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PERIOD: 1 2 3 4 5 6
0. While watching, look at all the aircraft registration numbers (usually near the tail).
What do you notice?
1. About how much does it cost to operate a helicopter?
2. About what percent of human carbon footprint comes from transportation?
3. The “plume” of unburned jet fuel went at least how far away from the airport?
4. The water vapor from jet exhaust causes which type of clouds?
5. A Boeing 737 can carry 40,000 lb of jet fuel. To get the same range from an electric
aircraft, how many times that would the batteries weigh?
6. How long did it take the solar aircraft to fly around the world once?
7. Would you ride in that tiny electric airplane (Pipistrel Alpha Electro)? Why/why not?
8. How long can the Alpha Electro fly before battery runs out?
9. How many engines does the Ampaire Cessna have?
10 . Are all the engines electric?
11. Would you take a ride in an electric taxi, like the Chinese eHang? Why/why not?
12. Does the Chinese eHang air taxi have a pilot?
13. About how many companies across the world are working on air taxis?
14. Which is an easier problem according to Sebastian Thrun: autonomous cars or
autonomous aircraft?
15. What do you think “chalk and cheese” means? lol
16. What company sold their air taxi stuff to Joby?
17. What very common thing at an airport will become obsolete as autonomous air taxis
become more popular?
18. What two things about an airplane’s wing help it create more lift?
19. Are there lithium batteries in space? (bonus for naming the spacecraft shown)
20. Briefly describe the alternative to electric batteries:
21. Are electric aircraft/cars actually zero emission/pollution? Why/why not?
22. What are your comments/thoughts/review after watching this?