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slef intro speech (my work)

Bula everyone, I hope all of you are having a great day.
This is a brief self-introductory speech that I’ll be
presenting today so you all get to know me better. I’ll
be talking about my family background along with my
educational background and my hobbies and ambition,
my likes and dislikes/weaknesses.
Family background:
Let’s start, my name is zaid dean I am 17 years old; I
was born in Suva and I lived my childhood years in
Rewa. A few years back me and my parents moved
from Rewa to Nakasi due to travelling distances.
I live with my parents my mom stays home, She’s the
best, she’s always there to help me and give me
motivation she’s the best listener she also makes the
yummiest of foods. My dad is an accountant he runs
his own accounting firm called deans consultancy
services he gives the best career advises, my dad has
always supported me in my dreams and goals and he
also loves watching tiktoks.
I studied at Vuci Methodist primary school from years
1 to 3 then I joined Nasinu Muslim primary school in
the year 2012 and this is where I have finished the
rest of my primary school education continued my
college studies at Nasinu Muslim college. I was a
student at Nasinu Muslim college at the beginning of
this year but then me and my parents decided it’ll be
more beneficial for me if I continued my studies at
Hobbies and Interests:
My biggest interest is technology (programming/
hardware repair). Since childhood I have always found
technology very amusing, I love researching about
new technologies and I also love working on small
projects in my spare time. I have also gotten into
weight lifting recently and I find it very enjoyable the
best thing about it is that is helps me live a healthier
lifestyle. I also love reading I mostly read fiction
novels the last book I read was called the last wish
and there is a picture of the books cover page as you
can see.
My current short-term goal would be scoring full marks
on this oral assessment and my long-term goal would
be graduating University and becoming a software
developer or a computer science teacher. I love
technology and I think its something I’m good at, and
id love to teach other people who are also interested
in technology about it. I also aim to spend as much
time as possible with my family as family is one of the
most valuable assets a person can have.
Waking up early is something that seems impossible
to me even in my high school years I have always
found it extremely difficult to wake up early, but I
manage to wake up early for my lectures with the help
of my mom and 6 different alarms clocks. I also have a
fear of communicating in a large group of people, but
I’m trying my best to overcome these fears because I
believe my fear of participating and talking in a large
group of people can affect my studies.
And that will conclude my self-introduction speech.
Wishing you all the best for the remaining of the
semester. Thank you all for listening.