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Full form for Database, Information Security, Data Managenemt, Conputer Networking and Etc.

full form
TC = International Terrestrial Cable
POP = point-of-presence
FNA = Facebook Network Appliance
EPON = Ethernet passive optical network
GPON = Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network
ONU = Optical Network Unit
OLT = Optical Line Terminal
ODN =Optical Distribution Network
PLOAM = Physical Layer Operation Administration and Maintenance
MPCP = Multi-Point Control Protocol
OAM = operations, administration and maintenance
FIRS = Fibre Integrated Reception Systems
CT SCAN = Computed tomography
LPG = Liquefied petroleum gas
ECG = An electrocardiogram
NASA =National Aeronautics and Space Administration
POI = Proof of Identity
SIS = Security and Intelligence Services
SDT = Structural Dynamic Test
SNMP = Simple Network Management Protocol
QoS = Quality of Service
CCNA = Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCNP = Cisco Certified Network Professional
ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning
IMAP =Internet Message Access Protocol
APN = Access Point Name
BGP = Border Gateway Protocol
DSL = Digital Subscriber Line
ML = Machine Learning
NAT = Network Address Translation
SCSI = Small Computer System Interface
SLI = Scalable Link Interface
WAP = Wireless Application Protocol
UNIVAC = Universal Automatic Computer
XMPP = Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
ACL = Access Control List
ACM = Association for Computing Machinery
ACPI = Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACS = Access Control Server
AD = Active Directory
ADSL = Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AGP = Accelerated Graphics Port
ARP = Address Resolution Protocol
ARQ = Automatic Repeat Request
ATX = Advanced Technology Extended
CFAA = Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
CI = Configuration Item
CISSP = Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CO = Central Office
CTO = Chief Technology Officer
DCS = Distributed Control System
DES = Data Encryption Standard
DMP = Dot Matrix Printer
EBCDIC = Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
FDDI = Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FED = Field Emission Display
FET = Field Effect Transistor
FPU = Floating Point Unit
GB = Gigabyte
GDI = Graphics Device Interface
GHz = Gigahertz
MHz = Megahertz
HCL = Hardware Compatibility List
NTP = Network Time Protocol
OLTP = Online Transaction Processing
PAN = Personal Area Network
UDP = User Datagram Protocol
VLAN = Virtual Local Area Network
TLS = Transport Layer Security
FM = Frequency Modulation
CMS = Content Management System
VM = Virtual Machine
SD = Secure Digital
SIP = Session Initiation Protocol
EMI = Electromagnetic Interference
VHF = Very High Frequency
QAM = Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
OLE = Object Linking and Embedding
SSH = Secure Shell
DLL = Dynamic Link Library
IGMP= Internet Group Management Protocol
ODBC = Open Database Connectivity
BER = Bit Error Rate
CLI = Command Line Interface
RDBMS = Relational Database Management System
RIP = Routing Information Protocol
DPI = Dots Per Inch
ITU = International Telecommunication Union
PDU = Protocol Data Unit
WPA = Wi-Fi Protected Access
DCOM= Distributed Component Object Model
NSA = National Security Agency
PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network
IKE = Internet Key Exchange
SAN = Storage Area Network
OWASP= Open Web Application Security Project