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King's Reasons Graphic Organizer (1)

What facts does King provide to
prove his claim?
“If I sought to answer all the
criticisms that cross my desk,
my secretaries would have little
time for anything other than
such correspondence in the
course of the day, and I would
have no time for constructive
-This shows that he is organized
in being responsible and
keeping time management in
mind so that his group can be
productive instead of having to
lose time to respond to all the
little criticisms he receives and
since he said “my secretaries,”
it proves he is part of an
“I think I should indicate why I
am here in Birmingham... I have
the honor of serving as
president of the Southern
Christian Leadership
-King is the president of the
Southern Christian Leadership
Conference and because of his
part in the organization, he was
invited by the affiliate in
Birmingham to be a part of a
non-violent program.
“So I, along with several
members of my staff, am here
because I was invited here. I am
here because I have
organizational ties here.”
How does the
religious/historical appeal to
the shared beliefs of Kings
“It is unfortunate that
demonstrations are taking place
in Birmingham, but it is even
more unfortunate that the city’s
white power structure left the
Negro community with no
-Segregation lasted for many
years and, in some states or
cities, it was worse than others;
Birmingham being one of them.
King wanted to let the
Clergymen and his audience
know that the Negroes can’t do
anything else because they’re
trapped by strict rules of not
being in certain places.
“But more basically, I am in
Birmingham because injustice is
here. Just as the prophets of the
eighth century B.C left their
villages and carried their just
saith the Lord” far beyond the
boundaries of their hometown.”
-King relates to how the
prophets went from place to
place to spread their knowledge
about their religion, King is
doing the same with his fight for
justice. The prophets is part of
religion seen in the bible and
connects Christians to the
Does King make a valid “moral”
What evidence does he use to
support his reasoning?
“Injustice anywhere is a threat
to justice everywhere. . .
Whatever affects one directly,
affects all indirectly.”
-This evidence supports his
reasoning of moral because he
uses a broader cause and effect
event that shows light to the
Clergymen that what they are
allowing is harmful to not just
the people in their city, but to
those outside of the city as well.
“Anyone who lives inside the
United States can never be
considered an outsider
anywhere within its bounds.”
-Here King is saying that all men
are treated equally within the
borders of the country. For it
being moral is that King believes
that the blacks are not being
treated like humans and as
equally as the whites. It ended
up being true.
-King proves that he is not an
outsider taking part but instead
shows his invitation to
participate in the event.