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RedBull Assignmet

1/ No Coca-cola and Pepsi are not direct competitors of Red Bull because Red Bull
doesn’t target the same consumers of those two giants. They are making a new
market niche in the beverage industry ( Energy Drink ). So they didn’t need to go into
direct competition with Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
2/ The targeting niche strategy used by Red Bull. They are concentrating all
marketing efforts on a small, but specific and well defined, segment of the population
(​Customers seeking to live life in the adrenalin-stoked fast).​ ​They are using this
strategy to not enter into direct competition with other brands.
3/ RedBull owns 44% of the energy drink market. The huge gap between RedBull
market share and other competitors like NOS , Amp ect…... on this market is due to
the niche marketing strategy and the focus of RedBull on customers before profits,
also let’s not forget that RedBull created this market so it has clear advantage over
other products.
4/ RedBull always sponsors extreme sports like snowboarding and freestyle
motocross. It also owns Formula 1 car racing and soccer teams. It also makes
many events like: - Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship.
- Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.
- Red Bull Rampage free ride mountain bike competition.
- Red Bull Stratos project.
5/ RedBull is engaged in many sports by sponsoring teams or by owning them
specially extreme sports.
Examples :
RB Leipzig (Football)
Red Bull Racing (Formula 1)
Scuderia Toro Rosso (Formula 1 sister team)
Team Peugeot-Hansen (Rallycross Racing - Red Bull sponsors)
Red Bull Extreme Sailing Team (Sailing)
Red Bull Skate Team (Skateboarding)
Red Bull Surfing Team (Surfing)