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Rubric for project-Intro to IE-Fall21

Fall 2021
Prof. Ondemir
Northeastern University
MIE Department
IE 2310 - Introduction to IE
Rubric for Term Project
Document and review the process you selected, looking for areas of
improvement. Use the IE techniques. Select an activity that you can
observe and measure in some way. Recommend a change to the
system or process, describe and measure the savings in terms of time,
or cost.
Points for abstracts of adequate length but not too long (100 to 250
words). Abstract distills the entire project and states the problem,
analysis, discussion, and your recommendations and conclusion.
Abstract should leave reader feeling confident that they know the key
points of your project.
Grammar, spelling, punctuation are near perfect. Points deducted for
repeated errors such as run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and
verb/noun disagreements, and for spelling errors, particularly when
they interfere with reader understanding. Hyphens, capitalization,
symbols, and abbreviations are consistent and correct.
Tables and figures are clear, captioned and numbered correctly, and
add to reader understanding. Points deducted for tables/figures that
are confusing, improperly referenced in text, lacking captions, or
unreadable. Points also deducted for poorly constructed graphs which
fail to convey the desired information.
Text is clear, easy to read, and avoids repetition – tables are used for
repeated information. Points deducted for repeated instances of
awkward wording, unclear wording, or unnecessary verbiage.
All required sections present: (Title page, Abstract, Problem
Statement, Analysis, Discussion, Recommendations and Conclusion,
and References). Project follows template organization exactly as
shown. Points deducted for presenting key information in a scattered
fashion or which are missing sections. Points deducted for
information discussed in the inappropriate section of the report.
3. Presentation
Introduce the problem. Focus on why this is an IE project. Talk about
what you gathered for information and what IE tools you used to
improve or optimize. Talk about your suggested improvement or
solution. Use graphics, tables, charts, pictures, and visuals
1. Content
2. Report
2.1. Abstract
2.2. Grammar
and Spelling
2.3. Tables and
2.4. Wording
2.5. Organization