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current event analysis Canvas

Name: ____________________________ Date: _________
News Portfolio Analysis Form
Article Concept: _______________________________ Newspaper or News Service: _________________________________
Article Title: __________________________________________ Author: ____________________________________________________
Who is involved?
What is the issue? (3 sentences)
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?
Why is it an issue? (3 sentences)
Your reaction to article?(paragraph)
Highlight all countries and label all cities cited in your article on the map on the back of this form.
Pick TWO of the following questions and respond to it for this article from the list provided below.
Remember to include a topic sentence and two supporting details. (Each response needs to be a
1. How does this news story you chose directly affect you or someone close to you?
2. How did this article show how the geography of a place directly affects the people who live there?
3. How is the event/situation in this article you chose similar to a historical event/situation that we
have discussed in class?
4. How does this article you chose show examples of people demonstrating good character and/or
5. How can something positive come out of a negative story you chose?
6. Do you have a solution to the conflict or controversial issue in this article you chose?
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