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1 You have noticed that many of your friends consume a lot
of fast food, do not exercise regularly and rarely follow
healthy sleep habits.
Write a text in which you explain to your friends and
peers the dangers of this lifestyle and suggest ways to
maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Nutrition affects health in many ways. Eating healthy
food is better than eating fast foods. Do you know what
is in ،do you know what they put in fast food? Did you
ever ask from yourself why everyone is talking about
healthy food?
As you know eating healthy foods affects our body and
leads to better health and proper weight. Eat fast food,
but not always! Eating fast food all the time will affect
on our body health. So, it’s better to eat healthy food
and do exercise after every meal. Not 1 “hour” but 20 or
30 min its good. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid
fast food entirely. When you are hungry and on the run,
fast food can really hit the spot. But while it’s okay to
indulge a craving every now and then, to stay healthy you
can’t make it a regular habit.
It’s hard not eating fast food, because I also love fast
food so much but I’ll control it.
.Asma Mahfoozi.