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Operations and total quality management

29. A forecast based on the previous forecast plus a percentage of the forecast error is - An exponentially
smoothed forecast
30.Gradual, long-term movement in time series data is called - Trend
31. Given an actual demand of 59, a previous forecast of 64, and an alpha of .3, what would the forecast
for the next period be using simple exponential smoothing? - 62.5
32. Which of the following is a metric for determining how much capacity is used, on average - Efficiency
33. Determining the average payoff for each alternative and choosing the alternative with the highest
average is the approach called - Laplace
34. The owner of Cookies Inc., Zoya, is contemplating adding a new line of cookies, which require leasing
for a monthly payment of $4,000. Variable costs would be $2 per cookie, and cookies retail price for $6
each. How many cookies must be sold in order to break-even? - 1,000 cookies/month
35. Business organizations consist of three major functions which, ideally - Support one another
36. The structural approach for integrating customer requirements into every aspect of product
development is known as - Quality function deployment.
37.Suppose a country's productivity last year was 84. If this country's productivity growth rate of 5% is to
be maintained, this means that this year's productivity will have to be - 88.2
38. In an assembly operation at a furniture factory, six employees assembled an average of 450 standard
dining chairs per five-day week. What is the labor productivity of this operation? - 15 chairs/worker/day
39.Which of the following is not an ongoing trend in manufacturing? - Mass production for greater
economies of scale
40. The primary method for associative forecasting is - Regression analysis
41. Which one of these does not enhance developing capacity alternatives? - Staying focused on
quantitative factors
42. Given the following information, what would utilization be? Effective capacity = 20 units per day
Design capacity = 60 units per day Actual output = 15 units per day - 25%