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My online learning experience as a student is kind of stressful; I’m not
really used to technology. I am learning how to use technology,
especially because I need to do my homework somehow. I did like how
we can be at home, though, to bond with my family. What I don’t like
is the piles of homework due on the same day. I have a teacher that
makes us do our homework and makes us turn it in by 6:30 p.m. on
that same day. This experience compares to my experience as a
student in a physical classroom because of the workload. In the future,
I would sometimes want online learning and sometimes do my
education at school, even though it may be loud to concentrate
sometimes. I would like to do some online learning so I can bond more
with my family. I would just hope I didn’t get as much work as I do
now. I want to be able to have a clear mind without worrying that I
have so much homework to do.
1. Internet connection strength
One of the major stumbling blocks with regard to online learning is the lack of
strong and stable internet connections, as the ones conventionally used at
homes have either low bandwidth or have exhausted their limits.