tourists
and Seoul citizens. Learn Korean culture and tradition in the
historic place would get attention from a lot of people.
IWC392 Sustainability Strategies