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Areas in Philosophy

Activity 2
Analysis of the Area in Philosophy
Aisa G. Acuña
Knowledge is Power
I believe that Knowledge is Power because for me to impart knowledge is to be teacher-
centered since students nowadays are not into discovering things for themselves. They always rely
on what others explain to them, so for them to be guided, the teacher should help and direct them
to understand new ideas. Moreover, students nowadays seemed to lack the values of giving
importance to education that’s why discipline is necessary to be inculcated to them. They also need
to be equipped with truths about the history. And lastly, Knowledge is the product of thinking in
an orderly manner as to respond to the current situation or need. We came to respond to experiences
through steps because our mind processes information in a chronological order.
The man is essentially spiritual in nature.
Man is spiritual in nature because I believe that is natural for people to always seek for
knowledge to answer the questions in our mind, we use this to aid in our self-realization and
development. We always seek for knowledge to improve our state of mind. We tend to move
forward for self-growth because it is natural for us to aim for success. We consider opportunities
as stepping stone for our ultimate end. Thus, I agree that mind is subject to discipline because we
are constantly striving to perfect or refine for our mastery in our chosen fields. As spiritual in
nature we chose to be free in maintaining our integrity as an educator and preserving it to serve for
the good of many. Last but not the least is believing in educational opportunity. As spiritual in
nature, we try to find opportunities offering personal growth and skill development. We are
naturally hungry for self-improvement.
Values are instrumental
For me it is instrumental because education brings essential knowledge necessary in improving
life. That essential knowledge is necessary for a person to improve and to reach out for their end
goal which is to succeed and later improve the quality of life. Through education we can gain
understanding to develop our skill to solve problems and for us to be equipped with the necessary
capabilities to surpass problems. We can uplift not only the individual quality of life but also the
society through education.