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Based on the global and national stage (1) Do you think that the worries of 2016 regarding the
effect of AI and automation were justified? Explain briefly.
Based on what I saw on the current situation that we have right now, AI is very helpful especially
in this time of pandemic. I could say that the worries in 2016 with regards to its effects was not
justified. For instance, when covid 19 hit our country and the rest of the world, AI and automation
is very useful. As I remembered, at the start we are really hoping for the vaccine to be invented as
soon as possible because we want to prevent ourselves from getting infected. Scientist and
researchers did all their best to work for it and one of the major reasons why their work becomes
more easier, faster, and accurate was through the help of automation. Imagine, from the
development of vaccine to its production, automated machines are their means of doing their job
faster. However, we cannot deny that there are some negative effects but much more is the positive
result that all of us are benefiting. Hence, the worries are not really verified to have a great impact
more than to how much we are taking its advantage at present.
(2) How do you think can we achieve a balance between innovation and tradition? In this case,
innovation is the rapid development of technology and tradition is the things that the technology
will replace?
It maybe very hard to balance tradition from innovation knowing that most of the industries and
companies are very competitive. If we are going to analyzed who are very affected when most
works are automated are those jobs that are being handled by undergraduate employees like the
factory workers and others. So, based on my own opinion, for us to balance innovation and
traditional, we need to go back to the most basic concept. That concept was to enhance, improved
and encourage everyone to finish school. I have observed that most of the jobs that cannot be
automated are those jobs that are from graduate courses like teaching, healthcare providers,
lawyers and many more. Thus, tradition will still be kept but on its high level. We can still hire
people even though some works are automated.