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Correcting Pronoun Forms in Sentences
In each sentence below, draw a line through the incorrect pronoun form. On the line before
the sentence, write the correct form of the pronoun. If the sentence contains no errors, write
1. Ben and her went to the movies together.
_______ 1. We asked whom the stranger was.
_______ 2. Can you make up song lyrics as well as him?
_______ 3. Halfway through the race, the leaders were Angie, Marty, and her.
_______ 4. Sitting right in front of Josh and I was the actor Denzel Washington.
_______ 5. Do you and her disagree about everything?
_______ 6. Aki demonstrated her karate skills to Melissa, Paula, and I.
_______ 7. The coach asked her and me to work with the new players.
_______ 8. This year, there will be two band leaders, Elena and him.
_______ 9. Who do you think will be elected mayor next month?
_______ 10. Karla is a good artist, and no one draws better than her.
Proofreading a Paragraph for Correct Pronoun Forms
In the following paragraph, draw a line through each incorrect pronoun form. In the space
above it, write the correct form of the pronoun. Some sentences may contain no errors.
[1] Us students believed we could make things better.
[1] On our way home from school every day, a group of we students would walk
past a vacant lot that was overgrown with weeds and littered with bottles, cans, and
other trash. [2] Tanya and me would always comment about how awful the place
looked and how someone should clean it up. [3] One day Nat, who likes to tease me,
said, “You two, her and you, should clean it up if it bothers you so much.” [4] At first I
just gave him one of my looks that said, “Who do you think you’re talking to?”
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Module 6
[5] Then Tanya said that maybe Nat was actually talking smarter than us for a change.
[6] So, for the next six weeks, her and I showed up at the vacant lot every Saturday
morning in our work clothes. [7] Nat came, too, with his older brother, and you
wouldn’t believe what hard workers they were. [8] Our parents gave us some trash
bags and rubber gloves. [9] Before us kids knew it, the weeds and litter were gone, and
the place was cleaned up. [10] The neighbors, all of who were happy about the change,
discussed how to keep the lot clean. [11] Whomever suggested that it be used for
community gardens had a good idea, I thought. [12] But Mr. Itoh said nothing uses
more water than them, and the lot doesn’t have running water. [13] Then, some local
merchants who we are friendly with donated trees and bushes, some grass seed, two
park benches, and lights. [14] Of course, the gifts meant more work for we kids.
[15] That vacant lot is now a pretty park, and no one could be prouder than us.
Writing a Report on a Music Video
You are the director of a music video for the new song called “Life on the Edge.” You have
been asked to write a report to the producer to explain your ideas for the video.
Decide which singers, dancers, and musicians you will cast in your video. Their names
may be fictitious or real. On your own paper, write fifteen sentences about the performers
and the set. Include information about the performers’ roles in the video. In ten of the
sentences, use a different pronoun. Be sure all pronouns have clear, definite antecedents.
Video Report: Ziggy Marley would use his talent in Jamaican music to set the
rhythm. I think we should light the set to make it look like the sun is shining.
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Module 6