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Gong Zanpeng
EHL Passage
Tel:+86 18252888539;E-mail:zanpeng.gong@member-ssth.ch
October 12, 2016
Mr. Silas Johnson
Johnson Associates
712 Burlington Street
Suite 200
lowa City, IA 52240
Dear Mr. Johnson:
I read of the opening for a public information assistant in the October 11 edition of
iowakobs.com, and I would like to be considered for the position. I am a recent graduate of
the University of lowa (UI), and I am interested in pursuing a career in public relations.
My interest in a public relations career springs from mu publicly acknowledged writing and
journalism abilities. For example, ai UI, I was a reporter for the student newspaper and
frequently wrote press releases for campus and community events.
I have a wealth of experience using Microsoft Word in professional setting. Last summer, I
worked as an office assistant for architecture firm Coleman & Greenberg, where I used Word
to create newsletters, brochures, and financial reporters. During the school year, I also
worked part-time in the UI Office of Community Relations, where I used the Word mail
merge feature to create from letters and mailing labels.
My enclosed resume details my skills and experience. I welcome the opportunity to discuss
the position and my qualifications with you. I can be reached at 319-555-7283.
Gong Zanpeng