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Is Social Media Bad

Is Social Media Bad?
As society continues to spend more and more time on social media, it is becoming the dominant
source of the information we use in our everyday life. While it is always important to make sure
what you are looking for on the Internet does not have any harmful effects, social media can
also be a negative force because many people spend their time scrolling through other's
experiences instead of focusing on their own. This makes people feel like they are missing out
on important updates, which can ultimately lead to jealousy and unhappiness. This is not to say
that social media is inherently a bad thing, but it is more of a general guide of how to use social
media appropriately.
While many people believe that the Internet has a positive effect on their life, a recent study by
the University of Michigan shows that this may not be true. The study asked participants about
their use of the Internet and then had them fill out a survey that measured their self-esteem and
happiness. It was found that for those who used the Internet in order to escape from negative
situations, there was no positive effect on happiness or self-esteem.
When looking at social media specifically, it will be easy to see why too much time spent on
these websites can negatively affect people's lives.