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Assignment # 1

Web Technologies (BCS- 5-A/B) By Waseem Abbas
Assignment 01 (CLO-C2) (Due Date: 26-10-2021)
Problem # 01
Problem Description – Personal Narrative
For this assignment, you will create a webpage about yourself. The web
page must fulfill the following requirements:
1. The web page must contain your name as the title.
2. Home page must include a picture of yourself and a quote.
3. Four sections that describe something about you.
4. Use the div outline we used in your favorite cities example.
5. Include a navigation bar on the side that list the four things you would
like to share about yourself.
6. Each link should lead to a different page.
a. Each of the 4 describing pages should include 2 paragraphs and 2 photos.
7. Navigation tab needs to include a link your resume.
8. The web page must have an external CSS document linked to it.
9. The CSS document must have an example of each kind of CSS
a. Html tag selector
b. Id selector
c. Class selector
10. All opening HTML tags must be accompanied by appropriate close tags.
11. The HTML and CSS code must have proper indentation.
12. The HTML and CSS code must have appropriate comments.
Problem # 02
Problem Description – Create a Webpage
Create a Webpage to display form in the format shown below:
Submission Guidelines
1. Make separate folders for each task.
2. Save your web page in a folder with a name in the format of
“RegistrationNo_Assignment1_5A/B” (your-section).
3. Save your CSS file in the folder created above.
4. Save the images in a folder within folder
“RegistrationNo_Assignment1_5A/B” called “images”. Folder
structure should look like “RegistrationNo_Assignment1_5A/B
5. Email the zip file at waseemciitisb@gmail.com with subject Name