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Sesión 04

Sesión 04/11/2021
Silence / sound
Nature / Civilization
Isolation / community
Dark / light
Stillness / activity
Death / life
Dreams / reality
The horse
The woods can be many things at the same time
In this poem we can see how that concept, différence, appears
Dylan Thomas: A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London
The poetic voice is telling the reader is not to lament blablablá, until one’s dead.
The peo mis quite complicated because of the syntax and vocabulary.
Mixing religión with nature
1. Verbal stage: paradoxes and contradictions (after the first death, there is
no other). The language is unreliable.Another paradoxe or contradiction:
never/until (1st verse).
2. Textual stage: shift or breaks:
3. Linguistic stage: adequacy of language: places
The second stage is the textual strage
Oppositions very important formalism, structuralism, and deconstruction.