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Cardiff Metroplitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University
School of Arts and Design
Student : Fadul Salih
First of all I say thanks to my university of giving me such a brilliant chance to perform some of
amazing projects. Then I say thanks to my dear teachers who help me and guide me time to time
to perform this task. I also say thanks to my fellows who also guide me from the start and till the
end of the project.
In this project I discover many interesting things which I have not even imagine before. I would
like to explain all of these one by one.
The first thing that I learnt that was the practical use of my theoretical knowledge. This project
helps me to examine different scenarios for a problem to be deal with. It also helps me to
calculate different parameters which normally occur in the project.
The second thing that I learnt was the use of different computer application like AutoCAD and
Revit from which I gain most important information like how to make a plan for floor, roof, etc.
In this project it also gives me the opportunity to deal with above software and to handle my
problem. I use these tools as my basic understanding for my project. I make many plans which
help me to give extra information of understanding different things.
The third thing that I notice is that of the use of shelters in the history and their use in now a
day’s life. I t also engage me a little bit to the history also to know the livings of the present
people. In this project I notice many shelters their advantages and disadvantages in the use.
The fourth thing is that the use of knowledge about research that how people discover different
things in daily life? It helps me to understand different techniques that the researchers do in their
research. I read different research papers for this purpose.
The fifth thing is the use of internet knowledge like how to search different helping materials in
easy way. For this purpose, this project engages me in finding different sites and I search a lot of
pages and sites for the better understanding of my project. I found many of these sites very
beneficial for finding important knowledge about your desire project.
The sixth thing is that of how to handle different situation that can occur generally in every
project. For this purpose, I tried my best to handle it in a better way maybe I have done some
mistakes too but this give me an understanding for future projects.
At last I will conclude that the project helps the student very much and it also give a chance to
look outside of their theoretical knowledge and discover many hidden things in their daily life
that exist but they are generally not aware of it. Also, it helps the students to deal different
situations that may occur during their higher studies and in the future work.
For me it was an important opportunity that I gain in my life in the university.